Your Weekly Horoscope – 25 June to 1 July 2018

Mon, Jun 25, 2018
Team Astroyogi
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Mon, Jun 25, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope – 25 June to 1 July 2018

Your weekly horoscope (25th June to 1st July, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

Aries, you are already an energetic sign. As the first sign of the zodiac, you have a ‘me-first’ attitude which tends to come over well as it is authentic and unaffected. With the sun in Gemini, you become a powerhouse and clever as a cat. You are highly active and sociable, and your diary is crammed with commitments. You are also spontaneous and will jump at the chance to try something new. You will be more suggestible this week and therefore may find yourself in fun new experiences and situations. With Mercury now in Cancer, home is harmonious, a true retreat from the woes of the world. Your own health flourishes. Enjoy the fun and comradery that this week promises. You may still desire a change of scene in life, whether temporary or permanent.

All areas of life are thriving at the moment including romance, work, finances and health. You have a keen interest in love that propels you forward and fills you with the joys of spring. You are open and receptive to others, and warm and affectionate as you are, people are drawn to you. With Mercury moving into Cancer, you may quarrel with family. Cancer rules the domestic sphere and ruled by the moon, it can have a moody, tempestuous energy. Think of Cancer like waves; sometimes they ebb, sometimes they flow and sometimes they crash. Try to think twice before you indulge in silly arguments. Take yourself to a peaceful place and recalibrate. You find yourself professionally satisfied at work and overall this week continues to be wonderful.

The sun remains in Gemini producing glittering opportunities for you this week. If you work in politics, accounts or finance, or have ambitions to work in these fields, you will be rewarded immensely. This placement is good your family. It keeps you supporting one another and communicating well. You feel positive and have a zest for life that is truly infectious. This is perhaps one of the best things about you Gemini, you radiate positivity, and this can make others feel better. With Mercury in Cancer, you profit from artistic endeavours, encouraging you to be creative and lean in to your artistic side. With Venus in Cancer, your financial life continues to thrive. Just make sure that you save as much as you can so that it can benefit you in future.

Sometimes in life we need to regroup. In a world that encourages us to constantly be positive, it can be draining to keep up this façade if deep down we feel anxious, depressed or insecure. We have to accept that some days or weeks, we will just feel down and that if we do the work on ourselves (behind the scenes), we can create a solid foundation to fall back on when life gets too much. How can you do this? Consider meditation, yoga, affirmations, journaling, a solid support structure and time for yourself. Cancer always wants to care for others, but you also need to take care of yourself. This is the most important thing. Once you’ve taken care of this (and continue to take care of this), you can work on your goals, ambitions and dreams. Just never forget to also do the work required to keep you well.

You continue to work hard play hard this week and success comes to you thick and fast. If you are ambitious, you know how to keep your nose to the grindstone and get things done. You are also supported by those senior to you. People who inspire and motivate you have your back. They can tell that you should be part of their ranks. As Mercury moves into Cancer, financial loss is indicated, and you may have low self-confidence. You may feel sad over the departure of someone you adore. Remember, goodbyes are a part of life and not all goodbyes are forever. You are drawn to overseas travel which appeals greatly to your adventurous spirit. Making space for what you love keeps you happy and motivated.

Single? If so, you may find a new love this week. You will be open-minded to the shape and form that this new love may take. With Mercury moving into Cancer you experience financial gain which you can use for your future. You are also in excellent health. This is a great period for you professionally and new opportunities are flooding towards you. Romance may need spicing up though. You enjoy spending time with your elders, largely because they can teach you much about the world. You have an inbuilt respect for tradition and convention and you always have time to listen to what they have to say, although there is something of the maverick in your spirit which may push you to take a different path.

This week, you face no major obstacles both on the personal and professional front. Many favourable moments are coming your way and improvements are likely on the relationship front. You make no mistakes when it comes to taking important decisions. Your enthusiasm and excitement keeps you in great spirits. Romantically, this will be a comparatively good week for you. You will do well by keeping your eyes open for opportunities that come your way. Your optimism will help you get things done and your laid-back nature will not act as a roadblock this week.

You aren’t feeling as self-confident as you usually do, and this may feel disconcerting, especially if there is much that you wish to do. How can you re-build your self-confidence? Be gentle and easy with yourself. Write a list of your better qualities (you are loyal, perceptive and devoted), eat well, sleep, stay hydrated and follow your passions. If you listen to your instincts rather than to internal chatter, you will reconnect with your purpose. There is a desire to stay at home, partly because you feel tense and overwhelmed but also because home is the place to be. You feel blissful with your partner in your little nest. Marriage may even be on the cards. Think it through. Why not?

This week, there are a lot of balls in the air. You might be juggling work schedules with marriage plans and studying with a thriving personal life. It’s all about balance. Yes, you have a lot going on, but you also have the energy to keep going. You thrive on this kind of schedule. Mercury moves into Cancer this week and you will receive some unexpected money, which always goes down well. You are interested in being social and keeping busy. There is a lot that you want to see and do, so why shouldn’t you? Your energy stores are soaring, and you feel in tune with the pace of life. Your instincts tell you to enjoy life, so this week your focus should be on that. You’ll manage to keep all the plates spinning.

This week, as Mercury moves into Cancer, marriage may be on the cards. If you have been with your life partner for some time, this may feel like the natural next step to take and you will have fun strategizing and planning for your big day. This is also a lucky time for you, and it’s the kind of luck that builds with time. Imagine a snow ball, rolling down hill and eventually building into an avalanche. This is a good analogy for your luck works right now. With Venus in Cancer, all looks good on the home front. Being a leader is becoming important for you and it’s a role that you were born to play. Your financial condition is perfect as you are prudent with money. This is one of your better qualities.

At the moment, you are under the spotlight. Fame and recognition are guaranteed. You may also receive new job offers and, if single, new romantic partners. This is a great placement for students, as you are keen to learn and receptive to information. With Mercury in Cancer, you will grow and evolve as a working professional. Whatever direction you want to take, you will excel on this path. You have a fixed nature and your consistency and tenacity serve you well as you are able to stick with what others may give up on. This is an excellent period for writers, as it promotes creativity, ingenuity, innovation and focus. You may produce some powerful work which may even earn you money. All air signs are natural writers and artists, so do tap into your potential.

As Mercury moves into Cancer, you may feel a degree of tension and anxiety. If you are a parent, this will materialise as worry for your children. Work may also be a trigger, as things get busy and competitive. Romance is not at the forefront of your mind right now, but you should still spend quality time with your partner. There is a mystical, magical element to your nature that comes alive through romance and courtship. It would be a shame not to align with this energy. Hopefully, you are building upon a brilliant idea that may lead to business and financial gain and glory. Remember, be consistent, be tenacious and apply yourself. All things have to begin in the imagination before they come to life. You are one of the zodiacs great dreamers, and so you can create and generate some truly wonderful things.

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