Weekly Horoscope For 6th - 12th November 2017 by astroYogi

Mon, Nov 06, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Nov 06, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Weekly Horoscope For 6th - 12th November 2017 by astroYogi

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.

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Your love life is rocked by intense levels of excitement and you may find that this has drawn someone new and interesting into your life. This surge of feistiness that you are experiencing propels your career and romantic life to new heights. Mercury remains in Libra until the 7th so you are advised to continue to watch your words for the time being. On the 8th, Mercury moves into soulful Scorpio which creates a powerhouse environment in which you may become famous or known in some capacity. Your will-power and enthusiasm are accelerated, and you can achieve anything. This is the position of the warrior and you will find that you want to charge into life. You are fearless. Venus in Libra brings soft, soulful romance into your life – just what you need after a hard day charging into battle.


The sun remains in Libra this week and you are advised to take things slowly as there may be a few delays and frustrations. You are still figuring out how to bring balance to your life. With Mercury in Libra, your image is revamped, and people respond to you very well. If you work in the media, performing arts or in other public facing roles, you will draw a positive reaction. This may propel you into leadership roles that suit your character as behind the Libra charm you have a soul of steel. On the 8th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can trigger professional conflicts and issues with women. Scorpio can be erratic in terms of its self-expression. Learning to channel this forceful energy constructively is important. Venus in Libra fortifies your opportunities for romance and education. Libra is a strong student. You feel positive, vibrant and enthusiastic. Libra has you feeling lovely!


This week continues to be a good one for you professionally and you may be responding to people from your past who were once very meaningful. You may find that they have a place in your future. Mercury in Libra continues to create a sporadic array of feelings including mild depression. Try to avoid over-analysing and living too much in your mind. You may need to ground yourself with yoga, exercise and meditation. On the 8th November, Mercury moves into Scorpio which enables you to be victorious over your enemies. This energy adds an interesting dynamic to your nature that can guarantee a level of fame or success. This is a beautiful period for those of you with artistic temperaments and you may create meaningful works. Venus in Libra continues to enable you to dazzle others effortlessly. It is easy for you to concentrate on your studies and education and this is a good time to approach someone that you may harbour feelings for. Relationships can be transformational at this time.


With the sun in Libra, you are encouraged to take a look at your love life and rekindle lacklustre love that you may have put on the backburner. Your professional life will be speckled with glorious moments. Mercury remains in Libra and this placement makes you sociable, friendly and interactive. You will be out and about spending time with those you hold near and dear. On the 8th November, Mercury moves into fellow water sign Scorpio which can create unstable thoughts and feelings. This is largely due to a surge in water-based energy. You can actually use this combination powerfully if you make the most of it. Venus in Libra rouses your desire to purchase new things including vehicles or homes. Your life will be rich and purposeful, and you will live in a big way. You may be drawn to starting a business of your own in an area that you are passionate about.


You continue to be active this week and you will throw yourself into all that you can. Your energy and fitness levels are expansive and you will not tire easily. This is a good time to do what needs to be done or to start a new hobby. Life is filled with an amazing sense of fun. Mercury in Libra invites you to keep a tab on your financial status as you may become a big spender. Try not to live beyond your means. On the 8th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which is a wonderful placement for your mother. You will see improvements in your health and will make glorious new friendships. Romantically, you are top of your game and promise passion and intensity to romantic interests. Venus in Libra indicates the urge to take short trips which you will enjoy immensely. You may re-meet someone from the past who you grew apart from. Maybe the friendship can be rekindled?


Keep investing dear Virgo. Now is not the week to madly spend. This is however a good time to think about the future – something that you are prone to do anyway as you like to know where you are going. You are in a position to think about what you want. With Mercury in Libra you will continue to see financial gain. Invest it wisely. This is a wonderful placement for those of you who are in education as your mental agility simply flows effortlessly. On the 8th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can trigger misunderstandings. You may come across as very intense. You may wish to become a hermit and hide away but you are encouraged to socialise and spend time with people. This placement gives you strong focus and mental power, so you can use this in a vast array of circumstances. You may feel stressed and inactive, but you should be able to motivate yourself to get going. With Venus in Libra, you may feel low in enthusiasm, but you will be lucky. You feel respected and adored by your loved ones.


You start this week with difficulty concentrating. You may have scattered focus and be unsure what to do with yourself. Try centring yourself with meditation or yoga. This will help you to be in the right headspace. You may wish to seek advice and expertise from expert sources. With Mercury in Libra expansion is on your mind. Although a delightful personality, you do need to keep your temper in check. Use a little tact and diplomacy and you will go far. On the 8th, Mercury moves into Scorpio lending impact and strength to your character. You will certainly stand out from the crowd. You will be magnetic and attractive to all you meet. Good educational opportunities are coming your way should you wish to seize them. With Venus in Libra, your dreams continue to materialise. If you can think it, you can bring it into reality so think big. You will easily complete all that you start. Indeed, this is a very productive week for you.
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Scorpio, you start this week feeling somewhat unsure. You may falter when it comes to decision making. You may want to ‘sit’ in your feelings to see if things become clearer. You are an emotional, feeling sign and you may be driven to act by your emotions. With Mercury in Libra, you will continue to face obstacles, especially at work but your attitude will be relaxed and easy-going. Nothing will phase you too much. On the 8th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and you’ll be able to work hard. This will make others jealous of you which can divert you from performing well to under-performing. Do not let this happen. You do not need to be deterred by other people. You may only be feeling like this due to a momentary lapse of confidence so don’t let this effect you too much. With Venus in air sign Libra, you are drawn to beauty, truth and balance. You want to be surrounded by beautiful things at home and away. You are drawn to Venusian influences; things that are soft, sweet and gentle.


This is a wonderful week for partnership as you enjoy being with your partner and feel extra romantic. There is superb understanding between married couples even if the two of you are vastly different, you will nonetheless feel very connected and empathetic of one another’s differences. Mercury in Libra keeps you proactive and enables you to complete tasks that may have been hanging around. On the 8th, as Mercury moves into Scorpio you need to plan for the future in a calm and collected fashion. Although you have a tendency to worry, there is really no need to as all will turn out well. Try to remember that anxiety is a product of the mind and not always rooted in reality. With Venus in idealistic Libra, you will get desired results in all areas. This is a good time to put yourself forward for job interviews or projects that appeal. You have every right to feel positive as what you want, you’ll get.
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With the sun in Libra, your professional life is ramped up a gear. You are prepared to put in a solid effort. You will need strong will power so make sure that you feel energetically ready for this week. If single, you feel in a romantic mood and you may make moves with someone that you admire and are attracted to. With Mercury also in Libra until the 7th, you over-achieve but people also like you and respond well. Sometimes you come up against envy or negativity when you work so hard but that is not the case this week – people simply applaud you. You inspire and motivate others. On the 8th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and the impact is dynamic. It triggers recognition. People want you on their team. There are new opportunities. You may experience some troubles with your skin. The skin is our barrier against the outside world and with a warrior’s disposition this may manifest in your skin. Venus in Libra lends sweetness and softness to love.


You start this week in good health and high spirits. Ailments that have troubled you, whether physical or mental, will dissipate. This is a glorious time romantically as you are deeply in sync with your partner. Mercury remains in gracious Libra keeping you lucky until the 8th, when it moves into fellow fixed sign Scorpio. Scorpio keeps you busy at work and you’ll find that an accelerated workload is almost guaranteed. You’ll be able to cope well as your fixed nature lends you determination and composure. You can process tasks in bite-sized chunks until they reach completion. With Venus in Libra, growth is guaranteed, and you remain ahead of the curve. Others may look to you as a source of inspiration or motivation. They admire your brilliance, genius and resolve! One of your many admirers may even turn into a love interest. If single, this is an opportunity that is too good to turn down.


Are you working on your boundaries? We all need to develop boundaries in order to keep ourselves safe and secure. Although a loving, devoted sign, you need to learn to keep your soft centre away from those who may harm you. Know that only the deserving few should be allowed in your inner sanctum. With Mercury in Libra, society responds to you favourably. You come across charismatically and likable but do be aware of those who may impose upon you. On the 8th, Mercury moves into fellow water sign Scorpio and there will be a restless, prickly energy which may feel uncomfortable. The best way to resolve this is to exercise, meditate and otherwise try to dissipate and use this energy until it fades away. Venus in lovely Libra enables you to succeed and even to excel in highly competitive arenas. You may surprise others with your tenacity. They should know that when you put your mind to something, you mean business.

Traditionally Yours,

Team astroYogi.com

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