Your Weekly Horoscope for August 14th -21st by astroYogi

Mon, Aug 14, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 14, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope for August 14th -21st  by astroYogi

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.

These horoscope readings are generic for each zodiac sign. You can consult our expert Vedic Astrologers online for a personalized horoscope analysis.


On the 16th, the sun moves from Cancer to Leo, creating an interesting energetic change. The restlessness that you have been experiencing shifts into focus, enthusiasm and confidence. The best of your fiery nature is emphasised. You excel in any role that requires leadership, spontaneity or personal warmth. Whether you are a leader or not, people will gravitate to you for guidance. You might want to go after that management role at work or be a mentor for young people. As a cardinal sign, leading and being in the spotlight come naturally to you and this may be the push that you need to take that step. Your will power is high so give up bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling and negativity and focus on establishing positive changes such as exercise, drinking lots of water and meditation. Now is the time to implement any changes that you’ve always dreamt of making! 


As the sun moves from Cancer to Leo on the 16th, your desire for solitude changes into a need to be around people and to settle back into your own life, perhaps making a few modifications along the way. Time away has done you good and you may have a better sense of perspective when it comes to improving your home, career, relationships and personal habits. You’ll be on a high giving you the energy to keep up hobbies and interests like reading, meditating and walking. You may feel more in touch with yourself. Romantically, you are an indulging, loving partner this week, easily able to speak your partners love language. Your partner may even remark that you go away more often! Your newfound sense of get up and go will bring you enduring new friendships. All you have to do is maintain them. Bring them into your life and share with them your passions. A few of your friends may be able to support the changes that you intend on making this week.


This week, as the sun moves into Leo on the 16th, you will be less motivated by money and more interested in being sociable. This is when you are on top Gemini form! For you being sociable involves getting stuck in to anything and everything. You might catch up with friends that you haven’t seen in years, attend a class or workshop that’s been on your mind for a while and just generally be out and about. Be careful that you don’t burn out. It is very easy for you to overestimate how much energy you have to burn! You also need to be cautious not to overspend. Remember a lot of fun things are free. At work, your mind is keen and active and you’ll up with plenty of innovative ideas which you should share as they will be received well. If unemployed, you may generate employment opportunities for yourself. You may travel. If so, please take precautions with your health. Remember, a healthy body, mind and soul are true wealth! 


On the 16th, the sun moves from Cancer into Leo, and the impact is dynamic! Where previously you have felt emotional, introverted and irritable, you now feel confident and breezy. What a change! It is easier for you to share your feelings with loved ones and you communicate more efficiently. Anything where communication is beneficial such as performing arts, management and leadership roles and counselling will be greatly benefitted by your ability to address things in a firm and loving way. If there are decisions that need to be made regarding work and family, now is the time to sit and thrash out such concerns. You will be able to do so with patience and insight. Financially you continue to do well this week and may even inherit a large sum of money. It’s advised that you pour as much of this money into savings as possible although you may wish to treat those you love with small tokens of appreciation.

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With the sun moving into your own sign of Leo on the 16th, your confidence is unstoppable. Because of this, you are more engaged and present and you go after your goals. This is a good time to attend job interviews, seek out a romantic partner, go on holiday or start a new hobby. Whatever you put your mind to is backed and enthused by your heightened confidence. People gravitate to your magnetic warm energy so you may find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to friends, romantic opportunities, job offers and attention. Try to be a little discerning and follow the road that suits you best. You can afford to say no because the offers keep coming so don’t be pressurized into saying yes for the sake of it. You are still learning how to balance the busyness of life. Remember that your family and responsibilities also require your attention.


As the sun moves from Cancer to Leo on the 16th, you may notice that the confidence high you have been riding on is crashing down into something softer and mellower. This is a time for introspection and for building self-worth. You may spend more time analyzing and thinking rather than doing, as well as reflecting on all that you have achieved this month, which is likely to be a lot. You may turn your attention to nutrition, exercise and health as you enjoy such matters and absolutely adore self-care. Bubble baths, simple projects and leisurely walks appeal and as always, meditation and yoga can help you quiet your busy, Mercury-ruled mind. You are more likely to be an active relaxer, preferring to have a task to immerse yourself in than sitting idly. See if you can get busy in assisting your own community. This will get you out of your own mind whilst ensuring that you remain useful and needed.


You may have built up an impressive to do list recently but taken little action. Well, this week, that is set to change. The sun moves into Leo on the 16th and Leo likes to be active and get things done. You’ll get cracking on that to do list and start completing challenges, projects and goals that have been hanging around for some time. Romantically, this is an exciting week which promises romance and passion. Your partner may whizz you away on holiday or take you out for a candlelit meal. As well as passion and romance, you feel close and connected on a deeper, more meaningful level. If you’ve built up debts, this is a wonderful period in which to clear them but you need to build sustainable means of saving money to ensure that you do not dig yourself out of a hole only to fall back in at a later date.


Never one to walk away from a challenge, you have plenty to keep you busy this week. As the sun moves into Leo on the 16th, you move into a phase that promises huge professional rewards. You may receive a promotion or salary hike or you may move up into a position or career that suits you better. As a soulful, secretive sign, you suit professions where you can be daring, analytical and engaged. You feel confident this week and as such people gravitate to you even more than they usually do! You may find that people ask you for advice or expect you to lead them. You become a pillar of the community. The life purpose of a Scorpio is to continue to evolve and grow and only you will know which direction you wish to grow towards. This week, you may want to think deeper about your goals and desires for this life.


Although your personal life is normally a source of fun and freedom for you, this week you may find that there are certain obstacles getting in the way. It may be that your mind is scattered or that there has been a misunderstanding. Despite these slight frictions, you enjoy the benefit of the sun in Leo, which makes you lucky and triggers multiple celebrations and auspicious events. There’s a grandeur to life at the moment. You may feel as though you are living in a movie. Things feel too good to be true. Should you need advice in any area of life, particularly in the fields of education or work, you should seek out those with the experience and wisdom to call themselves experts. You will have the final say of course but listening to trusted elders will help you understand your own mind. Your health is glowing this week and you will enjoy being sporty and active.


Your tendency to overwork can lead you to neglect other important areas of life, such as your health. This week, the stars urge you to prioritize your own well-being as a matter of urgency. This does not mean that you will become ineffective at work, just that you need to rest more. Our tips? Have a lie in. Meditate. Confide in those you love. Make sure that you do not rush any tasks that need to be completed. Allow yourself to take your time – this is an indulgence you must allow and one that you normally refuse to make time for. You may feel restless and frazzled so be aware of accidents. Fortunately, at work you will be supported by junior staff who respect you and your work ethic. Socially you will be active so ensure that you make healthy decisions when it comes to food and exercise. This will help you tremendously.


This week, as the sun moves into Leo on the 16th, your family environment is boosted by joy and happiness. Your house is the place to be and you may throw many parties or celebrations. There’s a lot to celebrate, perhaps a wedding, engagement or new baby. There’s a sense that all are doing well including your life partner. Despite all of the fun happening outside of work, you still remain focused on your career and your motivation and dedication are iron-clad. You are a true breath of fresh air to your colleagues who admire your resilience, sense of humour and slight eccentricity. You certainly are a character and this makes you easy to remember. In love, continue to exercise patience and forethought to ensure that you don’t mistakenly offend with your occasionally blunt tongue. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.


As the sun moves from Cancer to Leo on the 16th, you will feel an energetic shift. You are still enjoying a period of luck, popularity, success, fame and accomplishment but you will need to work hard and you need to keep an eye on your health particularly the liver, sinuses and teeth. As such the pace of your week may feel a tad slower and heavier than it was the week before. Your artistic and creative abilities remain heightened and enhanced and any writers, artists and actors amongst you will shine. If you long for a career in the arts, this is the time to go for it. This week you enjoy the friendships you’ve established over time and enjoy coffee dates, tasty lunches and extravagant dinners. You are socially active but you are also taking the time to focus on your responsibilities, completing pending tasks that need to be actioned. Enjoy the pleasantries of this week and don’t be afraid to put in some hard work! 

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