Your Weekly Horoscope – 27 Aug to 2 Sep 2018

Mon, Aug 27, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 27, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope – 27 Aug to 2 Sep 2018

Your weekly horoscope (27th Aug to 2nd Sep, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

An Aries with weakened self-confidence certainly does not feel like itself and that is a rather uncomfortable position for you to be in. Embrace this period of discomfort because it is in discomfort that we grow. We become forced to push out of our comfort zones and in doing so, we utterly change. As a fire sign, a natural, innate sense of confidence and comfortability is engrained within you, but when this falters, you’ll find that you have stores of immense courage that can get you through. Despite your faltering confidence, you continue to be sociable this week and friends enjoy your humour and liveliness. You are suggestible to travel if the opportunity presents itself.

In previous weeks you may have felt slow and sluggish in terms of confidence, not being able to bring out your true colours so readily. This is all about to change as you have strong will-power and a surge of confidence. The sun’s influence is at it’s peak and therefore so are you. This is a great time to go after what you want with gusto whether it’s a career, partner or hobby. This is also a good period for exercise as your mind and body are aligned and it’s easy for you to pursue what you want with single-minded focus. Venus creates a bountiful situation for you in love. Whatever you seek out can only grow in abundance. All of your deepest desires will be rewarded tenfold.

A Gemini’s greatest asset is the mind. You are a weaver of tales, teller of stories, a messenger, mediator and livewire. The phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ was coined for Gemini because of your desire to know all things at once. You are like electricity, flowing from one thing to the next constantly. Gemini’s are always on the move and travelling even if only in the mind. Your ideas are brilliant and engaging, and success and growth are guaranteed to follow. In love, there is a glimmer of excitement which keeps you engaged and enthralled. You may struggle with your thoughts and feelings. To keep yourself on an even keel, try meditation and yoga or any activity which balances you. Love takes on a childlike beauty. You are earnest, forthright and playful in love and you are attracted to partners who display these qualities.

Cancer is an intuitive water sign with its finger tight on the pulse of life. You are very perceptive and are able to read people with ease, especially family members. This week, you are even more perceptive and intuitive than usual. You can see into people’s souls. The current planetary placement is excellent for healers, communicators, therapists, actors and educators or indeed any person who needs to connect with another. You are at your best professionally and there is a streak of brilliance that runs through you. You draw attention in every crowd and are appreciated by senior management. You may even earn yourself a workplace admirer. You are less passive in love and apt to be more direct or especially drawn to a direct partner. If you have children, they will excel in their studies and education.

Your grounded energy is liable to be slightly more sentimental, but also practical, and you’ll start thinking about what kind of home you’d like to have and how you can provide it. You may be in the market for a new home or vehicle, or some furniture or appliance that makes home feel ‘complete.’ Whether or not you have a family, you will feel family-oriented. At work, you pour innovative ideas onto the table, but you also have the practicality to make them real. If you think things are all work, no play, think again dear Leo, your personal life is also excellent, and you can’t help but smile. This is a brilliant period professionally as you can persevere in all areas, especially areas of change. This is a good time to complete professional courses as you will do so with ease. You will have a great time with your family and partner. You may spend a lot, but you also earn a lot back.

One of life’s lessons for Virgo natives is to learn how to express yourself more directly. You have a tendency towards passive-aggressiveness because you tend to not to want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This can trigger misunderstandings between family members and romantic partners. How about practising a daily affirmation that promotes courage in expressing your truth? Say this affirmation ten times a day and see if things change. Mercury's current position suggests monetary gain often from unconventional sources and possibly from freelance work. You will also enjoy brilliant health. You may feel especially tense. Aries and Virgo energy are somewhat at odds with one another. This is a really good time to put yourself and your well-being first. Tension can be released by healthy eating, exercise and meditation.

You will be victorious this week in all that you do. Your health improves as does your outlook, although you may be susceptible to minor coughs and colds. In terms of love, some very exciting improvements are coming your way. If single, this can indicate finding a new love with all of the sensibilities you desire. You will be urged to come back down to earth as there is a lot of airy energy going on. You may struggle with focus and decisiveness. A wonderful way to combat this is with meditation and yoga, which should be a regular part of your week for maximum effect and is especially useful for ailments of the mind and problematic emotions. You find that love is full of exciting twists and turns. If in a regular relationship, it will begin to spice up.

Although not hungry for fame and recognition, both tend to find their way to magnetic Scorpio natives. Whether on a local level or on the world stage, people will know your name for some action, activity, task or role that you have played. Of course, if there is a way that you can be known behind the shadows, this is preferable to you. This week, you continue to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones. This period is all about memory-making for you and enhancing connections. At home, there is a pleasant atmosphere which is cohesive to your well-being. Home is an especially important place for Scorpio’s to retreat to. Love may become somewhat erratic, but you are better than most at coping with this very well as you drawn to passionate, intense and transformational experiences.

A combination of luck and hard work bring you what you want this week and your jovial, expansive spirit is very attractive to most. As such, people meet you and want to help you. You are in an especially joyful mood and you long to share it with others which makes you personally popular. People want you around, almost like a lucky mascot. Your mind may be over-active, and this can manifest in one of two ways. It may manifest as ideas, goals and opportunities, so that you are overflowing with creativity. Or, it may manifest as anxiety. In which case, you need to find ways of quieting and harnessing the powers of your mind. Children are a source of good news, whether you teach them or parent them. If you wish to be an actor, now is a good time to pursue this career.

At work, you are highly enthusiastic this week. You are an earth sign that enjoys work and you equally enjoy the rewards of work. It’s important for you to learn to establish an enduring balance between your work life and your desire for a life of your own. With such a strong work ethic, you will always be in a position to be rewarded, and as such you need to think about what these rewards can earn you and make use of this for happiness. It is also vital that health does not take a backseat to work. You have a thirst for knowledge and those of you who are learning or studying will flourish. Love is very much in the air and may be quite a forceful presence that encourages you to balance life.

This week is a great period for you financially. Try to invest and save some as well as spend some. Keep this mindset going forward and money will not be an issue. If you’ve felt unromantic lately, that is set to change. Your romance instincts are very keen, and you want a partner to share life with. Yes, Aquarius may be a fixed and stubborn sign, but love has a way of softening you. You are drawn to places of great beauty for their therapeutic effect. Mountains and water may be especially enchanting. At work, you may struggle to concentrate. Perhaps you will be dreaming of love. Try to meditate twice daily. You develop strengthened relationships with young siblings and a sense of playfulness comes into your romantic life.

You are learning that what you want must be more than a dream or fantasy. It must become real. You’ve heard of the story of Pinocchio right, and how he was transformed from wood into a real boy? This is how you must come to think of your dreams, as things that must be brought into reality so that you can enjoy them in a tangible sense. You may need to stave off a sense of laziness that can cling to you. Because you are so happy in your thoughts, the boundary between fantasy and reality can be blurred. In love, you may feel distracted, but this is part of spending too much time in your mind and less in the now. Meditation may help you ground yourself. You maintain good health and love feels harmonious again.

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