Your Weekly horoscope for July 17th -23rd by astroYogi

Mon, Jul 17, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jul 17, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly horoscope for July 17th -23rd  by astroYogi

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.

These are generalised predictions for each zodiac sign. For a personalised horoscope analysis consult our expert astrologers online now. 


Quick is your middle name and don’t you know it? With the sun in Cancer, you are more likely to make hasty decisions which might not be for the best. It’s one thing to react to your gut instinct and another to bulldoze through without thinking. If you can be patient and use your critical thinking skills, you will make better choices. You’re in a good place mentally, you aren’t worried about anything and you feel content. Remember that poor decisions can harm your reputation so take some time to think twice. At home, all is well. Your domestic life is prosperous and your family members are healthy and happy. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo which can cause plans to fall through. The best way to manage this placement is to embrace spontaneity and chaos. This week, you feel mentally calm with an undercurrent of excitement. It’s a good time to be you! 


You aren’t the one who dislikes solitude. Being alone is good for you as it recharges you. You understand that we are all connected and being alone doesn’t equal being lonely. With the sun in Cancer, your urge for solitude may come on strong. It’s important to indulge in this if you can. You might want to go on a short trip alone, somewhere where you can eat tasty food and enjoy beautiful natural surroundings. Mercury in Cancer urges you to think twice before acting. You may be more volatile than usual and it could be easy for you to be dragged into unnecessary arguments. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo which expands your warmth, loyalty and generosity with those you love. Your partner will enjoy the attention and displays of affection that you show. Venus in your own sign of Taurus guarantees good luck. Anything that requires a healthy dose of luck should be attempted! 


Welcome to your week Gemini! The sun remains in Cancer and its impact ensures that you do well financially. If you’ve started up a new business or project, you’ll begin to make money from it. New endeavours have success written all over them. Use that clever brain of yours to think outside of the box. You have the ideas, putting them into practice generates monetary gain and fulfillment. As an artistic soul, creative pursuits will be boosted by Mercury in Cancer, which gives you the empathy, compassion, and emotion to create things that strike a chord with the public. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo which encourages you to explore the world. You love to travel any way but Leo’s energy makes the urge to move a powerful one! Venus remains in Taurus, which helps you out if you are in need of a loan. You are drawn to nature more often than usual. Lakes, forests and gorgeous surroundings soothe your busy mind.


The sun remains in your own sign of Cancer, and as an emotional sign, you may find that your emotions are more heightened than usual. Your moods may fluctuate. You know your moods and cycles better than anyone else and this is nothing that self-care can’t fix. Spend time by the water as the element of water rebalances you. Read, eat healthy food and relax. It’s okay to retreat into your shell, like the crab that represents your sign. You must give to yourself before you can give to others, otherwise, you will be depleted and feel resentful. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo which gives you a big financial boost. This may come in the form of an inheritance. With Venus in Taurus, life is pleasant, harmonious and good. You may meet someone who reciprocates your feelings and makes you feel cherished. If single, now is the time to act.


Leo, the Kings and Queens of the astrology world! You start this week feeling less confident than usual, but this may not be a bad thing. You may be learning how to separate who you are from your ego. The path to enlightenment is not always easy and the discomfort you feel now comes from what you are shedding along the way. You, more than many signs, love to treat yourself to beautiful things but try to save your money. Buy what you need, not what you want. You don’t need to treat yourself every day. With Mercury in Cancer, rest is very much advised. You might feel moody and crabby and this is partly because sleep will not be a priority! You don’t always need to be on the go. Dedicate time to doing little and getting a good night’s rest. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo, which calls for balance. You have a lot of balls to juggle but you will find the right rhythm. With Venus in Taurus, you put your effort into work. If work has been an issue for you, this is about to change.


You start this week on a high. There is nothing you cannot do. It’s very easy for you to achieve success as well as financial security. With the spoils, you enjoy feathering your nest and may treat yourself to a practical, useful purchase which decorates your home and fulfils a function. Financially, you are doing brilliantly. This is a mixture of luck, the right opportunity and your own work ethic. No doubt you have found a rhythm and routine which works well for you. Make sure that you factor in time for fun and for yourself as life is not complete if only the world of work is well. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo and you may be drawn into your personal, domestic life. It may be that something needs your attention which you have been ignoring. Make time to listen to those who love you. With Venus in Taurus, you are more confident and sociable than usual. You will make new friends very easily. If you work in the media, you will be guaranteed success..


Libra, you want the world but sometimes you wish someone would hand it to you on a silver platter. You understand that you will need to work hard for what you desire. At work, those senior to you will appreciate and respect your efforts. Stay out of idle chatter or office politics. Focus on your job and on building good relationships with your peers. Mercury in Cancer solidifies your work efforts. You continue to work hard and are lucky as well. This combination cannot be toppled. Have you got your sights set on a new role? You are very close to moving up. Mercury moves into Leo on the 21st, and during this placement, you may clear your debts. At work, you get what you deserve, both financially and morally. Life is fair to you. With Venus in Taurus, you may find yourself worrying about your family. Give love and support. All will be well.


How does it feel to be in a position where every aspect of life feels good, because that is where you are right now Scorpio. You feel lucky and in love with life and this enthusiasm is contagious. You light up rooms and inspire others. Positions of leadership might interest you as you are motivational and supportive. This is also a good time for making money! At work, there are some obstacles, but you love a challenge as you enjoy sinking your teeth into problems and making them go away. Every time you resolve a problem, you add a new string to your bow and employers recognize how valuable you are to their organization. On the 21st, as Mercury moves into Leo, you are keen to accept further challenges at work and your seniors are satisfied by your performance. Venus in Taurus keeps your relationships exciting and fulfilling. You are a good partner at this time. Enjoy being in love! 


Travel is not far from your mind this week. It’s in your blood to want to see the world. You may be planning a trip or tour with friends and family. This is worth putting into motion as it combines your two favourite things: adventure and loved ones. With Mercury in Cancer, you are interested in being social, trying new things and experiencing the world. You’ll be more spontaneous and get stuck into what life has to offer. Money may come to you unexpectedly but this is common for your sign, as you dip in and out of financial matters and may make money in many different ways. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo which can make you feel disconnected from your family. Get back to planning that big trip together and closeness will ensue. Venus in Taurus sees you doing so well that other people feel jealous of you. Do not let this deter you from your path. Jealousy means you are doing all the right things! 


Your mind is almost always on work. You are a goat climbing a mountain, slowly but surely, until you reach the summit. You are thinking of ways to expand your business and to diversify your income. Romantically, life is smooth and satisfying. It is nice coming home to a partner who loves you deeply, madly and truly especially when you work so hard. Life may feel quite balanced right now, which is lovely for you. With Mercury in Cancer, your mind turns to marriage or to deepening a commitment. Others may envy the love that you have found or how your life seems to be working out perfectly. Use their envy as motivation. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo and you are reminded to watch what you eat and to remain socially active.  You attend parties, events and gatherings and enjoy letting off steam. With Venus and Taurus, all that you do goes well and you impress others effortlessly. Your relationships feel exciting and passionate. Enjoy! 


Have you been feeling under the weather recently? If so, relief comes this week! With the sun in Cancer, life ticks along nicely for you. Aquarians at all stages of life achieve success; students execute their studies perfectly, workers perform brilliantly and Aquarians in relationships will have a wonderful time. This is an amazing week for the writers amongst you. As an air sign, you are brimming with unique and brilliant ideas. You also have the determination and consistency to make your ideas work. Dedicate some time to your imagination and craft. Who knows what may come of it? On the 21st, as Mercury moves into Leo, it’s important that you are alert in your love life. How is your behavior? What are you doing well and what could you do better? With Venus in Taurus, you can’t help but be lucky. You’ll want to treat yourself and so you should.


You continue to feel appreciated, dear Pisces and this does wonders for your confidence. This week you enjoy being with family. This may be a ‘homebody’ week. Good news is yours so you start the week on a high. You feel innovative and at work, you may experiment and try something different. For those of you in relationships, you may be considering marriage. It feels like the natural next step for you and your loved one. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Leo which may make you famous in some way. People who did not like you before learn to appreciate you and this can transform workplace relationships. For those of you who enjoy performing arts, you may take off! You are so watchable and electric that you turn heads. With Venus in Taurus it’s important to listen to your body – take care of your back! You want to go on many short trips and your priorities are comfort and joy.

Traditionally Yours,


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