Your Finance in 2018

Wed, Jan 10, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jan 10, 2018
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Finance in 2018

Financial planning is important to determine your short and long-term financial goals and work effectively towards achieving it. Just as other aspects of our life, the stars hold the key to our being financially successful. How good is 2018 going to be in terms of your income, investments, savings etc and how secure will you be financially according to the various zodiac signs?

Planet Jupiter, if well placed in a native’s chart, will bestow wealth on him. In 2018, it transits from Libra to Scorpio on 11 October, Thursday, at 20:39. When Saturn is placed in a beneficial sign and house, the native is blessed with great wealth and fame. Saturn shows no transits in 2018 and is positioned in Sagittarius. When the shadowy planet, Rahu, is present in the House of wealth in a horoscope, it could mean exceptional gains or losses. In 2018, Rahu is in Cancer and shows no transit.

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Lets see how the planetary positioning and transits have an effect on the financial aspect of the various Zodiac signs-


The first quarter will present you with opportunities to strike gold. Your hard work will be appreciated by the end of this quarter and you will witness considerable growth in your career. Be careful about expenses in the second quarter. A little caution taken now will ensure your finances become stable in the third quarter and you can then invest in some property. Some financial loss is indicated in the last quarter, but nothing you can’t handle.


The first quarter will ring in with bountiful blessings in the personal and professional front. Make the most use of this period. The second quarter may put you in a tight spot if you are not careful. A little caution taken during this time could even help you make a few profitable investments. Everything you touch in the third quarter will end up being in your favour. You could combine a holiday with some constructive business thrown in. The year could end with some paternal inheritance coming your way.


Your hard work of last year and how you stood your ground through the lows, will become your strength in the first quarter of 2018. Try and find out in the second quarter, where the delays and detours are taking place. The planets are in your favour as the third quarter begins. Use this time to capitalise on profitable investments. The year will end with you having the ‘Midas touch’.


You have it made this year, as success will follow you everywhere you go in 2018. Make some sound investment in property not later than the first quarter. The second quarter may not be ideal for buying any property. Be careful of falling into financial traps at this time. The third quarter will turn the tide in your favour and you will start profiting again. The year will end with good returns from the investments you made earlier. Get ready to make more profitable investments.


Ignore feeding your stress levels and concentrate on building your finances as 2018 presents you with new avenues for growth and profits. The planets are aligning to help you in your endeavours in the first quarter. Do take the necessary precautions in the second quarter. Any delays in the projects taking off, just means you need to change your direction a bit. The third quarter will infuse new energy into you so that you make sound investments. The last quarter could see an abundance of financial prosperity.


Navigate through the various gateways that open for you this New year, but with caution. The first quarter could close with a few dents in your savings, if you are not careful. A sound investment looks to be on the cards in the second quarter and also an unforeseen expenditure by the end of the quarter. The third quarter has travel and healthcare expenditures to take care of along with closure of many outstanding projects. You could make some profitable investments as the year comes to an end.


You could make use of financial gains in the first quarter, to travel abroad. By the end of the quarter, you need to be more alert to stalled projects that could be a drain on your resources. Shake off your negativity and pull up your socks. It is time to reward your hard work and invest in some property in the second quarter. The third quarter would bring abundance of material comforts. Do watch out for unnecessary expenditures. The year will end with some inheritance and good tidings.


While you may have the good fortune of receiving wealth as the New year starts, you may also suffer considerable losses as the first quarter ends, if you are not careful. Keep your expectations low in the second quarter. The third quarter will present good opportunities to invest your money. Choose wisely. You will have the support of the planets in the last quarter to help you save enough for the rainy days.


2018 will present you with a number of exciting schemes to invest in. Think carefully before you take a decision in the first quarter. If you exercised caution, these ventures will begin to pay off by the second quarter. Make use of this lucky period to sort out your finances. You will be rewarded well in the third quarter and will be able to achieve the dreams you were aiming for. The year will end with you investing in some property or vehicle.


The year starts well for you financially, but as the first quarter comes to a close, you will need to tighten your hold on expenses. The second quarter will be full of ups and downs. While taking financial risk is not advised now, it is ok to buy that vehicle or property you have been eyeing for some time. The third quarter will remove obstacles from projects and it is a good time to top up the savings account. The last quarter may bestow some inheritance on you.


You could benefit from stepping into a new professional venture in the New year. But caution is needed as the first quarter comes to a close. You will need to work hard in the second quarter and may face some losses.Things will work in your favour in the third quarter and you will receive abundant returns in the last quarter. Any new deal will be financially favourable at this time.


You have your finances sorted in 2018. The first quarter will see you reaping in harvest planted in the past. You will indulge in material comforts, which you may not be able to enjoy as the quarter ends. Second quarter may see a few halted projects but the obstacles to success will soon be removed.The third quarter will replenish your savings. Even gambling would pay off.In the last quarter, you may have to incur some expenses, but you will be blessed with a new source of income.

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