Your Weekly Horoscope For Aug 7th – 13th

Mon, Aug 07, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 07, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope For Aug 7th – 13th

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.

These horoscope readings are generic for each zodiac sign. You can consult our expert Vedic Astrologers online for a personalized horoscope analysis.


This week, you’ll be experiencing the continued effect of three placements, the sun in Cancer, Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini. The great thing with continued placements is that they enable you to hit a stride. You can settle into the energy that they provide without needing to adjust to new astrological movement. By now, you should have had a chance to grapple with your restless energy and propel it into projects, social activities and exercise. This is a week of little worry and plenty of happiness. You are developing greater focus and using your time wisely. Plans may continue to fall through but this gives you the opportunity to be spontaneous and become loose with time. This is not the time to schedule events that absolutely must go perfectly to plan such as weddings. To do so would involve disappointment! Instead, keep this week light and loose. Spend time with friends, family and younger relatives. All will be captivated by you this week.



Have you had the opportunity go away yet? If not, it’s an itch that you absolutely must scratch. If you do have the chance to get away, you should take it. Pick somewhere deep in nature and with a calm, relaxed way of life so that you able to rejuvenate. You may want to overindulge whilst away but try to refrain from poor habits. Be sure to exercise and eat nourishing foods. You’re on a mission to work on yourself and you may prefer to conduct this experiment alone. When you return, you’ll want to be in the company of friends and family again and you’ll be a more enlightened version of yourself. If you take this time to work on yourself, you’ll find the rest of the month very productive. Your partner is immensely understanding of this process and their unwavering support and compassion touches you deeply. Your communicative abilities are sharpened enabling you to use your words wisely. You can fight any corner that you choose.



Dear Gemini, this week is an amazing opportunity for you to get plenty of cash behind you. Whether you are saving for a house, car or travel opportunities, you’ll find it easy to save and to build a substantial sum of money. Your financial success is in part down to your charismatic, hardworking ways but it’s also due to diversifying your streams of income. You have a side project going that brings in more than you can dream of. If you’ve not started this side project yet, rest assured that whatever you turn your hand to will be a success. Be sure to invest your money wisely by seeking the counsel of experts and those that you trust. You may feel burnt out this week, possibly from over-working or over-thinking. Do the little things that you need to do to manage your health such as morning meditations, stretches and massage. Little habits build into life-changing things. Single? Love comes in many guises and you may fall in love with someone outside of your typical type.



Do you remember the mystical feeling that accompanies falling in love? You feel disoriented, powerful and on a constant high. This week you may be feeling these old stirrings again as there is the potential for you to fall in love. Fortunately for you, your depth of feeling will be reciprocated. Exciting times! If you are already in a relationship of some years, there will be a fresh, new feeling surrounding you which feels exhilarating. Although this week sounds like a whirlwind, it is so important that you take time for self-care. Mentally and emotionally you may feel fatigued, confused and burnt-out. Try to slow life right down and get back to basics. You can rely on the usual habits to help you; eating well, resting up and taking the time to cook a good meal and enjoy a lovely book. You may need to ask for space and dip into an introverted state. Do not feel guilty to ask for this. If your cup is empty, you will have nothing to give to yourself or others.



Your attention is on your friends and on being social. There is no shortage of parties, events and meet-ups for you to attend. Although this is great, make sure that you aren’t neglecting family and responsibilities. What you need this week is balance. So far you are disproportionately focused in one area of life, but there are many other things that require your focus, drive and energy. A little planning may go a long way for you. Professionally this is a wonderful period as you feel clear-headed and communicative. You come up with good ideas and effortlessly put them into action and this impresses others. Despite your success and popularity, your sense of self-confidence may be dwindling. On the plus side, it won’t show. You are a warm fire that inspires and motivates others so try to use a little of that energy for yourself. When the time comes to rest, you will start to feel much better and more like your usual self.



A Virgo with rocketing confidence can achieve anything. In fact, it’s usually a lack of self-esteem that holds you back. This week, your sense of confidence remains unusually high and as such you can do all of the things that you ordinarily put on the backburner. There may be an area of life that needs change such as your career or relationship. Now is the time to make the changes that you need to. Your love life is not as smooth as it usually is which may cause some discomfort. Don’t fret – open and honest communication will go a long way to resolving many of these problems with your partner. Do not be afraid to share your needs and desires. At work, there is a slight risk of laziness. You are doing so well that you may feel that you can start to slow down as you’ve already proved your worth. Consistent hard work gets you where you need to be so don’t deviate too much! Re-focus your mind and stay on the right track. Give yourself a reward and keep on moving! 



You like the nicer things in life; a luxurious hotel suite, beautifully tailored clothes, and delicious food. You also understand that to reap such rewards, you need to work hard and earn them. Rarely will they be handed to you on a silver platter. You can use your desire for beauty and wealth to charge you in your career. With your charismatic, relatable demeanour, your colleagues both respect and like you so you’ll always get on well in the world of work. Financially, you are able to clear debts and build savings which is a wonderful position to be in. This continues to be a lucky time for you so anything that involves a degree of lady luck should be engaged in. Practice gratitude this week as you are in a fortuitous position and have much to be thankful for. The more you appreciate your life, the more you’ll notice to appreciate. You are surrounded by good people who want the best for you and you have so much potential.



The great thing about being on a natural high is that it’s easy to keep the momentum going. This week you are able to continue the good feelings of the week before and you are blessed with an infectious enthusiasm for life which makes you more open than usual to experiences and challenges. In love, this surprises, with friends, it delights and at work, it enables you to forge an identity as the go to employer. People are watching you at work and you can advance up the career ladder should you wish to. You may feel indecisive and confused due to the sheer number of opportunities that have come your way. How can you decide which path to take or how to choose between option A and option B? Listen to your intuition as it rarely steers you wrong. Spiritual practices will help you hear your inner voice loud and clear. Your partner may need extra support from you so be prepared to listen and exercise compassion. You are more magnetic and attractive to people so be prepared for a fan club! 



Your laisses-faire attitude towards life means that often you iron over problems that you probably should confront which can cause them to rebound on you later. This week, you are more than happy to face and amend issues and obstacles that have come your way such as family disputes, romantic dilemmas and career related queries. This is a great week for righting wrongs and setting things straight as well as adjusting for the future. Your focus is mixed and scattered so you may find it difficult to muster the energy and attention for trivial matters. The little energy you do have at your disposal will be used for important concerns. Fortunately, you are guaranteed good health and your relationships are strong and nurturing. You will be more supportive to your partner and family and they will respond in kind. This week requires you to be nurturing, loving and patient, all qualities which you possess in abundance when need be! 



Romantically, you are on cloud nine. You are always stable, loyal and reliable but you are lowering your guard and exposing your passionate, fun and spontaneous side which excites your partner! Work-wise, you are getting creative and considering expanding, or in the midst of expanding, an existing business. Your knowledge of the ins and outs of the business world gives you the perfect platform to do this. You may even assist friends and relatives with setting up their own businesses. You have started a healthier regime and for the most part, you can commit to it. Keep yourself on track. Understand that by prioritising your health, you will be more efficient at work and with loved ones. These habits don’t just benefit you, but all around you. Your mind may turn to children. Perhaps you would like to start a family or maybe you want to tighten bonds with your children. Organise a dinner or gathering where you can bond and let loose. You are a wonderful parent but sometimes struggle to relate to your children – this can easily be resolved by spending time with them in a more playful setting.



If you’ve been feeling under the cosh at work, this week brings plenty of relief! In fact, you are so energised that you excel at work. You bring a fresh, invigorated energy that is infectious and that motivates others to do their best. In love, you may be too blunt or unfeeling, accidentally stepping on the toes of your partner. It’s a good idea to soften and relax. Remember that your partner is your team-mate not your adversary and that you don’t need to agree with one another, but you do need to be respectful and patient when it comes to expressing your point of view. You’ll continue living it large this week. You may flash the cash, be very socially active or start up an unusual new hobby. You will be drawn to the unconventional and stepping outside of your comfort zone will come easily to you. You are still experiencing a lucky phase of life so things may come to you with ease. If you want something that seems evasive, amp up the hard work and you will get what you desire.



Creatively, you are at your peak. You want to express yourself artistically and spiritually and this can take many forms such as writing, yoga, meditation, performance or artwork. You use these mediums to express yourself emotionally but such innovation can also generate a nice income for you and one that allows you to tap into your inventive potential. You work better in environments that ebb and flow rather than those that are regulatory and rigid. For those of you in relationships, your love life is gaining momentum and may be moving towards engagement, marriage or children. You need an outlet where you can physically express the exquisite emotions that you are going through this week. Yoga or sacred movement is ideal as is swimming. This is a great time to harness skills that you already possess but it’s also a good time to learn a new skill or talent. If it’s something that you can feel emotionally attuned to, all the better. Remember that hobbies can become viable career options.

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