Your Weekly Horoscope – 13 to 19 August 2018

Mon, Aug 13, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 13, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Weekly Horoscope – 13 to 19 August 2018

Your weekly horoscope (13th to 19th August, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

As the sun moves into Leo, your own energy expands, and your self-confidence is high. You enjoy strong health and radiate with the energy of the sun. This is a wonderful position for leaders, managers or those in a position of authority. You comfortably lead others. You also enjoy powerful willpower. You can stick to a course of action. You enjoy good health, wealth and a great love life. Home remains harmonious, pleasant, enjoyable and beautiful. It’s a great place to return to. Children continue to bring you positive tidings. Try to avoid unnecessary anxiety. Life is to be enjoyed.

With the sun in Leo, you enjoy a fortuitous period. You may move to a big home or a new area. You will be the talk of the town and others will be drawn to your good qualities. This placement can generate a degree of fame or infamy. Mercury in Cancer can keep you quarrelsome and although patient, once something sets you off, danger can lurk. Be cautious of the decisions you make. Ensure that you aren’t making them for the wrong reasons. Venus in Virgo keeps you engaged in some practical task, usually one at home as this is where Taurus is happiest. Good news awaits you with Mars in Capricorn. Be sure to embrace it in its entirety.

As the sun moves into Leo, you come to life. Fire and air sync well together and create adventure, fun and sparks wherever they go. You will have an active social life and be supportive of those younger than you. You can eternally relate to children and childhood as you never truly grow up yourself. You are very much a Peter Pan figure. Keep plugging into your artistic and creative notions as you can make real money in doing this. Creativity is your strong point. You want to socialise and be active and you may hang around with a new crowd. You are also drawn to creating a beautiful home, primarily to serve as a springboard that you use to bounce off into new quadrants of the world.

The sun moves into Leo which enhances your ability to communicate well with those around you. You also may make a monetary profit. If there are issues relating to family or work, you should broach them at this time as they will be received well. You can open up avenues of conversation that have previously been closed due to passiveness. At work, you may feel unrecognised and underappreciated which is deeply frustrating for you. Make your needs known. This is a financially strong time for you, and you’ll bond with family and friends. Mars in Capricorn helps you guard and guide young siblings.

Your confidence level is through the roof, as the sun has moved into your own sign of Leo. This guarantees a certain level of fame or recognition and is a wonderful position for leaders, managers and authority figures. Problems in your romantic life are effortlessly resolved and you feel focused and tenacious in your professional life. You may miss someone who feels just out of reach as you want to share your generous and full heart with them. You may still be experiencing a lack of love, or a feeling that there is a lack of love, but you are more mindful of how to resolve this on your own, especially with your newfound confidence.

With the sun in Leo, you may lack some self-confidence. This is a slight change from the week before where you felt in high spirits and as if nothing could knock you down. These fluctuations in confidence are only natural, they are part of being human. Taking care of your physical, emotional and mental health will keep you on an even keel. Mercury in Cancer brings financial gain into your life and guarantees excellent health. This is also a good period for you professionally, as it brings with it new opportunities. Mars in Capricorn can keep your mind drifting towards dark matters. There is a cathartic way to approach this and a more destructive way, keep it cathartic.

As the sun moves into Leo, you enjoy a favourable period. It will be easier for you to complete challenges from previous months. Your life love is enthused, and you may travel with your partner. There is a desire to have an expansive, perhaps transformational, adventure and you wish to share it with someone. Romance is so important to you, you are perhaps more romantic than anything else, and you long to share your life with a partner. If single, you will welcome someone new into your life. Be cautious in terms of your spending. Be mindful not to fritter money away when it can serve a stronger purpose.

The sun moves into Leo which brings good tidings to your professional life. You may receive a promotion or salary increment. You are also full of natural, unaffected confidence that inspires others and draws them closely to you. You may find that others follow you unquestioningly. There continue to be obstacles at work and you may be distracted, and somewhat unromantic. Your fixed nature means that you may compartmentalise your personal and private life’s which is not always a good thing. With Venus in Virgo, you do well at work and may inherit a position of leadership. Your enthusiasm doesn’t dampen. New money trickles towards you as rain drops flow towards rivers. If a student, ensure that you dedicate time to revising.

As the sun moves into Leo, you may gain money from an inheritance. Luck hovers over all that you do. There may be celebrations underway at home that you can’t wait to participate in. If indecisive about something, you should seek the advice of an expert. With Mercury in Cancer, unexpected sources of money funnel their way towards you and you develop a keen interest in developing yourself further. Venus in Virgo indicates good fortune. This is a good period for all that you do. With Mars in Capricorn, you benefit from Capricorn’s slightly authoritative tone. You don’t bow to pressures of any kind, but you do need to spend time with your partner.

As the sun moves into Leo, you need to exercise caution when it comes to health. Capricorn is a sign that knows how to show self-restraint, but you have your moments where you may reward yourself with excess. Perhaps too much alcohol, cigars, shopping and spending, gambling or other indulgences. Because your tastes are exalted, you may spend far too much when you do decide to dip into your rewards. People may be envious of you. This is common as you are a sign who accomplishes much. People want to have what you have, but without the work. With Mars in Capricorn, it is of paramount importance that you avoid bad influences.

With the sun now in Leo, a new phase emerges in which the career of your life partner is enhanced. There is joy in your family home and you love being a homebody. You feel truly secure. You may be caught up in an auspicious event, such as a wedding or graduation. At work, you are focused, precise and reliable. At work, you do well, excelling and exceeding in all that you do. This continues to be a strong placement for those of you who write. Take care of your health, especially digestive issues of the stomach. In love, be you but be guarded until you can be sure a new partner is deserving of your trust.

The sun has moved into Leo and you should take care of your health, particularly the liver, teeth and ears. Be weary of those in your circle who may not be trustworthy. You absorb so much information and energy from your surroundings that it can be hard for you to disconnect. Try to learn to trust your intuition and to not let it be drowned out by fuzzier, nicer feelings, which may feel pleasant, but which may misdirect you. Cultivating a sense of harmony is pleasant, but you also need to push out of your comfort zone. Be gentle with yourself this week, show yourself love, tolerance and compassion.

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