Magical Tarot Reading: November 2021 By Tarot Pooja

Fri, Oct 29, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Oct 29, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Magical Tarot Reading: November 2021 By Tarot Pooja

November is the month of hope, love, abundance, emotions, and romance. It is the 11th month (number 11) which adds up to number 2. It represents Moon or Chandra Ma, which governs our emotions, feelings, and creative streak. 

I know for sure that you would be able to complete a lot of creative projects, maximize efficiency and think out of the box in November. You need to figure out your reasons to be happy and excited this month. It can be a new love relationship, lots of romantic candlelight dinners, or working on your creativity and doing the same things differently. Also, this month comes along with many festivities and hence new hopes and desires. 

Emotional vibrations change around this time; hence it is highly significant for everyone. 

Since creativity is in the air, you will find healing remedies in this article. These are based on Ayurveda and healing. We make it super user-friendly by linking it to your everyday food as ‘we are what we eat!’ Also, there is a saying that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. So for each zodiac sign, according to the planetary positions, I will suggest exotic, exclusive herbs or tea that you can include in your diet to get healed this November. 

Happy healing, my loved ones!


Aries Tarot November 2021

Everything is just perfect in your life right now, and you are at a great place. The vibrations are excellent, as if the divine is planning everything according to what works for you. Your career is going steady finally after a long time and a lot of hard work. There is no dearth of love and attention from the opposite gender in your life; however, you have become selective and very picky for a change, which is very good. Watch out for your health and spend some time every day doing some workout or exercise. 

If you are married or already in a relationship, things will go with the flow, and your partner will be very considerate. 

Tarot Reader says - It's like a ‘picture-perfect life’ for you!

Remedy -   Include white tea in your daily diet. It is the best for detox, cleansing, weight loss, and great sleep. 

Taurus Tarot November 2021

Dear Taurus friends, please learn to be happy, irrespective of what is happening around you. We cannot control what is happening in the outside world as it is beyond our control. However, it's a choice you need to make - to be happy or sad for the things out of your control domain. Also, watch out for any criticism and try to be positive under all the circumstances. Enjoy good food as you are a foodie, and it's the festival season now. So, have fun!

Tarot Reader says - Keep the remote control of your life in your hands!

Remedy -  Basil Leaves for that extra positivity, blessings, and aura cleansing. You can mix it in your pasta or any favorite dish.

Gemini Tarot November 2021

Geminis, loads of fun is in the air for you this month as if you are on a roller coaster ride. This can include lots of travel, fine dining, visiting relatives, or perhaps just hanging out with friends. As you are so versatile, you will be trying to achieve the maximum this month, and the good news is that you will be able to achieve it. Bravo!

Spouses or partners will also be a reason for your happiness, and hardly any Gemini will be single this month. The Cupid is raining love and romance on you. So, go, get drenched!

Tarot Reader says - Love is in the air!

Remedy - ​​Thyme is perfect for you. You may use it in the dressing on the sandwich or even in a salad. 

Get a personalised prediction from Tarot Pooja. Call now. 


Cancer Tarot November 2021

Cancerians, please watch out for what you speak as this month you shall make friends and enemies based on your tongue only. Avoid any arguments and exit the situation if you see it getting escalated. Health will be good with no overall concern areas, but the work front would need some attention. Avoid clashes and too much difference in opinion with the higher management or the clients for long-term peace and awards. 

Tarot Reader says - Think before you speak!

Remedy - Baby Spinach. You can even use it in your stuff paranthas. This shall mellow you down by bringing down the unwanted aggression and hence striking a fantastic balance. 

Leo Tarot November 2021

Health needs to be taken care of and avoid over-thinking or stressing. Know that everything is just fine and is happening as per the divine plan, and stop losing your sleep over small and non-trivial matters. Children will bring you happiness, and grandchildren will shower you with pure love. Also, it is an excellent time to start new projects at work or start thinking about investments. Do not fight with your spouse as in the end; only you will have to reconcile. 

Tarot Reader says - It's about money now, honey!

Remedy- Drink 3 to 4 liters of water.
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Virgo Tarot November 2021

Connect with water this month - Water meditation, increase your water intake and donate water. This balances and heals your energies and the Sacral chakra resulting in more and more abundance, love, and happiness. Also, at the same time, try not to waste water. This month, if you focus on your career, you can undoubtedly do big things, so use the opportunity while it lasts and try to be in the good books of your bosses to manage their perceptions, which is something that you often miss.  

Tarot Reader says - Do not miss the buzz. Jump and grab the opportunity. 

Remedy -  Lemon water with black salt and black pepper. Also, add citrus fruits, and hence action and transformation in your life will be foreseen.

Libra Tarot November 2021

Dear Libran, you are a balanced person. But, sometimes, you can become a little critical, which can lead to disappointment often. Therefore, this month, keep your expectations a little low or better work realistically. Time to review your goals and change the action items and timelines, if and wherever required. Be gentle with yourself and stop pushing yourself too hard, or else there can be burnout for you, which is not advisable. 

Tarot Reader says - Slow and steady wins the race!

Remedy- Rose tea with fresh rose petals. You may add a few drops of honey to it if required. 


Scorpio Tarot November 2021

Daily workout is a must for you now, Scorpions, as it's high time that you start spending some 'me time' and invest in your most important thing - that is 'you'. Remember, the longest relationship that we have ever had is with ourselves! Work will be mediocre with no significant highs and lows, so no risk. You can hence continue walking down the known path or terrain. In terms of relationships, there might be communication gaps with your partner, and the best approach is to break the ice each time and express yourself openly. 

Tarot Reader says- Self-love is the highest form of love!

Remedy - Include Rosemary herb in your cooking.

Sagittarius Tarot November 2021

My dear Sagittarius friends, you will be super excited and consistently high on energy this month. People will wonder how you manage to achieve so much in such a short time, and many of them will be envious of you. But this will be a secret just known to you and, of course, your healer guru - Tarot Pooja. Try to add colors to your wardrobe. Also, change some clothes if possible as this will add to the freshness leading to higher energies.

Tarot Reader says - Be high on life!

Remedy- Parsley for passion with balance.  


Capricorn Tarot November 2021

Time to focus on your love relationships, or you might have to repent later. Please do not take your friends, family, or partner for granted and give them space to express themselves without being judgemental and critical. Give them that additional comfort this month so that they can be themselves around you and open their heart to you. The career will be in good shape and health, too, with no major issues. 

Tarot Reader says - True love is about giving!

Remedy - Pink Rock Salt that will give you the much-needed compassion in your love.  

Aquarius Tarot November 2021

Time to connect with the plant kingdom, dear Aquarius. Maintain a wonderful garden at home. Space is no longer a concern these days as we have so many options like a vertical garden available to us, so where there is a will, there is a way. Plants will heal you and give you lots of divine energies that you require at the moment. It will be a good idea even to gift plants to your loved ones. You can give this instead of sweets and other gifts that we often give to people. Your career will see no bumps, and there will be regular income. Job changes are also on the cards for the ones looking for a change. 

Tarot Reader says - Talk to the plants. They talk right back to you.

Remedy - Use as much Black Pepper as possible.

Pisces Tarot November 2021

Pisces, you will be a family person this month, and everything will happen around your family this month. You might welcome relatives to your place, or maybe host them. A family wedding or a newborn in the extended family is also foreseen. You will be investing and spending most of your income on family activities and family members. It can be family insurance or a family trip you have been planning for a long time. All this will make you happy and content. So, enjoy yourself thoroughly. 

Tarot Reader says - It's all about the family!

Remedy - Include lots of fruits in your daily diet, like different-colored fruits. This way, a beautiful rainbow of colors and happiness will be added to your life. 

My Love & Blessings 

Tarot Pooja 

Certified International Celebrity

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