Your Weekly Horoscope For 18th September- 24th September By astroYogi

Mon, Sep 18, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Sep 18, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope For 18th September- 24th September By astroYogi

These horoscope readings are generic for each zodiac sign. You can consult our expert Vedic Astrologers online for a personalized horoscope analysis. 


With the Sun in Virgo, you will feel a sense of victory this week. Whatever task, goal or obstacle comes your way, you will conquer it effortlessly. This is a good time to bring into the light things that need to be done. You may not have wanted to do them before but you have a fresh, almost zealous energy that enables you to do what needs to be done and it should be used. Your willpower and positivity are so high making this a good week to give up habits like smoking or drinking. Try starting up a new skill or exercise regime that will do you the world of good. With Mercury in Leo, you may find that things you plan fail to turn out as they expect! This can be a good thing, especially for a sign as spontaneous as you, but it may feel disappointing at times. Really big and important events should be scheduled after the 26th September. With Venus in Leo, expectant parents enjoy good news! Undoubtedly children will bring happiness into your life and your family will expand both in numbers and joy! 


This week your attentions turn to your home and family. For those of you who are more work-oriented or single, there is the possibility of finding a new love. Just remember to put your best foot forward and show new love interests who you are. Show them that you are grounded, earthy, loyal and pleasure-seeking and you will attract someone sincere and sweet. At work, things go well, especially for those in marketing, hospitality, and culinary services. With Mercury in Leo, you will see a rise in property-related financial gain. For those of you in a relationship, a fun and playful energy is added, taking your relationship back to the first flush of love. Perhaps things had become too stagnant and serious. Well with Leo in the driving seat you will feel like a teenager again, but with added wisdom! Venus in Leo invites you to renovate your home and you’ll enjoy spending time doing this as you have an eye for tasteful décor and classic aesthetics. You believe that your home is your castle - a place where you can relax and enjoy your creature comforts.


The month of September represents change and it’s a good time to reflect on where the year has gone and what it may bring going forward. For you, there is an indication that you may seek a career change. The Sun in Virgo causes you to analyze your options. Play to your strengths. Communication is absolutely vital to you so make sure that you embrace a career in the media, journalism, acting, public speaking or writing. Anything that gets you out and about with people will make you happy. With Mercury in Leo, your feet will be itchy with the urge to travel. There is so much that you want to see and do. Try to live in the now and find magic in the every day. Take steps to look out for your own health whilst you travel. Meditation, healthy snacks and plenty of rest are good ways for Gemini’s to do this. Venus in Leo expands your energy and makes you active, sociable, generous and loving. Those younger than you will be drawn to your life-affirming energy and you may find yourself in the role of mentor or teacher – not a role that you would choose for yourself but one which certainly fits! 


With the Sun in Virgo, you want to spread your wings and fly! You will be drawn to places of historical or cultural interest or perhaps to see family. You should trust your intuition as you are prone to make good decisions this week. Really listen to what your gut is telling you to do, as like all water signs you have a good gut feeling for most things in life! You may have been putting off bigger life decisions such as where to live or what to study. This self-doubt is unfounded as you are totally in tune with what is best for you. You can also help people more clearly see what they need and deserve for themselves. With Mercury in Leo, your financial life is thriving and you will make good financial decisions for yourself and your family. Investment is advised. With Venus in Leo, you find that the good in your life expands. This includes your financial well-being as well as your ability to bond with friends and family. You also feel warm and romantic and whether single or attached, your mind will be drawn to passion and attachment.


Leo is the sign that multiples all the good it gets. Ruled by the sun, you make your own magic without relying on the help of anyone else. With the sun in Virgo, you enjoy plenty of money this week. Remember that just because you have money, you don’t need to spend it. How about investing some and saving some? Maybe you could use some for retirement? Think of the future but enjoy the present too. This balance will help you to make the right decisions. With Mercury in Leo, your social energy is scattered and you may put more time into your friendships than into your family and responsibilities. Don’t neglect your family and take the time to see them. Share a little of your warmth and generosity. It will go a long way. With Venus in Leo, you may feel a lack of love. Only you can fill this void. Yes, relationships, friendships and community are vital, but to plug the daily gap you may feel you need to nourish yourself. Besides, you will never be alone in this life for too long.


Virgo, like all earth signs, seeks to grow. This week, you are focused on your trajectory – the trajectory of the self, of your career and of your own potential. This is a good position for you to be in as your energy and focus are best utilized when you use it for yourself, rather than in trying to control or manipulate others. Follow your gut instincts and say yes to your dreams. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box as small steps can make the impossible possible. Mercury in Leo can cause your love life to feel bumpy. It’s annoying that just as you are starting to make strides personally, romantically you may feel a sense of struggle. Don’t fight it. Instead, learn to compromise and to work with the tide rather than against it. Not every area of life can shine at the same time so let go of the urge to be perfect. Venus in Leo can cause you to be more grandiose in general with your spending. As you are normally so cautious this isn’t really an issue, but it’s still not a good habit to get stuck in so treat it as a rare indulgence! 


This week you may feel very stuck in your own head. This can happen with all air signs. It may be that you feel indecisive and just can’t make up your mind or it may be that you feel too self-conscious and full of doubt. Remember that you rule the mind, not the other way around. Much of what you hear in your own head is useless chatter that will not help you. It is better to listen to the pull of your gut at times! Try to meditate to teach yourself which voices are worth listening to and which aren’t. With Mercury in Leo, you enjoy a period of financial security and are able to clear debt and establish better financial habits. This is a learning curve you for as you like nice things and tend to indulge. Hopefully, you are focusing on building better habits along the way. With Venus in Leo, you enjoy a feeling of excellence. You crave romance, passion and a gracious, intellectual, capable lover and you may find him or her this week. If you are in a long-term relationship and deciding on marriage, now is an auspicious time to get planning.


Your self-confidence remains impenetrable and you can do anything that you set your mind to. You probably already have an idea of what you want to do, and we doubt that anything is stopping you! Whatever you desire you will get but there is an element of ‘be careful what you wish for’ involved. People appreciate you and your personal and professional life feels smooth. You may crave a bit of risk and excitement but there are good and bad ways to go about this. Try not to rock the boat in your personal life and consider thrills that enhance rather than destroy. With Mercury in Leo, you accept new challenges at work head on and this helps you to look good in the eyes of your employers. With Venus in Leo, your status at work sky-rockets as you are magnetic, effective and fixed with your eye on the prize. People can feel your sense of excitement and energy, as it is so palpable. Romantically, you sizzle and people want to be around you.


With the sun in Virgo, you need to exercise more caution than you normally would. You can be laissez-faire with your own health but now is not the time to take unnecessary risks. There is some pressure at work and although you are jovial and happy, you may need to take some time out to stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. Maybe it is time for an adventure? With Mercury in Leo, you may lack your usual confidence. You can build this back up by meditating, being outside and in nature and surrounding yourself with good, positive people. Even fire signs, who accrue their energy by being with people, need to take some time to be alone and in solitude, you may find peace. Always the wandering adventurer, even you sometimes need to stop and sit and stargaze now and then. With Venus in Leo, good fortune is guaranteed and prosperity and harmony find their way to you. Enjoy this wonderful week as it has much to teach you and many hidden blessings.


Would you say that things tend to come to you with ease Capricorn? You have a slow and steady approach but there tends to be some struggle doesn’t there? Fortunately, you take it all in your stride and you do always get where you need to be in the end. This week, there will be obstacles but nothing that causes too much stress. After all, as a mountain goat, you can climb any mountain! With Mercury in Leo, you are able to complete pending tasks. You hate anything that is unfinished so this is a good time to tie up any loose ends. You can be a fairly regimented person and you are certainly intelligent and aware enough to understand what is good and what is bad for you. Do you listen though? This is the time to eat well, drink water and rest. Follow the health advice that you tend to ignore when you work too hard. This will revive you and help you to be more productive. With Venus in Leo, you need to exercise caution in business. Seek advice before making bold moves.


You worry less than your fellow air signs Gemini and Libra. That is, you are more decisive than they are, but you can still fall prey to being too ‘in your own head.’ This is true for all air signs! Anything that gets you using your brain constructively or helps you to embrace a state of flow will benefit you this week. You really don’t need any stress, panic or worry, but you may preoccupy yourself with health matters or family stresses. Avoid making any life-changing decisions and try to relax, practice yoga, meditate and seek advice from trustworthy sources. With Mercury in Leo, people may misunderstand your intentions so take the time and care to be clear and concise. Say what you mean and don’t use flowery language. With Venus in Leo, you enjoy a mix of professional and personal bliss. You feel a great sense of freedom in life and your partner supports you in all that you do. It feels as if everything is right in the world and you have truly landed on your feet.


This week, the sun remains in Virgo and though your professional life is going well, there may be clashes, differences of opinion and ego battles with your partner. This happens in relationships and its part of finding out if you are truly compatible with one another. Don’t fear the differences. Listen to what they mean. It may be that this relationship is not the right one for you or it may mean that some compromise is required. Do not let your ego rule your decisions. With Mercury in Leo, people like you effortlessly and you can charm the birds from the trees. If you enjoy performance, creativity and art, you will find that you excel in ways that you’d never imagined. Venus in Leo puts the focus on romance and love. You may need to rekindle a dying flame. How can you do this? By injecting some of your sweetness and spice into your partnership. You don’t need to be passive. Take some action! 

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