Venus in Leo: Scorpios, Professional Glory Ahead! What More Can You Expect?

Fri, Jun 21, 2024
Acharya Ved
  By Acharya Ved
Fri, Jun 21, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Acharya Ved
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Venus in Leo: Scorpios, Professional Glory Ahead! What More Can You Expect?

July will end with the Venus transit in Leo 2024. Will this transit change your life for the better? Dive in to find out.

Venus Transit in Leo Date And Time: Find Out Here!

Venus or Shukra will transit from Cancer to Leo on the 31st of July 2024 (Wednesday). Venus dwells in a zodiac sign for around a month. The next Venus transit will be in Virgo on 25th August 2024 (Sunday).

  • Venus Transit in Leo Date- 31st July 2024 (Wednesday)

  • Venus Transit in Leo Time- 02:40 PM (IST)

The Venus transit in Leo 2024 will have distinct results for each zodiac sign because Leo occupies different houses in the natal chart of different signs.

Remember that the effects of this transit will vary on the basis of the placement and condition of the planet in an individual's chart. If someone is currently going through Venus's Mahadasha, Antardasha, or Pratyantardasha, this Venus transit 2024 will give more satisfactory results. 

Venus Transit in Leo 2024: How Will It Affect Your Life?

Let's find out.


Dear Aries natives, the Venus transit in Leo 2024 promises enhanced creativity, self-expression, and bold decisions.

During this transit, you will feel more passionate and playful. Your charisma and confidence will attract admirers. With creative insights, you will manage to handle challenging tasks at work. New opportunities or financial gains will also be there.

This will be a romantic period for you, and your personal life will be purely blissful. However, be mindful of becoming overly possessive or demanding in your relationships.

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REMEDY: Channel the Venusian energy into creative pursuits like painting, music, writing, or any art form. This can help you align with Venus's creative energy.


Dear Taureans, the transit of Venus in Leo 2024 will bring a focus on your home and family life.

During this transit, you will spend more time with your family members. Guests can arrive at your place more often. There will be more warmth among the family members, which will help you be emotionally secure.

The work environment will be positive and nurturing, which will help you overcome the obstacles. The parents might introduce someone to you, or a good proposal might come from a family member.

REMEDY: Donate to old-age homes and widows. Every morning, make it a point to consume Dahi or curd.  


Dear Geminis, the transit of Venus in Leo promises increased self-expression, networking, and enthusiasm.

When Venus transits in Leo, you will be more expressive and articulate and likely to captivate those with your style of communication. This transit will be favorable for social interactions, networking, and public speaking. However, your work schedule might get upset due to hurdles at work. Bold decisions might be taken by the natives involved in businesses.

Short trips with your siblings are indicated in the chart. Your personal life will be stable, and you will feel more committed to your partner.

REMEDY: It's time to make your wife and mother feel special, so give them a lovely gift. Wear clothes of lighter shades, like white, off-white, baby pink, etc.


Dear Cancerians, this Venus transit 2024 will bring financial opportunities and conjugal bliss.

During this planetary transit, you will be encouraged to assess your values and ensure that your actions align with your beliefs and principles. There might be a longing to enjoy the fine things in life. You can spend money on luxurious items to feel satisfied. There will be opportunities at the workplace for you to increase your financial security.

This will be a good time to strengthen your bond with your in-laws. Singles might be unable to have delightful dates during this transit, but they might feel attracted to a senior in their workplace or college.

REMEDY: Put Rose water into the water you bathe in. Do this daily or at least every Friday.


Dear Leos, the Venus in Leo transit promises vibrant energy and good profits for your business. However, it may also cause overthinking.

During this transit, you will shine with confidence. Hence, you might be more attractive to some people. This will be a favorable transit for enhancing your personal style and spending time and energy on yourself. The natives involved in the business will feel more secure about profits. They will also be aligned with their business partners. However, there will be a lot of overthinking, which will not allow you to make decisions quickly.

Natives in relationships might become more serious or propose to their partners. Married natives might start planning for their future and baby.

REMEDY: Invest time in self-care routines like skincare, spa treatments, or new hairstyles. This aligns with Venus's focus on beauty.


Dear Virgos, Venus's transit in Leo will bring unnecessary expenses, introspective thoughts, and an inclination toward spirituality.

During this transit, you might have a desire to spend more time with yourself and focus on your inner life. There will be a phase of introspection where you will think about your decisions and start working on your future goals. Unnecessary expenses will exist, which might make you insecure about your finances.

According to Venus transit predictions, some natives might indulge in a secret relationship that can harm their social reputation. During this time, your bond with your spouse will not be satisfying; it might have some negativity.

REMEDY: Use positive affirmations to elevate your self-esteem and confidence.


Dear Libras, the Venus transit in Leo 2024 will focus on increased life aspirations. You will be meeting old friends during this time.

During this transit, you might meet like-minded individuals and participate in social activities that benefit your professional life. You might also discuss your life goals with your mentor or any senior. A new investment opportunity will exist, which will help you to reassess your past investments.

You will meet old friends, and a trip can be planned. The single natives might feel attracted to a friend. For the married natives, it will be a favorable time to conceive a baby.

REMEDY: Grow a Tulsi or holy basil plant in the Northeast corner of your home. Every morning, you should always eat curd.


Dear Scorpios, the transit of Venus in Leo 2024 will bring public recognition, professional advancements, and a jolly home environment.

During this transit, your public reputation and social image will improve. Your past efforts at your workplace will be recognized, and your seniors and higher authorities will appreciate them. There will be many golden opportunities for career growth.

According to the Venus transit predictions, a romantic encounter is indicated at the workplace with a colleague or a mutual friend. Married natives will spend more quality time with their spouses. Overall, your home environment will be joyous.

REMEDY: Engage in physical activities that you enjoy. Dancing, for instance, is both a creative and a physical exercise that can do wonders for you.

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Dear Sagittarians, the transit of Venus in the Leo sign will impact education. It will lead to an increased interest in spirituality and travel.

During this transit, you will have a desire to explore new dimensions in your career. As per the Venus transit predictions, there can be more traveling due to work, allowing you to explore different fields and meet new people. There will also be increased interest in spirituality.

Students planning for higher education, especially those planning to go abroad, might receive favorable news. Any ongoing misunderstanding with the spouse or partner may be entirely resolved.

REMEDY: Opt for soothing shades such as white, off-white, baby pink, etc., to wear.


Dear Capricorns, Venus's transit in Leo will increase your sexual drive. It will also promise joint finances and impact past investments.

When Venus transits in Leo, you might get disturbed by the shallow people around you. The families, especially with the joint businesses, might discuss joint or shared resources. Your relationship with the seniors and bosses will improve, and any conflict or disagreement will be resolved. Additionally, past investments will be reviewed, and profits might be booked.

The married natives or those in relationships will experience increased sensuality with their partners.

REMEDY: Do volunteer work and help those in need, particularly in areas related to art and beauty, such as organizing art classes for underprivileged children.


Dear Aquarians, the transit of Venus in Leo will have an impact on your business partnerships and personality. This transit will bring support from your colleagues.

Due to the Venus transit effects, you will have more positivity in your aura, and people around you will find you more charismatic. If the natives are going through any obstacles in the workplace, their colleagues will help them overcome them. The business partners will be more aligned with each other's thoughts.

Aquarians in relationships might decide to take the next step together. The married natives will try to have more serious conversations about the future and goals together.

REMEDY: After every proper meal, consume a cardamom or at least at the beginning of a new day. A perfume with a floral fragrance or rose Attar is the perfect pick for you.


Dear Pisceans, Venus's transit in Leo will lead to an increased focus on your health. Overall, there will be an improvement in your work environment.

Due to the Venus transit effects, you will focus more on your health and overall hygiene. Your work schedule might also get changed, and there will be more focus on your mental health. The work environment will get better with less toxicity. Your enemies will get subdued. Impulsive spending is indicated in the chart as something that might hurt your savings, but you will realize this after a while and take corrective measures.

You might experience disagreements with your spouse or partner. You should avoid any arguments or discussions that might turn into heated conflicts.

REMEDY: Place a piece of Citrine in your purse, bag, or wallet to attract abundance into your life. 

*Note- The predictions noted above are generalized foretellings for the Venus transit in Leo 2024.

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