Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2019

Tue, Jan 01, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jan 01, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2019

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for January 2019. For personalized horoscope analysis and future insights consult our experts online.


January is perceived as a month of new beginnings. Often by January, we want to do something we’ve not done before or stop doing something that has hindered us in the past. As the first sign of the zodiac, you are more willing than most to jump headfirst into making some changes. Chances are that some of these changes will materialise in your professional life. You are driven towards growth, and whether you wish to complete a challenge or change careers, this may be the year that you get things into gear. Relationships are also on your mind. You may give your all in a long-standing relationship or solidify what you are looking you. You are lucky and as such people and experiences gravitate towards you. You only need to choose what serves you. You will also be fortunate enough to enjoy resilient health. You are supported by the people around you, who wish to see you succeed. Your almost childlike fire and enthusiasm warm even the coldest of hearts. Your passion has a way of turbocharging love relationships. If in a committed relationship, you may find yourself naturally moving towards marriage. You are a fun partner to commit to as your boundless and unwavering sense of joy rarely falters. If you feel restless, think of ways to channel your energy. Fire signs need physical outlets for their mental and emotional energy.


Taurus, you are forever appreciative for what you have, and you start this year with gratitude and appreciation. You reflect on the little things that have brought you peace and joy and may not even be thinking forward to what is on the horizon. That said, if you do have goals or plans, it’s a good time to consider how you may begin to make them come to life in a tangible, earthy sense this year. You are bound to feel happy, and good ideas will flow forward freely. You have experienced a permanent shift in attitude – you understand that you and you alone are responsible for your happiness. This puts you in a powerful position as the New Year starts. Your confidence may falter slightly but you have earthy resilience to fall back on. You may also find that unexpected financial gain comes your way ensuring prosperity. Your personal life feels prosperous, comforting and enjoyable. You strike the balance between being a homebody and being sociable and active. Love has an exciting, passionate and sensual quality that keeps you engaged. Make sure that you prioritise your health, avoid excess and if you do feel unwell, seek assistance. Do not be stubborn! Ultimately, this month is one of success, joy and support.


Gemini’s perception of the future tends to oscillate between excitement and blind panic. Try to see this month as an opportunity for growth and novelty. This may alter your perspective. Finding positive outlets for your emotional and mental tension is absolutely essential. If you have such practices in place, be consistent in applying them. If you have no such foundation, consider meditation, yoga, writing or exercise. Make it part of every day. Will-power and self-esteem should be your quest for this month. You are so much more charming, articulate, intelligent and magnetic than you give yourself credit for. Your confidence will build over the course of this month. It is essential to avoid conflicts in relationships – you may feel fiery and fancy a fight. Instead use your communication skills to be tactful and diplomatic. Be assertive, not argumentative. In terms of your own health, if you can quell your nerves and not fritter your energy, you will be in a good place. Healthy, nutritious food, rest and calming practices for the mind are essential in your case. Love relationships endure and are enjoyable. You find being with your partner fun and adventurous. They may make you feel like the best of yourself. At work, the story may be different, and you may feel restless and bored. If you need to inject some life in this area, do it. Perhaps a different career is on the cards?


For Cancer natives, January is a time to take stock of what’s working and what’s not. You need a big emotional reason to break up with bad habits as you tend to hold on tight, much like a crab’s claws! In some areas, this is great! You’ll be the last person standing when all others have given up. In other parts of life, it’s not so useful and learning to tell the difference is an important skill. In relationships, you may need to rekindle some of the earlier magic. As a sensual, nurturing sign, sharing these sides of yourself will work wonders. You enjoy good health and a strong financial situation, so much so that others may feel envious of your success. You do not need to be diverted by their opinions or actions. Continue to focus on your own path. You will be drawn towards spiritual matters, finding it healing in some way. Remember daily practice is the best way to feel good and utilise the impact of spirituality in your own life. This is a great period for single natives who may meet a beautiful new love. This is also a wonderful time for educational pursuits if you wish to expand your mind. Avoid excessive food consumption. Cancer, like Taurus, is prone to weight gain. There may be some failures in your personal life. You may take these setbacks negatively, but there is a positive to be seen if only you can shift your perspective. Your tenacity will ensure that you don’t give up.


Leo, you look positively towards the New Year as an opportunity to carry on being King or Queen of the jungle. You relish a celebration and always have a resolution or two in mind. You begin the year with a smooth seamless personal life, enjoying the company of those closest to you. You also seek growth in your career. This is typical for Leo’s who like to be King or Queen of their particular castle, rather than seeking power for the sake of it. You’ll have a talent or area of expertise where you wish to be recognised. Mentally and emotionally, you are in a strong, stable position. Some plans may not run as expected, but this gives you a chance to look into other options. It’s good to have a plan, but it’s also important to understand that there are other options available to you. This is a wonderful month for artistic Leo’s whether you paint, sing, write or dance. You will create some truly beautiful work. A busy schedule may take time away from romance or recreation – try to find a balance and check in with loved ones. There are new opportunities in romance and at work that you should explore. There may be some underlying fear within you – you may feel anxious about the future. Settle yourself in the now. All will unravel as it should.


Success for Mercury-ruled Virgo natives is all about communication, but the nuances of communication go beyond the verbal. Body language is also a true asset, understanding how to read others and allowing them to read you too. This month, you should think about how you communicate and utilise this to the fullest. It is easy for you to draw the right kind of attention via your own personal and understated form of magnetism. If in a long-term relationship, the repercussions of this charm may be marriage! You will smile as you enjoy a happy spirit and good health. With these two things, you can’t get much richer. You will be supported and advised by your elders and your natural respect and affinity for them will enrich you both. You may struggle to concentrate, especially on boring work tasks. Take a short time out to meditate or re-focus your mind. Even if your enthusiasm dwindles, you will be lucky this month. There may be a desire to pursue education or a hobby that taps into your mental agility. Developing your mind is always at the forefront for you. If problems emerge in your personal life, fall back on your communication skills. You have a real way of connecting with people, if you can overcome your natural reticence and shyness.


Libra, a New Year for you is always about reconnecting with people. You want to share absolutely everything with those you love. Starting this year by spending time with friends and family will set you off on the right note. Your career is also looking good. You are naturally charming, affable and likable and your colleagues like having you around. You are the one sent out when connections need to be forged. You may have something troubling you, perhaps a personal relationship or a professional task. Face whatever it is head on in order to dismantle its power over you. Indecision is something you’ll always have to deal with, but you can practice being more decisive in smaller ways. A throat problem may indicate trouble with this chakra. Are you speaking your truth, or are you swallowing honesty in order to appease others? Make sure that you speak up and honour your opinions. This month socializing will energise you and keep you positive and happy. Do not underestimate how important being social is to the Libra soul. Any troubles that may bubble up this month will be overcome with ease. Ultimately, there is a sense of harmony that keeps a smile on your face.


Scorpio natives are always looking for an opportunity to transform and a New Year is the perfect opportunity to do so. The question is, how would you like to transform? You’ll begin this month feeling highly sociable and wanting to be around others. This marks a change from your frequent desire for solitude and the peace that this affords you. Try to strike a balance between all areas of your life, career, relationships, hobbies and so on. You will be happier in this way if you can create in-roads between the compartmentalised areas of your life. This is a great period for you financially and you’ll enjoy the wealth you accrue. January isn’t just about leaving old patterns behind – do bring the healthy and the positive forward with you. Be lenient in your celebrations and prioritise your health above all else. If your voice is your livelihood, you’ll enjoy rewards. You will be especially hard-working this month and will be benefitted handsomely as a reward. You can dig your heels in deeper than most when it counts. Your brain will brim with innovative ideas, some of which may prove to be good sources of income. If an actor or involved in the media, success is ensured. There may be a thread of indecision running through you, uncharacteristic yes, but not impossible. Your intuition should kick in – you’ll then know what to do.


For Sagittarius, a New Year marks the start of a grand adventure, and this is truly how you see your life, as a series of adventures. What new adventures will this month bring? Well, this is an awesome period for you, especially financially. You make wise decisions regarding money, decisions that don’t simply benefit you, but also your family. You feel positive and life is harmonious. Travel is an option, as Sagittarians are always ready to travel at a moments notice. Your attitude impresses others and draws romance to you. Your attitude in love is playful and blunt. Be honest about what you want. You demonstrate kindness, charity and leadership, and these qualities may cause you to become a pillar in your community. You are a true upstanding citizen and others may turn to you for advice and guidance. Beneath your buoyant, bubbly spirit is a wise soul who sees life for what it is. You understand that life should never be taken too seriously, and you practice what you preach. Avoid all of the big indulgences or practice them moderately. Prone to excess, this is a trait worth kicking in the New Year. A lack of concentration may trouble you. Your mind may not know where to focus. Meditation, a quiet space and some reflective time will be very helpful to get you back into adventure mode! 


Capricorn, you may be looking at the growth you’ve accrued since the previous year. Did you sow seeds last year? If so, what has flourished? What harvest has emerged before you? What new seeds would you like to sow in the coming year? You know as well as we do that you have a great number of ideas. You bring desire and enthusiasm to any new exploits. This is a great period for romance, if you will slow down for long enough to acknowledge and indulge affection. You will power may not be at its height, so you may need to get back in touch with this side of yourself. After all, it is one of your greatest assets. You need to have faith rather than give in to worry. Capricorn can be a pessimistic sign (an extreme drawback of your stone-cold realism) and you need to guard against your urge to see the worst in people and situations. At work you can’t help but be a success. Everything you touch will grow and succeed. You pretty much have your pick of projects and careers – everyone wants a Capricorn on their side. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. There may be opportunities for travel and your financial situation continues to flourish affording you a few indulgences.


At the start of a New Year, there can be an urge to do something different or new. Sometimes it’s important to pause. We don’t automatically need to make changes just for changes sake. Sometimes, it’s best to let life unfold a little, to sit back and feel out what your intuition is guiding you towards. Such a process cannot be rushed, nor should it be. As the month marches on, your confidence will increase, and you’ll feel more settled in terms of future decisions that you wish to take. People respond well to you this month for there is a settled calm in Aquarius natives that promises no judgement. You may become a leader or pillar within your local community, should this be something you wish to pursue. Now and again you may feel lazy and need to remind yourself what matters and why. Small consistent steps are better than crazy grand gestures. The Aquarius mind is wired for brilliance, but also eccentricity. If you find yourself veering into negative territory, remember that you are the master of your own mind. Like a captain steers a ship, you can command it. Once you learn to do so, you will be unstoppable. This is a good time to consider something new that you’d like to do, even if you don’t yet act on it. You can ‘feel things’ out. Indeed, this is a fun time of experimentation for you! Be consistent with yoga, meditation and self-care – this will keep the storm clouds of negative thinking far away from your awesome mind.


Pisces, you don’t tend to have any grand expectations for the future. You flow with life. Sometimes it can be useful to direct the flow, or switch streams, especially if you are about to be pushed into a stagnant pond! Only you can know whether you are in the right ‘flow’ or not, but remember, change is always possible. Your mutable nature has this written into your very DNA. This month is an excellent one for you. Your career will grow, and success will follow. You may even profit from an inheritance. If you have goals that you wish to achieve, planning will be the key. Not everything can just fall onto your lap, so take some time to reflect on this. New opportunities emerge, and your confidence is high enough that you will just go for it. Don’t be afraid to seek advice in areas of uncertainty, especially prior to making life-altering decisions. If education is an avenue you wish to explore right now, you will be successful as you have an open mind. In life, things must be balanced so make sure that you are not putting all of your energy into one particular area. Mutable energy is designed to be put across many areas, this is how you feel happiest.

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