Your Weekly Horoscope For July 31st - 6th August

Mon, Jul 31, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jul 31, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope For July 31st - 6th August

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.

These horoscope readings are generic for each zodiac sign. You can consult our expert Vedic Astrologers online for a personalized horoscope analysis.


There’s a restless buzz around you right now that can provoke interesting results. On the one hand, this frenetic energy may attract exciting and spontaneous experiences but on the other, it may sabotage your reputation, particularly at work. This energy is better utilized in your personal life where it can create fun and frivolity. At work, it is vital that you think twice so as not to jeopardize your career with hastily made decisions. With Mercury in Leo, it is important that you don’t plan anything significant at this time, such as a wedding or party, as plans may not unfold as expected. The impact of Venus in Gemini remains beneficial and enchanting, causing you to bond with younger siblings. You may even be considering children of your own! 


Travel has dominated your mind as of late. You have a strong urge to be alone in nature. Solitude recharges you and it may be that you are trying to recuperate from a stressful or challenging experience. If you can find the time to embark on a short trip alone, you will feel all the better for it. Change is afoot Taurus, and you may wish to move to a new home in a new location or perhaps even a new country! With Mercury remaining in Leo, you will make property related gains and also enjoy a harmonious and romantic phase with your partner. If you have previously experienced many disagreements or arguments, you will notice that your relationship feels smoother and more fluid. You connect automatically and meaningfully. Your communication skills are powerful this month so make sure that you use them for good. Innovative new ideas may prove lucrative.


Have you been stressing about money? There is no need to. Astrologically, your financial situation looks prosperous for some time to come. You may be carving out a new source of income, perhaps a lucrative side business as a writer or in a creative field. You have numerous streams of revenue right now, which works well for your versatile nature. You crave variety and at work, you are unable to be bored. You simply have too much going on! As is always the case for Gemini natives, travel is important for your soul, so if you can get away for a short weekend, you are invited to do so. Do take care of your health whilst you are away. Make sure that you take the necessary precautions. Single Gemini’s may be blessed with a new partner. In fact, this is an excellent week for love. Romance may not have been top of your agenda lately – you’ve been too busy with your career – so this is a welcome gift for Gemini natives.


Stressed? Frazzled? Low mood? Don’t fret. If you’ve felt out of sorts, it’s simply a sign that you need to rebalance. What area of your life feels out of your control? As a water sign, you feel things deeply and keenly and escaping to large bodies of water has a therapeutic, calming effect. Good ways to soothe yourself are to take long, luxurious baths, visit a spa, swim or go to the beach. Mercury in Leo has a bountiful impact on you this week. This placement ensures that you are financially successful. Although you are earning plenty, you may struggle to make sufficient savings. Look at your spending habits. Are you wasting money on frivolous goods? Cut back on your outgoings and you will feel more confident in your growing bank balance. There is a lovely harmonious quality to your week, thanks to Venus in Gemini. You are more charismatic, open and more enchanting than usual and this attracts a mystical love connection.


Have you felt less confident than usual? This is most disarming for a powerful soul such as yourself and a dip in self-esteem may reveal itself as feeling more introverted than usual, avoiding friends and commitments and feeling indecisive as well as procrastinating even when things are important to you. Rebuilding your self-confidence is key and you can do this by taking baby steps in the right direction. Do continue meditating as it is useful. You need to balance your friendships with your family commitments as you may feel out of sorts right now, spending more time with friends than you do with parents and siblings. This is a good week for saving money so you can feel confident that financially you are on the right track. For those working in professional fields, this week is wildly successful. You may be on your way to a promotion. Keep focused at work and continue to work hard. You are on a very good track.


You are feeling incredibly confident this week meaning there is nothing you cannot do. This is a great week for job interviews, presentations, tests and approaching a romantic interest. If there is something that you are putting on the backburner due to fear and anxiety, bring it forward this week. Your surge of confidence will help you manifest your deepest desires. There is also an enduring sense of novelty this week. It may be that you attract a new relationship or purchase a new object for your home. However, this manifests the week feels fresh and exciting. You may have high expenses this week, so do exercise caution when it comes to fruitless spending. As an earth sign, you understand the importance of growing financial security so learning this lesson will be easier for you than it is for many. At work, you need to work hard as you may lack focus and concentration due to the impact of Venus in Gemini. Your mind is supercharged, as both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by fleet-footed Mercury, but you may not know how best to use it. Meditation may be a useful tool here.


This is a wonderful period for professional Libras but you will need to work hard. Your colleagues and seniors are immensely supportive of your endeavours which gives you the confidence to go the extra mile. You may choose to take on extra projects or embark on training sessions to develop yourself professionally. If you are unhappy in your current place of work, this is a good time to think about your professional future. What do you see yourself doing? You’ve still got plenty of time to make that change. Financially, your condition is strong. This is a good period in which to wipe any outstanding debt clean. This is a lucky week for you, although you understand that luck is not enough. Luck without hard work produces no results. If you can keep yourself focused on your ambitions and goals, then this lucky period will catapult you to greatness. Think about what you want to achieve. A beautiful relationship? A high powered career? A successful side business? Whatever you dream, you can do! 


You are in the middle of a lucky phase and feel deeply in love with life. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, you are in perfect balance. You feel enthusiastic and excited and throw yourself effortlessly into everything. This feeling of enthusiasm is magnetic, drawing people, experiences and opportunities to your left, right and center. As such, you are really able to take your pick this week. You are able to make whatever choice feels right to you. There is no sense of lack or loss in your life. Thanks to this sense of pluckiness, you will say yes to challenges at work and this attitude stands you in good stead in the eyes of your seniors and colleagues. They know that they can count on you when the going gets tough. There is a wonderful sense of excitement brewing in your life meaning that anything is possible. The influence of Venus in Gemini can trigger bouts of indecision, anxiety or confusion, but ultimately luck is on your side.


The continuing impact of Venus in Gemini continues to have a wonderful impact on you. Your relationships remain a source of support, compassion and love and you will be extra loving to your partner, who may need you more at the moment. You enjoy being their port in the storm and this intensifies the connection between the two of you. At work, you need to be more focused. How can you do this? Meditate, practice yoga and find a goal that you can fixate on. Use affirmations and visualize what you want to achieve. Then, simply take that first step. You may find that there are obstacles and challenges in your life which may feel overwhelming. It’s important that you regain a sense of perspective. This week brings nothing that you cannot handle. If you keep your spirit in check, you can conquer this week with vitality and confidence. Do not waste time with worry, anxiety, depression or stress. You are blessed with tremendous courage, joy and a delightfully free spirit. All of these traits serve you well in this world.


Your mind is at work this week. You will be thinking about how you can expand your business. You have the right brain and business sense to know how to make this work so it’s a good time to make a start. If you have connections that you can utilise, all the better! You’ve got the clout to complete pending tasks that you may previously have left to the last minute. You’ve also got the determination to start a new habit such as a new exercise regime, diet or hobby. If you have any destructive hobbies such as gambling, smoking or over-eating, now is a good time to work on giving it up, as your will power is strong, consistent and enduring enough to make it stick! If you have children, your mind will be consumed by their futures. You want to offer them the very best that you can but make sure that you listen to their feelings and desires. In doing so, you can deepen the connection you share without pushing them away.


At work, you are a powerhouse. You excel above and beyond your colleagues which gets you head-hunted by those higher up the food chain. If you have battled with a chronic disease, you experience relief this week, and you can strengthen the results with good eating and light exercise. In marriage, you may experience some misunderstandings. Take the time to sit and talk with one another and don’t listen to gossip and hearsay. Only the two of you can detangle any complications between you so make sure that outsiders do not involve themselves in your affairs. In love, be alert when it comes to your actions. Watch your words. Do not say anything hurtful that you may regret. Take some space to process your thoughts and intentions before you act. This week it is easy for you to live in a larger than life, grandiose way. It may not last forever, but it is deserved and should be enjoyed. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the bounties that life has to offer you this week and don’t forget to share the treasure with those you love.


You are naturally creative, artistic and intuitive, a truly poetic soul, but this week you are more in tune with these attributes than you ordinarily are. You are an innovator who comes up with new ideas that other people enjoy. You may come up with an idea that becomes wildly successful and even lucrative. Have you always wanted to be a writer, artist or designer? Something may happen this week that puts you on the map in your chosen field. People cannot help but like you, even those who formerly saw you as an enemy. For those of you who enjoy performing arts, you will perform far better than usual and audiences will rave about your skill as you are truly able to capture your characters in a chameleon-like fashion. Developments are afoot in your life and these may unravel in a slow and rhythmic way. This makes it easier for you to adjust to the twists and turns life will take but you needn’t worry – all of these changes are positive and beneficial for you.

Traditionally Yours,


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