Your Health in 2018

Wed, Jan 10, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jan 10, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Health in 2018

The importance of good health cannot be undermined. Health effects everything in a person’s life - growth, performance at work, happiness, ability to adapt to varying circumstances, relationship with friends and family etc.

Your stars have a lot of influence on your health and your horoscope can throw light on the areas of your body that need some extra attention to keep them running in perfect condition.

So, its good to know the planetary position and transits for the year, as you can be aware of the precautions you need to take, to keep your health in topnotch condition.

The planet, Jupiter, is the ruler of various parts of the body like liver, throat, circulatory system and its malefic effect results in diseases like anaemia, cough, cold, liver complaints. In 2018, Jupiter transits from Libra to Scorpio, at 20.39, on Thursday, October 11.

The planet, Saturn, is responsible for any kind of prolonged diseases. It is positioned in Sagittarius and shows no transits in 2018. The Shadowy planet, Rahu, is phlegmatic in nature and results in malignant growth in the body. It is positioned in Cancer and shows no transit in 2018. Let's see how the positioning of these planets effects the health of the various Zodiac signs-


Learn to divide your time well this year, between maintaining good health and work pressure. The year could start with minor health problems. So, taking care right from the start would be a blessing. The first quarter may end with stomach related issues, while the end of the second quarter may see you struggling with your mother’s health problems. All seems well in the third quarter, but don't get too lax as the year may come to an end with some new complication.


With so many responsibilities coming your way in the New year, remember not to overlook your health. You could face stomach problems and may even have to undergo a minor surgical operation in the first quarter. The second quarter will bless you with new found energy and visible improvement in your health will start by the beginning of the third quarter. But the new enthusiasm and energy to work could again create some minor health issue by the last quarter.


A hectic year, work wise; could trigger the stress levels upward. Be careful of getting any infections of the blood. You may be laid up with some surgery in the second quarter. Love and support from your near ones will pull you through easily in the third quarter, at the end of which you will be back on your feet and raring to go. Keep a check on your thoughts and you will be better able to handle some stomach related issues that could crop up this time. The year would end well health wise as you receive lots of motherly love.


Take advantage of good health in the opening months of the year and go for that well-deserved vacation. Try and not stress yourself in the second quarter; by staying above the negativity surrounding you. Remember, any distraction could lead to an accident.Try and not withdraw into that shell of yours every time you feel cornered. Health will be good in the third quarter but you may allow some health problem to block your mental faculties again as the year draws to a close.


The year starts on a challenging note, but nothing that you can’t handle. Go for that trip by the end of the first quarter, so that you can de-stress and give a chance to your body to recover. The beginning of the second quarter would see you back in business, raring to go. You may yet again slow down a little by the end of this quarter but the third quarter will see you handle anything life throws your way. Love will instil confidence in you. Some minor ailments may trouble you in the last quarter.


2018 comes as a blessing from the health point of view for you. The first quarter will see you at the peak of your energy but may drain you a little by the time it ends, if you get into an altercation with a motherly figure in the family. This person’s ill health could add to your concern by the time the second quarterly begins. The children’s bad health too could take your stress to another level. In the third quarter, your mental stress will begin to ease but don’t take things for granted because another minor health spell could be right around the corner. By the year-end, health will be fine provided you avoid confrontation with loved ones.


Avoid taking too much mental stress as the year starts as this could manifest into some physical ailment. Pay attention to your eyes. By the end of the first quarter, you could feel a little confused, which could manifest in some ways affecting your health. The second quarter may leave you worried about your mother’s health and frustrate you as you may be too busy to tend to her. The third quarter will see you in a good mindset as you have your loved one’s support. You will be able to overcome your bad health as the year ends.


Be careful of your temper and your speech in the first quarter. Showing presence of mind while travelling could avert an accident at this time. Go easy on the spirits, if you are fond of drinking. Be calm as you witness a motherly figure’s declining health in the second quarter. Take support from your loved ones and you will get the strength to face the challenges. You will be blessed with good health in the third quarter and if you stay focused in the last quarter, this could yet be the best part of the year.


Don’t ignore your health in the first quarter just because you are busy in your other projects. Being careless can result in you enduring an accident. The second quarter will keep you embroiled in legal matters and travels, draining your energy.  You will get relief from tensions in the third quarter, as pressing issues will get resolved and you bask in the love and support of your family. The year will close with you not only successfully weathering life’s storms but also being a pillar of support to a motherly figure.


Hold onto that energy you use for accomplishing your tasks to fulfil that goal. Your body needs to rest for some time to keep health in top gear. Lack of sleep can affect concentration. You may suffer from frequent headaches in the first quarter. Frustration at work may trigger other health-related issues in the second quarter. As your personal life blossoms in the third quarter, so will your health. The year ends with new energy as things fall into place.


Keep the mind from over thinking and don’t overreact to what is said by a father figure. The first quarter could take a toll on your physical fitness. You need to be alert in the second quarter as you could be at risk of an accident. The third quarter will see you in great spirits and the last quarter will stabilise your health and you will find peace in doing some social work.


Natives of this sensitive zodiac will be the picture of health as the New year starts if they stop getting emotionally burdened. As work pressure increases in the first quarter, try and not get stressed with the additional responsibilities. Make sure to feed your body a healthy diet and you will escape having to face issues with your kidneys or stomach, later. Don’t let worries feed your mind in the second quarter, or you could end up with some illness. You will get a lucky break in the third quarter. Watch your temper and avoid being impulsive as the year comes to an end.

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