Your Career Analysis For 2018

Sun, Dec 31, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Sun, Dec 31, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Your Career Analysis For 2018

To have a solid foundation in life, it is essential to plan a career that has the native’s interest in mind and which ensures a steady growth over a period of time. Once you have chosen a career, it is nice to know what the year ahead has in store for you, so that you can plan accordingly, for furthering the same.

According to Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter has a profound effect on wealth and money. It’s positioning and transit in the various houses of the birth chart, charters the career path of an individual. On October 11(Thursday) in 2018, Jupiter transits from Libra to Scorpio at 20.39. The placement of Saturn too, plays a significant role in the professional life of a person. In 2018, it is positioned in Sagittarius and shows no transits. The shadowy planet, Rahu, can create havoc in a native’s career, when placed in a malefic position. In 2018, it is placed in Cancer and shows no transit. Let’s see what the stars have in store for the career’s of the various Sun signs, in 2018.


You will get a chance to show case your leadership skills this year. The first quarter will give you the much awaited relief of completing various projects with helpful resources. But don't be too relaxed as the second quarter could bring everything to a grinding halt. Don’t let this deter your endeavours. You may get a chance to start your own business. Some stressful moments at this time is expected, but don’t let it hamper your mental peace.

The year will close as lucky as it began, with the completion of outstanding projects. Be cautious of any traps set by your competitors.


You could start the year with a career change so fruitful that you will taste success and recognition with a multitude of financial victories. Don’t allow the success to go to your head as it may invite the wrong company. Be cautious of your opponents at this time. You may even have to face a loss of job in the second quarter, but that may just open the door to better career prospects. The third quarter may stress you, but your work will be appreciated.

Your work through the year will pay off as the year comes to a close and you will be handling greater responsibilities with a better pay structure.


You will get a chance to forecast your talents and skills in the first quarter and you shouldn’t be disappointed if your co-workers can’t keep up with your stamina or enthusiasm to work. Your leadership skills will be recognised in the second quarter and you could be the cause of your team getting rewarded. Don’t let all that fame get to your head or that could result in delays in completion of projects. A pay hike will be in the offing in the third quarter and maybe a promotion for those enterprising moves.

Don’t be upset with conniving people at work in the last quarter. As the year comes to a close, most will be looking at new career opportunities with drastic financial improvements.


The year will begin well with lots of career opportunities presented to you, one of which could finally even lead to building a business of your own. Keep a cool head while superiors apply pressure on you. Stay focused in the second quarter as things will look up for you. By the third quarter, floodgates within your career, will burst open and you will be the recipient of many a reward.

The year will end on a very lucky note. You could be promoted to remarkable heights or may even start your own venture.


2018 has opened its doors for you to choose success while making the correct moves. Avoid falling complacent in the first quarter or you may miss the boat. Control your anger, build up good team support and go on that professional trip that could be your calling. Stay sharp and don’t lose focus on whatever you plan in the second quarter. The planets work in your favour helping you look out for adversaries. The third quarter will present you with opportunities to advance in whatever area you see fit.

The last quarter will present you with a surprise in your professional life. You will either get promoted or may change your field of work, altogether.


You will be blessed with prosperous opportunities right from the start of the New year, which have the potential of transforming your entire life. Just control the tumbling thought processes and how you present yourself professionally. The beginning of the second quarter could see delays in projects but the way you handle it will pave your way to fame.The third quarter will prove how worthy you are to any team. Make use of the good placement of your stars during this period, to clinch any deal.

The last quarter will continue to send luck your way. Your competitors will be taken care of and you will emerge a winner.


2018 seems to be ear-marked for success, whether it is for higher studies or relocating to a new city for better job prospects. If the first quarter of the year seems chaotic to you, remember hard work always pays. Stay committed on your goal and ignore opponents who may try to distract your focus. By the second quarter, your faith and optimism will start paying off. Don’t hesitate to open the door, when opportunity knock on it, in the third quarter of the year.

As the year draws to a close, you will witness improvements in various areas of your life.


You will be getting many chances for elevating your professional career this year. Just make sure you don't make many enemies while climbing the ladder. Your rivals are waiting in the first quarter of the year, for you to make a slip. By the middle of the second quarter, your diligence will begin to pay off. You will have the support of your family and friends. The third quarter of the year, should see you accepting new challenges and projects blossoming. Strike when the iron is hot.

The year will end with your professional dreams coming true. An influential person could help give direction to it.


This is a great year for climbing up the professional ladder provided you make good use of the promising opportunities coming your way. The first quarter may crop up some hindrances, stalling your projects. Don’t let them deter your progress even in the second quarter. By the third quarter, you will see the projects reaching the final stages of completion.

You will see everything fall in place by the final quarter. Be prepared for the thunderous applause you will receive by the year end, for jobs well done! 


2018 will present a mixed bag of opportunities from your career and business front. You will be presented with many choices in the first quarter. Choose the one that is most profitable and be careful who you trust as a partner. Don’t allow emotions to over ride your intellect and skill. Delays may crop up in the second quarter. Don’t get flustered. The stars will align in your favour in the third quarter. You will make up for the lost time.

In the last quarter, you will have new responsibilities. This success could again bring in the backstabbers. But no one can take from you, what you have always worked hard for.


The New year may not be the best for you professionally, but you can use this time to prepare better for the coming year. The work you put in this year will reap good benefits next year. The first quarter may see you trying a new profession; especially students who could be preparing some competitive exam. Things may not seem to be moving even in the second quarter, but don’t let it affect you emotionally. Plan your movement and put it into action. You will see better results in the third quarter.

As the year comes to an end, the efforts that you put in through the year, will be acknowledged; presenting you with better opportunities for the coming year.


The New year promises to give you many opportunities that will lead you up the path of success. The first quarter itself presents you with luck falling your way. Any extra responsibility should not be frowned at. Instead, take it in your stride and keep away from squabbling colleagues.While the second quarter may start with a little stress, it will end with lady luck shining on you. Use this time to make the most of professional opportunities coming your way. You will enjoy success in the third quarter.

With the increase in income, as the year draws to a close, make sure the success does not go to your head. Don’t let go of the opportunity to travel, that comes related to business.

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