Your Weekly Horoscope for June 12th -19th by astroYogi

Mon, Jun 12, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jun 12, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope for June 12th -19th by astroYogi

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.


Are you eager to make some extra money? If so, time to get your thinking hat on. Something that keeps you engaged with people or outdoors will keep a smile on your face. Your ‘go get ‘em’ attitude helps you fare well at work. On the 15th June, the sun moves into Gemini which brings you in touch with your inner child and helps you relate to your children and younger relatives more effectively. You’ll throw yourself into social activities and feel completely carefree. Romantically, you are in a generous and excited mood, less concerned with the chase and more interested in a durable relationship. On the 18th, Mercury moves into Gemini and friendship becomes so important to you.


You’re still trying to strike the right balance between work and home but this is getting easier via a process of trial and error. Use your communication skills to inject a little zest into your love life. If your partner feels neglected or ignored, then quality time is an important way to kickstart the love. On the 15th, as the sun moves into Gemini, you feel a sense of harmony that makes you popular amongst friends and family. If single, you attract someone now who likes how grounded and mature you can be. Mercury enters Gemini on the 18th and this sets the stage for you to prosper financially next week. You feel affectionate, loving and you enjoy communicating with others. If you like to sing or play music, there may be a future in this for you.


Dear Gemini, you start this week feeling out of sorts so doing anything active will take a concentrated effort! Although physically you may feel lackluster, mentally your mind is bound to wander. On the 15th, the sun moves into your own sign which brings you immense positive energy which you share with friends and family. This is the time to write, play, socialize and communicate. There’s a restlessness to you that drives you to explore or plan future travels. On the 18th, as Mercury moves into Gemini, you’ll begin to develop an interest in the performing arts, and via teachers and classes, begin to master this talent.


How does it feel to be on top of the world? The rug isn’t about to pull out from under you; this feeling is set to continue. If you’ve loaned someone money, they will pay it back in full which will restore your confidence in humanity. With such dizzying levels of confidence, there is nothing that you cannot do right now. Want to lose weight? You’ll dominate the gym. Want to start a new business? Your ideas take off! On the 15th, the sun moves into Gemini and this can lead to rising expenses. No matter. Just keep money in your savings and be sensible with your outgoings. On the 18th, Mercury in Gemini can lessen your confidence but just remember all that you’ve accomplished and take the time to re-group.

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Leo, your career is going well but you want more and the urge to move to something else or to expand a business drives you. You’re more than prepared to put in the hard work needed to manifest your goals so don’t be deterred and don’t cow to the characteristic ‘Leo laziness’ that can sometimes strike. The sun moves into Gemini on the 15th which signals a golden period for you in which fame may come knocking on your door. On the 18th, Mercury also moves into the sign of Gemini bringing with it plenty of money, a lingering feeling of excitement and further potential for fame! This excited feeling may be the prerequisite to falling in love! 


Can you remember the last time you felt this confident? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? With this extra confidence, you feel happy to take the lead in relationships, start up a new hobby and put yourself forward. You’ve mastered a most important lesson; that everything we desire is on the other side of fear. If you can jump the hurdle of fear, you can reach the prize. As the sun moves into Gemini on the 15th, your mental brilliance is exaggerated and you get a boost at work. You are in top form and may attract someone who is equally as cultured and cerebral as you. On the 18th, Mercury in Gemini helps you progress at work. Your sense of detail and innovation are hard to ignore.


Health is holistic. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is interconnected. You understand this and utilize meditation, food, water, yoga and rest to improve your quality of life. Mentally, you may feel all over the place but good outlets include journaling, social activity and calming activities. You’ll be more aware of your health than usual and this is a good thing. The sun moves into Gemini on the 15th, which helps you be lucky in all that you do. You may be more drawn to the spiritual life than you have been before; in fact, your soul hungers for meaning. On the 18th, with Mercury in Gemini, you’ll be eager to break out of your routine. 


You can be so strong in who you are that sometimes you accept a more passive partner and find it hard to accept their needs. This week, learn to give your partner space and accept differences in opinion. Your differences can make you a stronger couple. After all, you don’t want your partner to be a carbon copy of you but an individual with their own way of doing things. As the sun moves into Gemini on the 15th, you may feel more anxious than normal. Talk things through with your partner and take it easy. On the 18th, Mercury in Gemini helps you gain financially and in quite inventive ways. You also get creative when it comes to new ways of making money and growing your business.


This week, progress will be made but it will be made slowly and steadily. The trick is to persevere and keep going, even if results don’t materialize as quickly as you are used to. People may be envious of you this week but don’t allow that to knock your confidence. Use the envy of others to fuel yourself to aspire for more. On the 15th, the sun in Gemini indicates that your interest in marriage will heighten. Of course, the marriage will need to fit with your desire for freedom and a degree of independence. As Mercury moves into Gemini on the 18th, your temper may be close to the surface. Ultimately, you won’t ruffle too many feathers but you should be wary of saying things you don’t mean in anger.


Capricorn, you remain in high spirits this week and feel positive. This positivity has a wonderful impact on your marital life. You spend more time away from the office and more time building magical memories with your spouse and children. Your health and fitness remain robust, elevated and durable. You may even start a new hobby, sport or physical endeavor. There is a need for patience right now as progress may be slow but you know more than most that good things come to those who work (and wait). On the 15th, the sun in Gemini boosts your love life in a beautiful way. Mercury moves into Gemini on the 18th which lends you a certain power with people and causes them to help and encourage you when needed.


Love is in the air Aquarius, and you feel romantic and ready to show the object of your affections how much they mean to you. In a long-term relationship, this rekindles the spark and in a newer relationship, your efforts get you noticed. Of course, your brand of romance is edgy and a little alternative so your relationships are bound to be exciting. With the sun in Gemini on the 15th, it will be hard for you to go unnoticed, either by a new partner or by your boss, which may incur a promotion! On the 18th, as Mercury moves into Gemini, those Aquarians who are studying will notice real progress made. Your mind flows and you are bestowed with that little spark of genius.


Energetically, you are at an interesting time, battling between the desire to chase your dreams and the temptation to be lazy. Striking a balance is vital here so take the time to rest and meditate and also to exercise and set yourself clear, concise goals. Socializing will be good for you as it will reinvigorate your spirits. On the 15th, as the sun moves into Gemini, you will notice that the hard work you’ve put in is causing things to happen and you’re receiving lots of appreciation and applause. On the 18th, as Mercury moves into Gemini, you’ll feel the need to move to a bigger home and you’ll also wish to expand your friendship circle. There’s a sense of freshness in your chart that warrants the need for something new! 

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