Major Changes For Capricorn & Taurus: Tarot Monthly Predictions For March 2024

Tue, Feb 27, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Tue, Feb 27, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Major Changes For Capricorn & Taurus: Tarot Monthly Predictions For March 2024

March is the most fantastic month in the complete calendar year in terms of its offerings and wide range of healings, as per the Tarot monthly horoscope. This month has a lot in store, from the energies of the spring season to the color therapy of Holi to the divine Shakti's blessings of International Women's Day to the Vernal Equinox. Moreover, March is also the time for the most critical and spiritually relevant day for any spiritual seeker, i.e., the Maha Shivaratri - the day when Lord Shiva got married. This day has a phenomenal upsurge of energies, and with some meditations and Sadhanas, you can reach the peak of your spiritual awakening.

March is the third month, and Number 3 is for Jupiter. The planet Jupiter, or Guru, represents expansion, healing, wealth, abundance, education, religion, and spirituality. It is also for foreign travel, long-distance voyages, big businesses, and law. It also represents divine intervention and miracles in life. 

What Can The Tarot Cards Say For March Month?

With March's arrival, everyone will experience many good times. As per the monthly Tarot reading, get ready to know the specifics of the 12 zodiac signs and see what will happen in your life. Along with the Tarot March month predictions, we will offer unique, creative, and user-friendly remedies in this blog.

Before we get into the Tarot reading for March, let's find out which Tarot card deck was used for the reading. 

Tarot Cards Used - Osho Neo Cards

About The Card Deck: Osho Neo Tarot Cards 

The 60 cards published by the 'The Rebel' publishing house in Germany work on the fundamentals of astrology, future suggestions, horoscope readings, palmistry, I Ching, Tarot - anything and everything concerned with the future. It is a reading of the unconscious of an individual. It has more to do with the past, but because the past creates the future, it is relevant to the future, too. Most people live like mechanical things; unless they are like Lord Buddha, they will be stuck in a wheel-like phenomenon, repeating their past repeatedly.

With this empowering thought and knowledge of being a more alert, aware, and conscious human, we present the Three-Card Spread reading to you. This monthly Tarot reading gives you comprehensive coverage, touching upon all the dimensions of your existence. 

Let's give this a read. 

Tarot Aries Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Gates of Heaven + Surrender + Gratefulness 

Dear Ariens, blessings are pouring from the source. All you need to do is open up and be receptive to receiving those energies. According to the Tarot reading for March, success is guaranteed at the professional and personal levels. Your love life, career, and spiritual growth can all be yours if you surrender to the divine forces and trust the process. Move away smartly from any negativity, unwanted energy, and people who no longer serve you any purpose. You will discover magic in your life each day and enjoy the bliss. 

Tarot Reader says - Your time starts now!

Remedy: Do deep Meditations and Sadhanas. You can choose any that works for you. However, do it for at least 30 minutes every day. 

Tarot Taurus Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Innocence + Meditation + Anger 

Dear Taureans, it is time to go out and spend time with Mother Nature. Enjoy the spring season in the gardens and beautiful parks. Surround yourself with bright and colorful flowers. You need this flower therapy and plant healing immensely. Try keeping flowers in all your rooms as well. Aroma therapy will calm you down and give you amazing wellness benefits. No anger, frustrations, or complaining; only happiness and purity will exist in your life, as per the Tarot prediction for March 2024. It's time for you to bloom like a flower and be one.

Tarot Reader says - Become a blooming flower yourself!

Remedy - Use Lavender aroma every day.  

Tarot Gemini Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Beyond The Small Family + Celebration + Laughter 

Dear Geminis, it's that time of the year when you meet your extended family and have luncheons and brunches. Late-night movies at home with family are on the cards. As per the Tarot monthly horoscope for March, you will have family time and bonding. Some trips can happen; your extended family can travel to see you, or you may visit them and spend quality time together. This is the time to create new memories and relish the old ones. Your work life might take a back seat temporarily, which is alright as right now it's party time. So enjoy the celebrations.  

Tarot Reader says - It's family reunion time!

Remedy- Diet Management according to Ayurveda and your body type, which is based on a combination of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 

Do you desire to learn what destiny holds for your professional life? The experts at Astroyogi can answer your questions.

Tarot Cancer Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Prayer + Vulnerability + Practicality 

Dear Cancerians, wellness will become the focus for you this month, as per the Tarot reading for March. A good nutritious diet, a healthy workout, meditation, and a well-balanced lifestyle with a holistic approach will be an excellent combination for you. Investing in your wellness is the best investment you can make, guaranteeing a much higher ROI. Your approach to your health must be holistic and comprehensive, so focus on your mind and soul along with your physical body. However, it's not the right time to buy a property or make big investments. For now, lie low and work on yourself. It's time for you to focus on self-development. 

Tarot Reader says - Health is indeed wealth!

Remedy - Do breath work.  

Tarot Leo Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Mind + Worry / Anxiety + Self Acceptance 

Dear Leos, according to the Tarot prediction for March 2024, manage your stress, anger, and anxiety. It's time to pause, relax, think, introspect, and then start moving again toward the new journey with a new perspective. Use your intuition and decision-making to arrive at conclusions rather than believing anyone else or judging someone. Don’t overthink or take things personally. Learn to "Let Go" and be happy in all situations. It's time to unlearn everything and empty yourself.  

Tarot Reader says - Life is beautiful!

Remedy- Do Chakra Balancing. 

Tarot Virgo Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Commune + Desire + Wholeness 

Dear Virgos, it's time to connect with old friends and plan school and university reunions. Beautiful moments will be spent together, which will surely take a permanent space in your memory. Friends are your extended family and the ultimate source of happiness and bliss. Exchanging gifts with them will be a cherry on top. Work and family will go parallel, and all will be well in March, as indicated by the Tarot reading for March. There will be nothing to worry about. A lot of balance and nurturing are seen on the cards for the entire month. 

Tarot Reader says - A human being is a social animal! 

Remedy - Do your Aura Cleansing.  

Tarot Libra Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Single Pointedness + Becoming Centered + Play 

Dear Libras, work on your focus and concentration on your tasks at hand and your studies. Fix a goal and create a vision so that you can burn the midnight oil to work in order to reach your destination. It will be, for sure, a rewarding journey. Stay away from all distractions at the moment, as this is a critical time for your self-development and growth, as indicated by the Tarot March month prediction. All the hard work that you put in right now will reap excellent outcomes in the future. Your hard work will create remarkable results that you will be proud of.  

Tarot Reader says - No pain, no gain!

Remedy - Take a bath with bath salts for energy cleansing. 

Tarot Scorpio Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Searching, Seeking, Questing + Rebirth / Moment to Moment + Enlightenment 

Dear Scorpios, you have been working very hard of late; hence, it's time to take a break. As per the Tarot monthly horoscope, travel therapy is best suited for you right now. Go out and explore virgin destinations - solo, with family, or with friends; it doesn't matter as long as you hit the highway. During this time, you move out of your physical comfort zone. Try out a travel blog or journal capturing your experiences firsthand; it can also become useful for others. 

Tarot Reader says - It's time to become a gypsy!

Remedy - Do diet management as per Ayurveda. 

Tarot Sagittarius Horoscope for March 

Tarot Cards - Misuse of Power + Understanding + Compassion 

Dear Sagittarians, please keep a check on your kids in the family, as they might give you a reason to worry. It could be study issues or something else. The paradigm shift from the traditional punishment style to a more workable coaching and counseling style will work best with everyone, as indicated by the Tarot prediction for March 2024. Combining your coaching and counseling style with examples from your day-to-day life, wherein you set up good examples for your younger ones to follow, will be a good idea. This will bring overall peace and solace to you. 

Tarot Reader says - Lead by example!

Remedy - Do Grounding Meditation. 

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Tarot Capricorn Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Worth + Awareness + Transformation 

Dear Capricorns, you need to work on yourself this month, and a great deal of work needs to be done, as indicated by the Tarot March month prediction. Self-reflection, inner work, introspection, and comprehension will be important keywords in March, and constructively using these inputs for your future life and journey will be pretty meaningful for you. Self-work and life transformation work is as intense and vast as an ocean and has no end; the more you do, the better it is. What is for sure is that the more hard work you put in, the better evolved and balanced you come out in this process.

Tarot Reader says - Time to become a higher version of yourself!

Remedy -  Do Cord Cutting Meditation 

Tarot Aquarius Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Devotion + Intelligence + Disciplehood 

Dear Aquarians, try to connect with the sky, Lord Shiva, and the masculine form of energy, as indicated by the Tarot monthly horoscope. As we say, energy is dual in nature; hence, both a masculine or the Shiva form and a feminine or the Shakti component coexist together. We have the potential and all the opportunities to become an Ardhanareeshvara with a perfect balance of both forms of energy. This is why you will be logical in your approach and creative and nurturing at the same time. At the moment, Aquarians need more Shiva energy to remove the over-emotionality and bring more efficiency and life quality your way. 

Tarot Reader says - It is time to connect with Lord Shiva's energy!

Remedy - Do Aroma Therapy with Aroma oils.  

Tarot Pisces Horoscope For March 

Tarot Cards - Creativity + Mastery of Moods + Greatest Miracle 

Dear Pisceans, it's time to add colors to your life. You can do this by adding different colors to your wardrobe or doing Color Therapy with a Guru. Various colors will give you deep healing and nourishment, as per the Tarot monthly horoscope for March 2024. All seven rainbow colors have a specific significance in our daily lives and can be connected to our main seven Chakras in the body; hence, they will bring harmony and serenity into your life.

Tarot Reader says - It's time for harmony and serenity!

Remedy - Do Crystal Therapy with crystals.  

*Note - The Tarot predictions for March 2024 mentioned above are generalized prophecies. So, individual experiences may differ. Thus, for personalized Tarot March month predictions and remedies, turn to Tarot Sonia only on Astroyogi!

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