Venus Transit in Cancer on 1st September, 2020

Mon, Aug 31, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 31, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Venus Transit in Cancer on 1st September, 2020


Venus will transit to Cancer on the 1st of September, intensifying your emotional connections.  The affection in your relationships will run deep; so will your sense of values. You will be caring and family-focused. Your social urges will burgeon during this period. You will be welcomed wherever you go. Look forward to the good times with great food and excellent company.

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The planet Venus symbolises love, which makes this transit an important one for romantic relationships. And, since Cancer indicates closeness and warmth towards family, this period makes for love relationships wherein the maternal instincts are predominant. 


Venus also represents luxury and material wealth. It facilitates the fulfilment of financial aspirations and security on the domestic front. Venus makes you self-indulgent and pleasure-seeking.  You enjoy all the good things life has to offer.  


Let us now see what this Venus transit in Cancer brings for each zodiac sign and how it could have a lasting impact on your life.  



The transit of Venus through the 4th house makes your home a wonderful place. You are devoted to your family, and in return you receive much love. You feel especially close to your parents. You spend considerable time getting the house organised. You will get in touch with family if you have been away for many months.



The transit of Venus through the 3rd house makes you sociable. There is delight in your heart and you are at your charming best. Your artistic juices flow and you communicate beautifully through interesting messages to loved ones.  This is just the time to plan a short, enjoyable trip with siblings.



The transit of Venus through the 2nd house grants you the ability to make money.  This is a period of prosperity; enjoy it with contentment. You may spend more than you earn.  Use your savings on whatever you like -- redecorate the house or buy your mother a nice gift. You may find yourself in a maternal role. The addition of a newborn to the family is expected.



The transit of Venus through the 1st house translates to a lot of love among family members. It’s the time for family engagements; dress up and enjoy yourself! Your emotional quotient is high. Lose yourself to the joys of music and flirt all you like! Don’t get over-sentimental; it will lead to emotional stress. You take on a motherly role and prove to be of great help to others.



The transit of Venus through the 12th house makes you deeply compassionate, charitable and sympathetic towards others. The mother in you works over-time. You are shy and easily hurt. You may have a secret love affair during this period. Work on a special talent; indulge yourself.



The transit of Venus through the 11th house makes you go out there and have fun. It’s the time for friends and club parties. Your female network is strong. Financial gains await you, thanks to family. Make plans to enhance your business; financial success is yours for the asking during this period.



The transit of Venus through the 10th house makes you ambitious. It’s time to get down to work after a disturbed period. A new venture awaits you. There are people around you who are willing and ready to work on your projects. Don’t get emotional at the workplace. Social success will come your way.



The transit of Venus through the 9th house connects you with scriptures and the spiritual. Travel out with family – plan a holiday around temple visits and other religious places. Long pending overseas trips will materialize. This is a period of good luck. Bond with your father.



The transit of Venus through the 8th house will result in unexpected monetary gains for you through insurance, financial investments or inheritance. Your mother will surreptitiously help you with funds. Indiscriminate sexual capers are not a good idea.



The transit of Venus through the 7th house spells much happiness for you and your partner. The love and harmony in your relationship will blossom. You will both have a pleasant social life during this period. This is also the time for weddings. Lovers can expect the support of their mothers.



The transit of Venus through the 6th house brings new opportunities at work. This is not a good time to take loans or borrow money to spend on luxury. Plan a family holiday to visit your grandparents. Don’t ignore nagging health issues any further.



The transit of Venus through the 5th house makes for a great time with your lover. You will earn well in the share market during this period.  A job change will work well for you. Your flair for writing will flower and you will excel in sports. You will spend time with children. A new romance is in the offing; make sure you don’t enter into an extra marital relationship.


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