Your Weekly Horoscope For 25th September- 01st October By astroYogi

Mon, Sep 25, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Sep 25, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope For 25th September- 01st October By astroYogi

Your weekly horoscope predictions by the expert astrologers of astroYogi, read on. Consult our experts online for a personalised horoscope analysis and guidance.


Aries is a sign that is always ready for battle. Sometimes you will fight a war just for the sake of it! You have a strong need to take action and to be right. This week, make sure that your mental desire to be first does not impact on your health. You will be victorious but you must take care of your physical body, particularly the right side of your ribs. Those of you who are students will need to concentrate and focus on your studies as your mind may feel immersed elsewhere. You’ll be grateful to know that at work, you will be recognised for your valiant efforts. People appreciate your fire, passion and energy as it empowers others around you. For those of you who are expectant parents, good tidings are on the way. Children, whether yours or other peoples, will bring happiness and magic into your life. You have a way of engaging with those younger than you because you retain many youthful qualities yourself. Perhaps you can utilise this to become a pillar of good in the community? It is not just your own family that could benefit from this skill.

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You aren’t one to push for fame. It simply isn’t on your agenda or radar. That said, you do enjoy being appreciated and pampered and fame is only a heightened version of this. Well, this week, a degree of fame is guaranteed. For those of you who work in the fields of marketing, hospitality or culinary services, you will notice that things are going very well and you are making great progress. If your love life has felt dull and dire recently, the flame of passion is about to be rekindled. This week there is the suggestion of a big surprise. It may be parenthood or a professional breakthrough. Check your outgoings. Are you spending more than you are saving? Remember you can pamper yourself without spending a cent. Meditation, yoga, water and natural foods are vital treats too. Your sphere is in the home and you enjoy a big renovation or redecoration project this week. You may take time off work to complete this task. Otherwise, life feels smooth and easy and the rhythm of life is satisfying and healing for you.


Gemini, as an air sign, change is not scary for you. Instead, it’s necessary, just as the wind is to a bird that wishes to fly. Nothing is worse for you than routine. In fact, it’s lethal. Whereas other signs thrive with stability, you start to stagnate. You simply need to feel free and allow your mind to wander. With the spirit of change in mind, think about your career and a possible new direction. Work consumes so much of our lives so you may as well find a role that makes you feel free, passionate and engaged. This week, you receive more love and affection from your mother and your domestic world is harmonious and prosperous. You may find that your adventures are more of the mind although in saying that, you are driven to be highly active and to socialise. The call of the wild is never far from your mind and you should follow it as movement and motion are vital to Gemini natives. To move is to be free and freedom feeds your soul.


Cancer, although you like your feet to be firmly planted on the ground, you are still feeling restless and you have a desire to move. You might go on holiday or travel for a while. Even exploring your own country will scratch this itch. You will still benefit from excellent decision-making this week so feel free to iron out any burning questions or problems. As an intuitive, emotional sign, you are able to cut to the core of an issue. Other people may come to you for advice and assistance. Make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin trying to be all things to all people. Remember that although water is yielding it is also powerful. At home, there may be some upset due to misunderstandings with family members. Take the time to deal with such matters delicately. If you find that you are beginning to indulge negative thoughts, step back. Your thoughts become your reality so try to think positively. Romantically and professionally, life has a rhythm that is most pleasing. Make sure to dance to its beat.


Whatever Leo touches, expands. This week, it is your income that grows. Money that you have previously invested will be returned to you in vast amounts. If you’ve recently struggled with family and friends, you’ll find that you now get on far better. Tap into the finer aspects of your character such as warmth, integrity, loyalty and playfulness. Leave the more negative qualities, such as the need to be admired and to always be right at the door. If you bring the best of yourself to all that you do, you will find that this energy greatly impacts and charges those around you. Your communication skills are greatly improved at this time so anything involving writing, performance and presentations will go down very well. Financially this is a fantastic period for you and you may wish to spoil yourself. Make sure that you hold onto some cash and don’t go spending it all at once! 


This is a favourable period for Virgo natives as you turn your focus inward. You are prioritizing your own needs including your career and personal growth. You can be a perfectionist and you often want others to like you but this week you feel more self-assured and interestingly, this makes you more attractive. Whatever you focus on, the tunnel vision that is so much a part of the Virgo personality, will cause you to be successful. You are finally focusing on the right things. As an air sign, you are full of innovation and your ideas enable businesses to grow. This is a good week for those of you who work in offices as you sparkle and impress seniors and colleagues. Life isn’t all work and no play as your social scene dazzles at the moment. Perhaps it is because you are feeling more confident? Romance isn’t high on your agenda this week but you may still sow the seeds for a future relationship.


Air signs live and process the world through the mind. When this goes wrong, it can make you aloof, cold, overly practical, tense and indecisive. The biggest battle for Libra natives is certainly the difficulty that comes with making decisions! When your mind feels poorly calibrated, you are open to problems in your personal life. Paralysis through analysis is common for you. The good news is that you ultimately have control of your own mind and as such, you can programme it in your favour. Anything that gets you out of your mind or forces you to use it constructively will assist. Financially, be cautious with your cash. You like to spend money on beautiful things but focus on needs and not wants this week. Your health is perfect and you may begin to think of investment opportunities. Have you met a new love? The stars want it to happen for you.


Your high self-confidence remains in place this week and you still manage to meet all of your desires. You are now in a position to either become an expert at whatever mountain you have chosen to climb or to follow a new passion and develop it further. You tend to focus on quality rather than quantity and you also prefer depth to breadth. As such your plan may be to probe deeper. Money continues to be funneled your way and you’ll be smart with how you use it of course. Your intuition may cause you to invest wisely. You know that you can make your money work for you. At work, there is a buzz of enthusiasm, energy and passion that surrounds you and makes you popular. Your love life may give you some headaches but you do like drama! No matter what comes your way this week, you feel ready to meet life head-on. You are on true Scorpio form! 


Cautious is not one of your qualities. No-one would describe you as a cautious character! Risk-taking, cheerful, adventurous, these would be better adjectives to capture the Sagittarius spirit. This week, caution is needed though. You may be under a lot of pressure at work and you definitely need more time to play and enjoy the lighter side of life. Can you book a holiday or have a relaxing weekend in nature? Both would help heal you. Although work may be stressful, you will be rewarded so don’t worry too much. Financially, your position is strong and you spend extravagantly on auspicious events. Your romantic partner is a tremendous source of relief to you at this time. Their comfort, support and passion keeps you on an even keel. You are fortuitous this week and things seem to go your way. Your health remains robust, fit and strong. This is a good time to start a new workout regime.


You might not always feel lucky or believe in luck (you are far too practically minded for that), but would you agree that you always seem to get what you want? This is no coincidence. Yes, part of it is your ability to work hard and long, but it’s also that fortune favours the brave. You always put yourself out there into the world and as such good things tend to come to you sooner rather than later. Even when you are faced with obstacles, you persevere and your consistency gets you through. You’ll find that the support and friendship of women are most beneficial to you at this time. Your memory is high so if you need to revise, study, learn or recall, you can count on your own abilities. This is a great time to learn something new and push out from your comfort zone. Your excitement level may be low but you don’t feel down, just content and consistent. Keep going, dear Capricorn! 


Alongside Virgo, you are the most health conscious of the signs. This week you may be worrying about the health of your parents but try not to panic. Simply be there for them as and when they need you. You may be itching to make some big decisions but this week is not the right time. Feel around for advice and consider your options. Meditation and yoga bring mental relief which helps focus the mind. As with all signs, your propensity for worry can be your biggest problem. What are you worried about? Might you be conjuring problems out of thin air? Focus on solutions rather than problems. Focus on what is tangible and remember that thoughts cannot harm you. Professionally, this is a great period for you and your personal life feels blissful. There is really nothing wrong and no reason to worry. The only thing you need to master is your mind.


Pisces, as a spiritual sign one of your life goals is to move away from the needs of the ego. The ego is the crying child that wants attention at all times. It can lead us into some dark places. You are probably learning to separate yourself from your ego but it is still a process and a journey that takes time so do not be disheartened if your ego causes friction between yourself and your partner at times. Mentally you may be susceptible to suggestion so keep a safe distance from those who would lead you astray. You continue to develop at work but there may be some pressure. Keep focused and take time for the things you adore like poetry and long walks. More than most signs, you need to dip inward often to replenish your energy stores. Try to limit sugar, alcohol and junk if you can. These substances clog you energetically. Plenty of healthy food with heighten your energy vibration which will help you attract good things.

Traditionally Yours,


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