Your Weekly Horoscope for June 26th – July 2nd

Mon, Jun 26, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jun 26, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope for June 26th – July 2nd

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.


Have you noticed that your relationships with children and young relatives have been improving recently? The impact of the sun in Gemini makes this possible. Gemini is in sync with all things childlike and young and as such, you are able to build rapport with those younger than you in magical ways. You feel carefree and full of the joys of spring and this attracts those who are young at heart as well as in age. This is a time of playfulness where you are able to explore and enjoy the world around you. Your relationships with friends and family are flourishing and you are active socially, taking part in many clubs and events. You may spend a lot so ensure that you balance spending with saving. The continuing influence of Venus in Aries enables you to fulfil deep-rooted desires and helps you to prosper financially. Your passion brings you prosperity. This time is wonderfully passionate for couples and may signify a new relationship. On the 29th June, Venus moves into sensual Taurus, sign of the senses. You may gain from property during this time or travel overseas to find happiness. During this time, your mind, body and soul are in perfect sync. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which signals the start of a favourable period for you.


Taurus, you are never happier than when you have money in your pocket and a happy personal life, so this week you will be in great spirits. You are an effective communicator this week and you should put this skill to good use in interviews, sales pitches or simply to sooth any tensions that exist with loved ones. Romantically, with the sun in Gemini, this is a great time for you as your playfulness and openness is exaggerated. Mercury remains in Gemini until the 1st of July which keeps you financially bolstered. You’ll give and receive love and affection readily and you’ll be very attentive to your partner, taking them out for dinner, paying them compliments and purchasing gifts. If you have an interest in singing and performance, then you should take practical steps to nurture this skill. Venus remains in Aries which continues to be a favourable phase. You’ll spend a lot but money will also be coming in. This is a wonderful time to enjoy with your family and partner, taking the time to see the sights and enjoy making memories. Venus remains in Taurus until the 29th which guarantees good luck and desired results in all areas. This is a really great time to try something that you have always wanted to do. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer, which encourages you to think before you act.


This has been a really good time for brainy Geminis who work in politics, accounts or finances and with the sun in Gemini, this trend will continue until mid-July. As a cerebral sign, you gravitate to areas where you can use your brain and flaunt your knowledge. You feel positive, respected and appreciated and this shows around friends and family. It is important that you foster connections with people around you beyond the superficial as this feeds your soul. With Mercury continuing in Gemini, you will develop an interest in the performing arts and with your ability to read others and charm audiences, you will master this skillset. There may be a future for you in this area if you can commit and show perseverance. This is a glorious time for intelligent Geminis to expand their brains and it’s also the perfect time to use your awareness for philanthropic causes in your local community. Venus in Aries encourages you to explore and you may feel restless or find yourself daydreaming about trips you’d like to take. With Venus moving into Taurus on the 29th, things take a practical turn. Money may be on your mind but you’ll secure a loan with ease. Do you want to explore the natural world? The influence of Taurus will help you experience things in a totally unique way. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which suggests financial reward for artistic Geminis! 


Cancer, this has been an expensive few weeks for you but it’s nothing that isn’t under your control. You have the right brain to deal with money matters so just take some time to relax and get your financial matters sorted. Getting your home in order will do wonders for your confidence. Remember that many things can re-used and recycled. Everything has its purpose. With Mercury in Gemini, a feeling of growth is guaranteed. Little things that you do daily will build towards bigger mountains. It may be healthy eating, the gym, stretching, meditation or writing a book. Keep going in the right direction and you will see the fruits of your labour rise. Success is never as far away as it seems. Venus in Aries continues and you enjoy spending quality time with your mother. This relationship is vital to you for its nourishment and compassion. You may become more motherly yourself, feeling the urge to nest or move into a new home. Water is important for you right now and you will need to be near to feel its effects. On the 29th, Venus moves into Taurus, the paternal sign that values pleasure. Things start to prosper for you in every area of life. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer, which suggests the urge to see what travel has to offer you.

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Fiery Leo, you are focusing more on your professional life which is a good thing. Life can’t be all play and no work and your feisty energy can really get things done. Naturally, as a fire sign, some level of fame is guaranteed if you persevere. If you continue to work hard, you will notice promising results so don’t be deterred. Push forward. With Mercury remaining in Gemini, you are set for financial gain and some excitement that may manifest as travel, a new lover or an exciting new friendship. This placement furthers the chance that you may become famous or accomplished in some way. The paradox for Leo’s is that they are naturally intended to be recognised for their talents but they can be lazy and this laziness can get in the way of making things happen. If you can fight your natural inclination to sit back and let things come to you (which they may do), then you will notice real change. Venus in Aries gives you the Midas Touch – whatever you do generates money. Knowing you, it may be something creative. On the 29th, as Venus moves into Taurus, you will concentrate on your business or profession and it may expand. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which helps you become more in tune with your emotions.


You’ve had itchy feet at work lately and on some level, feel unfulfilled. You have a brilliant brain so this might be the time to change job or expand your business. It’s vital that you are happy at work as it forms such a large part of your identity. You need to feel useful and needed. Make sure that this process does not exploit or take advantage of you. With the sun in Gemini, you may fall in love. It’s great that you have lofty standards but remember real love is not perfect. Mercury remains in Gemini until the 1st July which guarantees progress at work and indicates new opportunities. There may be many channels through which you can boost your income and you might not know how to narrow it down. With Venus in Aries, you may feel tense and stressed so take the time for meditation, yoga and massages. On the 29th, Venus moves into fellow earth sign Taurus which promotes opportunities to meet new people and develop lasting friendships. This is a lucky time so play the lottery. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which guarantees excellent health.


You’ll find that lately you’ve been more drawn towards religious and spiritual matters. You might deepen your commitment with yoga and meditation and this lifestyle is helping you establish the balance that you both crave and need. The life purpose for a Libra is to find a way to juggle it all, without becoming all or nothing. Mercury in Gemini brings a marvellous sense of luck into your life so you should feel confident to do the things that you want to do. There’s also an indication that you may travel which is normal for air signs who are energised by movement. Venus in Aries indicates the start of a wonderful phase in your life. If in a couple, you will be supported and loved in just the right way and with a romantic twist. Love is so important to you so enjoy this time. If single, a traditional but exciting love may be on the horizon. This is a wonderful time for romantic affairs. On the 29th June, Venus moves into Taurus which puts the focus on health and family life. This is an appropriate time to look closer to home to make sure that life is moving in the way that you want it to. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which suggests plenty of luck at work.


This week, it’s vital that coupled or married Scorpios spend more time with their partners. You may feel that you have hit a romantic lull and nothing kills your spirit more than a lack of passion. Whatever you need to do to ramp up the romance, do it, not just for your partner but for yourself. With Mercury remaining in Gemini you may need to take it easy which isn’t fun for such an intense sign. However, if politically inclined, this is a wonderful time to put yourself out in the field. Gemini helps you come across well and lends you charm. With Venus in Aries, your romantic life is exciting but also potentially exhausting. Aries is all about the conquest whilst Scorpio can enjoy developing and nurturing a deeper love. This is an appropriate time to think about what you truly want in a partner and to get your expectations straight. Detangle yourself from toxic partners or game playing. On the 29th Venus moves into Taurus, which helps you to find a quality partner. If you have been with someone for a while, your relationship may move towards marriage. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which suggests a need to prioritise self-care.


Sagittarius, you love to fly solo, but with the sun in Gemini, you may decide to marry. If you’ve found a partner who suits you and who is open and adventurous, then you may feel you’ve met your match. Your career presents new challenges and you tend to like the easy road in life. Nonetheless these challenges can be good for your own development. Mercury in Gemini can lead to lots of conversation, discussion and lively debate in your relationships. Life ultimately still runs smoothly although you may need to make sure that you don’t accidentally cause offence by being too honest. People admire you for your frankness but there is a bluntness that can be cutting. With Venus continuing in Aries, children bring good tidings and you may get a burst of motivation to embark on a course or begin acting. With Venus moving into Taurus on the 29th, you may inspire jealousy. People want what you have and they wish they had your attitude. Learn to rise above this as it means you are doing something right! On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer, which may bring unexpected money into your life! 


This is a wonderful time for you privately and professionally. Your love life is richly rewarding and professionally, you are victorious. Your partner will support you in all that you do and you are feeling more ambitious than ever, fuelled by a sense that things are going as they should. With Mercury in Gemini, you become an excellent delegator and others want to work for and with you. This is an appropriate time to focus on your health. Are you eating well and exercising regularly? If not, let Gemini’s taste for the spontaneous help you explore new possibilities. Remember, not everything needs to be regimented. Venus in Aries signifies a property related profit and lots of fun and auspicious family events. On the 29th, Venus moves into Taurus which boosts all your best traits. You can easily devote yourself to that which you love and you become a more loving and likeable partner. People are impressed by you and life is tinged with excitement and a warm glow. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which may mean marriage for you.


You’re enjoying the continued effects of some brilliant placements so this week starts on a high. You’ve not necessarily thought about fame but you are so ahead of your peers that it can come to you easily. People may think that you are a bit off-kilter or unusual, but you can see things that they can’t. in all areas of life, opportunities are being thrown at you, including job prospects and new lovers. If single, this is an exciting time. For Aquarians completing MBA’s, success is ensured. With Mercury in Gemini, you have the attention to detail and discernment to knuckle down. If you have been enjoying a relationship, you may find that the love is becoming something more permanent and you may wish to secure it with marriage. Venus remains in Aries which boosts your relationships with younger family members. You’re also at a wonderful period financially and professionally with life remaining stable. On the 29th, Venus moves into Taurus which compels you to work harder and increases the reward. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which indicates growth at work.


How would you say your confidence levels are doing Pisces? As a water sign, it tends to ebb and flow. This week you are likely to feel good and will be better able to receive appreciation and praise. You want to spend time at home this week with family and you will enjoy retreating into the world of your imagination. A lot of creative successes can be found in your mind! With Mercury in Gemini, you may have the urge to move into a new or bigger home. There is a sense of newness for you, however, this may manifest. Whatever you do, you will find happiness there. Venus remains in Aries which suggests a lot of money will come your way. Aries gives you some of its fire which helps you make an impression. On the 29th, Venus moves into Taurus which promotes a feeling of comfort and joy. Taurus knows how to savour the tangible whilst Pisces adores the realm of the mind and emotions, so this blend works beautifully for you. On the 2nd July, Mercury moves into Cancer which may encourage you to take it easy.

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