Your Weekly Horoscope For August 28th- September 3rd By astroYogi

Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope For August 28th- September 3rd By astroYogi

These horoscope readings are generic for each zodiac sign. You can consult our expert Vedic Astrologers online for a personalized horoscope analysis.


Your self-confidence continues to ride high this week and you enjoy life to the fullest. If we could give you any advice it would be to use this sense of self-confidence to improve your life and to get out of your comfort zone. Make decisive career decisions, take up that new hobby and look to the stars. The sky is the limit and with your self-esteem, you may even be able to push higher than that! You may be bored or dissatisfied with your home so keep an eye out for a new purchase in an area that you enjoy. Women are a source of happiness for you this week whether as a mother, daughter, wife or friend. Women will be important to you with their powerful, nourishing, soothing and energizing influence. If you feel stuck or lost, seek out the wisdom and experiences of the women in your life. They will help you know what to do next.


Your life right now looks like the picture-perfect dream. All of the elements are in place for a true happy ever after. There may be some of you who are still working on building the dream but all dreams require building. They don’t materialise on their own. There are three facets of your life that excel this week. The first is your career and you really thrive in this environment. Your slow and steady approach gives you consistency which others appreciate. The second is your home, as you may move to a bigger and more beautiful build. The third is your romantic life, which can actually be described as perfect! You will make new friends this week due to being active in the community. You will also bond with younger siblings and cousins. Overall this period feels lucky, blessed and wonderful. You should pinch yourself, remind yourself that this is all real, and remember to savour the beautiful moments that life has given you. Never stop practising gratitude for what you have.


Your social life is on steroids at the moment. You are everywhere doing everything. There are few invitations that you will turn down this week. You want to be out and with people which energises and recharges you and also enables you to understand yourself better, as you have an increased understanding of yourself when you are around others, especially when you see yourself reflected in them. There is a lot of learning this week as you debate, play and explore the world with friends and acquaintances. Please do take the time to rest as Gemini does not take well to having to stop. You may struggle getting started again! Finding a way to quiet your mind is very important to your well-being, meditation should be a daily practice for you. You may have a fear of missing out which drives you to keep up with people even when you would rather do nothing. This week your voice and communication skills will impress absolutely everyone in the crowd.


This week you are getting to the crux of family or work-related issues which you may not have had the confidence to discuss before. Now that things are out in the open you can find a resolution which suits all parties. You are very good at compromising and therefore these discussions are not something to fear, but something that is necessary for onward progress. Financially, this week is a great one for you as investments you have made, particularly in property, serve you well. Travel is firmly on your agenda and you will want to explore with loved ones. You’ll take this time to bond with those in your inner circle. Romantically, this is a truly hypnotic and blissful period. You will enjoy being with your partner and there will be no arguments or resentment. Professionally, you maintain a steady rhythm which gives your life a good balance. You feel at peace.

For a personalized horoscope analysis. Consult our expert astrologers online


The word fame should have been invented for Leo’s. It is very common for those with a strong Leo placement to cultivate fame in some way. Yes, there are the common avenues for fame such as acting, singing and dancing but there are many other ways to become known in this world and the one that you find is wholly dependent on your own talents and goals. You might ask yourself, do I even want to be famous? Chances are that yes you do, and if not, you might still like to be known within your local community for doing something good or new. Leo’s are natural leaders so it is common for you to gravitate to a role or position in life where others look to you for guidance and you are happy when this is so. This week there are some challenges in your life but nothing that you cannot solve. Professionally, life is smooth, steady and slow giving you a lovely sense of stability that helps cultivate a sense of balance


 Along with Gemini natives, who are also ruled by Mercury, Virgos need to use their brilliant brains. You may feel that you are stagnating in your current career and you are craving stimulation. This is a good time to seek out educational options that broaden the mind or help you to develop a skill that you can add to your professional arsenal. If you already feel that you are at your peak mentally, continue to use your brain by reading new books, learning a language or taking up a new hobby. Virgo’s are happiest when engulfed in a project which prioritizes a sense of improvement and growth. Whatever money you invest this week will be doubled so use it wisely! If you feel unsure about your path, speak to your elders. You will be more bonded with them this week and their experiences will help you decide what your next step should be. Although you will need to make your own informed decisions, those who came before you can teach you must about regret and happiness and this will assist you in your lifetime.


You are on a roll, a true busy bee, running here and there completing errands and finalizing projects. You may be developing new habits which will help you with decisiveness and living in the moment. You don’t need to ruminate over everything endlessly. Sometimes you can make a decision and take responsibility for it. There is a true buzz of excitement in your romantic life as you get to know someone new who wins you over with their sense of sophistication, charm and old school romance. Financially you remain in a strong position and continue to cultivate positive, life-changing habits. At work, you truly shine as you perform tasks with a sense of calm which is intriguing. If single, romance sizzles and crackles in the air around you. Respond to its call and you may be pleasantly surprised.


Professionally you remain at your peak. Even if you choose to coast for a few weeks, you will still remain on top form. You are effective and respected enough that you can get by on good graces alone, should you wish to. That won’t be enough to satisfy you though as you are ambitious and want to reach for the stars. New challenges are continually batted your way but you refuse to crumble, as other signs perhaps would, as you truly thrive when presented with a task to complete or a puzzle to solve. You are not deterred and your confidence dazzles others. Your marital life is blissful, a beguiling mixture of passion and stability which satisfies you on all levels. You have truly met ‘the one’ and building your life together gives you immense satisfaction. There is little else that you desire in this world.


You aren’t the one to shy away from spiritual conversation. Although a light-hearted soul, you enjoy the deep complexities of life and aren’t afraid of the big questions (nor the jovial answers that you provide!) You see life as an adventure and are quite happy to roll with the punches. You may not have a concrete plan like Virgo or Capricorn natives, but you don’t see any wrong turns in life, only opportunities for growth, learning and understanding. You aren’t afraid to ask for advice when you do find yourself at a crossroads, however, and in these situations, you should speak with your elders and seek the advice of experts. Although money doesn’t shackle you to any job or career, it is important that you save and spend wisely especially if your approach to work and money has typically been unconventional. It’s refreshing that money does not dictate your life path but some money is needed for health and for your family so do bear this in mind.


This week, it is time to turn your attention to your health. There is no need to panic or worry but as you work so hard it is always a good idea to check how your body, mind and emotions are responding. Checking in with yourself from time to time is important. Areas that you may wish to prioritize in terms of health are your heart and make sure that you watch out for minor accidents and injuries. Don’t rush around. Simply take life slowly and steadily. This will be good for you on all levels. Other ways in which you can benefit your health include eating healthy, hearty foods and doing plenty of exercises. As your mental and emotional health are just as intrinsic to your well-being, make sure that you meditate, practice yoga, write down your emotions and talk to those you trust. You are a hugely competent and powerful soul, but sometimes the most effective souls carry the biggest burdens and need to unleash now and again. This is not weakness but a necessity of life.


Luck has wound its way to you this week. It doesn’t matter whether this luck is self-generated or astrologically bestowed upon you, the point is, it is there! Now that you are feeling so lucky, what will you decide to do? Despite this sense of luck, you still must take some precautions. The first precaution to take is with your health. Have a check-up with your doctor to check that all is well and follow any dietary advice given. Secondly, be cautious of those who may wish to harm you. Practice a life of peace, forgiveness and respect for yourself and others and you will enjoy a blessed existence. The path of war, resentment and antagonism can only produce painful consequences for all involved so stick to the right path for the maximum benefit. It doesn’t matter what evil others may engage in, as long as your path is pure. Avoid unnecessary conflict for this is not your character. Enjoy the celebration and joy that continues to flood your life.


This is a great period for you, sweet Pisces. Although you are not one to find fame, fame is suddenly upon you, perhaps for something that you have done or created. How do you respond to such celebration and fanfare? Try to enjoy it and process it in your own unique way. Romantically, you are thinking of marriage and a proposal may be imminent. If single, you are sending signals that you are ready for love. The performing arts continue to be a wonderful outlet for you. You are able to get under the skin of your characters and enchant audiences. You have a real flair for performance but may need to build your confidence. Acting gives you a fantasy world in which you can become something greater than yourself and intriguingly, come to know the parts of yourself better. Do take care of your health this week. If you feel fatigued, focus on diet and light exercise as well as calming meditative practices. All is well in your world.

Traditionally Yours,


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