Your Weekly Horoscope – 2 July to 8 July 2018

Mon, Jul 02, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jul 02, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope – 2 July to 8 July 2018

Your weekly horoscope (2nd to 8th July, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

With the sun in Gemini, you enjoy beautiful relationships with those younger than you whether you teach or parent them. You learn a lot by seeing through the eyes of the younger generation and they learn much through you too, so the relationships are mutually beneficial. You feel social, calm and relaxed; life truly is for living and enjoying and very little can get you down. With Mercury in Cancer, home is a place of harmony. Venus in Cancer suggests restlessness, you want to make a change of some kind and you have the courage to initiate it. If preparing to welcome a child into the world, all will go well. With Mars in Capricorn, make sure that you prioritise your spiritual life as well as your physical body and emotional and mental wellbeing.

Nothing is better than a content bull. All your power and energy charges whilst you sit back and smell the roses. With the sun in Gemini, you hone your ability to communicate, coming across gentler, softer and more diplomatically. This helps you to be understood and people listen to you and value your perspective, which is usually grounded, informed and practical. You do want to avoid entering into unnecessary quarrels – there is still a part of you that can be roused to argue if pushed! Think of the saying, ‘like a bull in a China shop!’ You may start a renovation project at home, which will occupy your mind. Life looks rosy and you will enjoy spending time with those you love. There are no clouds on the horizon.

This is a great week for you professionally. Your brain is brilliant and Gemini’s across all sectors and spheres flourish, particularly those who work in politics, the stock market, accounts and finances. You have a positive, sunny and ultimately lovely disposition. This charm draws people to you, and although you must be careful that people do not take advantage, you can also take advantage of their interest yourself! This is a profitable period for those of you who are artistic or creatively inclined. This week you are sociable, busy and active, much like a boo jumping from flower to flower. You must be conscious of wasting your energy rather than focusing it. It is more useful if you channel it in some way. A new love may emerge…how exciting for you! 

Cancer, you are undoubtedly tough but also very sensitive and soft inside. Think of the crab, delicate meat, hidden in a tough shell. Learning to appreciate and value your sensitivity is vital for you. Our greatest strengths often come from our perceived weaknesses. You are drawn to things that are beautiful and comfortable – some part of you is itching to be soothed and you want to focus on the good in life. This is a positive mentality to have. This is also a great time for you financially, and you manage to save a fair amount. At work, you maintain a rhythm and there is sizzle to your personal life which is tantalising. Emotional, caring, generous, you are best when you pour your nourishing energy outward, where it can help the world, rather than protectively turning it inward, where you can become defensive.

Leo, you have a big heart and make big demands of other people. You need a show of loyalty and love in order to share your gregarious spirit. If fame is going to happen, it will be this week, when all that you touch turns to gold. Despite this, you may not feel very confident so finding ways to boost yourself is important. Managing your expectations and taking action where you can is important to you. If you can meditate, do. This will regulate your emotions and mood., helping to prepare you for challenges you may face in the workplace. You may feel that there is not enough love to go around, so remember that you are responsible for generating self-love. Love is a doing word and therefore you can create it through action. It is not something you must passively wait to receive. Take care of your throat and skin.

Your career experiences a boost, which is just what you needed. You are not a plodder, you are always looking to improve and be productive and this can make you somewhat of a perfectionist. Love is harmonious and if you’ve been single for a while, you may start to experience what it feels like to fall in love again. This lightens your mood and helps you to embrace the sunnier side of life. You are hungering for new educational opportunities as you want to develop and expand your brain. Keeping your brain in use is important as it keeps you focused and growing. You also enjoy spending time with your elders as they help give you a sense of perspective as well as guidance. Learn to trust yourself, your wants, needs and desires, and you can’t go wrong. Have a little faith in yourself.

Libra, this week you are lucky, and this should encourage you to go after what you want. A spiritual life is important to you as it helps to harness your very special energy so make sure you carve a spiritual space for yourself. A combination of luck and hard work keep you successful at work, where you make waves (of the good kind) with management. It’s hard not to notice you. You really do shine and if you are ambitious, you may well climb the ladder or be invited to work on projects or apply for roles that give you room to grow. Romance lingers around you, as it always does for Libra natives, and you charm the socks off of whoever you wish to enchant. Your ideal partner is someone polished, refined and cultured who appreciates the arts as much as you do. If you are going to spend money on anything, make it your health and well-being.

You are naturally courageous, tenacious and bold, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your wobbles, as we all do. Being a water sign, you tend to retreat and then explode when pushed to an extreme. Finding an outlet for your energy such as exercise will do much to help you manage this. Your energy should be able to express itself like rain; the occasional shower will lead to clear skies. In love, there is a blissful sense of closeness with your partner. You may even receive a marriage proposal. At work, you bring an excited disposition and are eager to get things done. People appreciate your work ethic and desire to help your colleagues. Something new and good is on the horizon. You just need to embrace it! Remember, Scorpio energy is strong, transformational and powerful.

Marriage might not seem like the natural home of the Sagittarius native. You are after all a total freedom lover and yet the stars indicate that marriage might be on your mind, especially if you find a partner who enjoys the lighter side of life, who has a sense of humour, fun and a need for adventure. If you can explore the world with the one you love, you’ll be immensely happy and will grow. Your social life is more active than usual. You need to be out and about, exchanging ideas with people and learning about yourself through them. Others are a mirror that show you both who you are and who you want to be. This is a period of prosperity so embrace all that comes your way – these are the good times. Life is being kind to you and you love it back as a result.

It is natural for you to win, to be victorious, to lead. This isn’t because things just fall into your lap but because you work hard and do all that you can. You are ambitious and have a clear picture of your goals in your mind. This gives you something to work towards and rather than rushing there, you take your time and adopt the slow and steady wins the race approach. You have the patience to understand that things take time and you are happy to enjoy the journey. Other people may envy you and this may make you feel guilty or uncomfortable on some level, but don’t be deterred. Envy is a sign that you are doing things right! Be cautious of not working so hard that you need to offload via bad habits. Stay away from destructive pastimes like drinking. Focus on productivity and self-improvement.

Your fixed nature gives you the drive necessary to see things through. Although this can lead to you getting stuck in a rut when you really should move on, it also ensures that you understand when something is worthwhile, even when others don’t. You have the gift of foresight and get a sense when something is new, important or innovative. You can see potential where others cannot. This skill is useful when it comes to directing the path of your own life. This is a great week for writers. You have a spark that births beautiful work and may even lead to fame and wealth if your idea captures public interest. Avoid conflict as this will damage your beautiful energy. Surround yourself with what is beautiful and good. Be cautious in love, ensure that you have your boundaries firmly in place.

Things are beginning to happen in your life and you can see things materialising around you. It feels good to see dreams become tangible, to know that what you dream can exist in reality if you push it through. You may have a slight dip in confidence this week so be gentle with yourself. There is no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself or to be impatient or irritable with the progress you are making. Meditation and yoga can help you connect with yourself on a deep level. At work, things get competitive so keep your head down and keep doing your own thing. You don’t need to compete with anyone but yourself. All you need to do is be better than you were yesterday. Love feels stable and harmonious – you enjoy being with your loved one.

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