Your Weekly Horoscope – 6 to 12 August 2018

Mon, Aug 06, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 06, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope – 6 to 12 August 2018

Your weekly horoscope (6th to 12th August, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

This week you will feel a continuation of the energy from the last week, the suns impact in Cancer causes you to make somewhat hasty decisions, particularly in your career. On one level, if you are following your impulses and instincts, this might shortcut you to effective choices but on the other hand, you may jump into something too quickly. Use your discernment to decide. Mercury in Cancer ensures a harmonious home life, giving you a place to retreat to. Venus in Virgo keeps the positive news from children rolling in. Your personal life shines. The impact of Mars in Capricorn continues to be a heavy one so make sure that you take time to recharge.

Have you embarked on any short trips yet? If not, you absolutely must. Your call for solitude is strong right now and should be honoured. There may be some worries here and there, so you must find a constructive outlet. For an earth sign, some practical exercises usually assist. You are able to vent your emotions physically. Avoid the tendency to be snappy and argumentative. Try to pause and reflect before you respond. Decision making may be impaired. You’re probably happily consumed in a renovation project around the home. Mars in Capricorn promises that good news is coming your way so embrace it when it arrives.

You continue to be crafty with your cash, sussing out new ways to make money and using it to your advantage. This is a good time to invest. If you are able to pour your energy into creative and artistic endeavours, success is guaranteed. This is your forte and you are a true wordsmith. Completing a story or writing assignment should come easily to you now. You continue to be sociable and highly active, on true Gemini form. You especially connect with those who are younger than you, as your energy matches there’s. Mars in Capricorn suggests some anxiety but also accomplishment. Try to funnel your anxiety into small steps that help you reach your dreams.

You are not on top form, which is why it is so important that you take good care of yourself in all ways. How you practice self-care is wholly dependent on what you find yourself responding to. It’s good for you to be out in nature, especially near water which is extra healing to you as it is your element. You may not complete tasks as quickly as you usually do, there is a desire to procrastinate. Your moods will fluctuate but you can get on top of this with some patient and self-love. Try to disconnect from work pressures to prevent an unstable mind. At work, you maintain a highly effective rhythm that suits you.


This week you should focus on rebuilding your destabilised self-confidence. In particular, you must work on your temper which can easily get you into trouble as you are a fiery character. You don’t want to accidentally step on the toes of someone who you deeply adore because of a bad mood. You may be sad over the departure of someone you care deeply for. With Venus in Virgo, you are dealing with a fundamental lack of love which can make you feel alienated and upset. Try to fill yourself up with the love you desire. It exists within you. You will earn good money but saving may not come easily.

Your confidence continues to dance sky-high ensuring that you achieve the success you desire. You can channel this confidence in any direction you choose. You are a sign with a plan and as such, you should go after whatever it is that you desire most deeply inside. Know that your practicality and attention to detail can assist. You enjoy excellent health and you always instil strong habits that encourage prosperity and longevity. You may waver occasionally with their implementation but ultimately you do well. Your mind may divert to deviant matters which can impact relationships and goals. Try to meditate for stillness.

You continue to excel at work when you combine luck with hard work. The combination of the two has the potential to push you to great heights, especially with your personable, amiable ways. People respond well to you. A cordial relationship blossoms with your father and you may visit a famous place with work. With Venus in Virgo, you enjoy an excellent time in love as well as good health and strong finances. If single, a new love is blossoming. If in a long-term relationship, marriage may be a consideration. With Mars in Capricorn, you should avoid casual spending. Try to save as much as you can for a rainy day.

Your continued enthusiasm and love for life only blossoms further and this is a very contagious energy to possess. It draws others to you consistently and you are magnetic enough as it is! At work, you may experience some minor obstacles which may frustrate you. This will generate tension. You are fairly good at weathering the intense struggles in life due to the projection of a powerfully tough character. You have a thick skin. At work, you may continue to be promoted and may get a salary hike. Romance is also going strong. Doesn’t it just seem that every area of life is going well? Your life partner is immensely supportive of all you do.

The sun in Cancer produces a mixed effect on your personal life, you will want to spend time with them and do something fun, but you also may be drawn to being alone or requiring solitude. You may receive unexpected sources of monetary gain. As always with Sagittarius, travel is ensured. You always want to be having an adventure of some kind. You feel drawn to a higher spiritual calling and want to experience this on all levels. You develop new interests, hobbies and activities that make you more interesting as a person. Venus in Virgo ensures good fortune and indicates marriage, harmony and prosperity. At work, there is pressure but nothing that you cannot handle. Be sure not to ignore your life partner.

The impact of the sun in Cancer can draw out domestic issues. Your partner’s health may be a problem, for instance. It’s important that you face these issues head on so that you can conquer them. This placement is good for work where it brings a greater deal of tenacity to anything you wish to achieve. Your own health is very good, and you are naturally resilient although you need to be mindful of stress building up in the body. You may be prone to carrying tension in your neck and shoulders. You may be drawn to making a love commitment and you inspire envy in those around you. At work, you may be frustrated that you aren’t getting what you deserve. You strive for the spoils, so this doesn’t make you happy at all but can be surmounted.

With the sun in Cancer, you excel at work and there is no trouble in your love life, no clouds on the horizon. You are simply in love with life. You achieve all that you set out to in the workplace and if a writer, you continue to produce incredible work. You have a flair for nailing the human condition in a succinct phrase. This is an inspiring time for creativity. Be weary of health issues of the stomach. In love, there is the chance of betrayal so ensure that you erect boundaries and do not give your trust away for free. Trust is something that is earnt rather than freely given, as is respect.

With the sun in Cancer, you will receive happy news. This could come in many forms. At work, you try something new and unique that works well for you. If coupled, you long to marry your lover and make a future together. You may worry about your children’s lives and at work, competition is high, especially if vying for a role or project. With Venus in Virgo, you should pay attention to the smaller details, avoiding sugar, stress and being too sedentary. You may rekindle a relationship with an old love or breathe new life into a stale relationship. Your personal life feels smooth and comforting but may need a jumpstart.

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