Amazing Tarot Advice to Harness the Power of February 2023

Fri, Jan 27, 2023
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Fri, Jan 27, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Amazing Tarot Advice to Harness the Power of February 2023

Every new month gives you the opportunity to realize your true potential! Interested to know how February will unfold for you? Check out the Tarot monthly horoscope for February to discover what the second month of the year will be like for you. 

February, the month of the Moon, is here with its number 2 energies! As a result, everyone will become more emotional and tend to make decisions based on their hearts. Love is also in the air as the Moon is the Karak of love and romance. No wonder we celebrate Valentine's Day this month to express our love and feelings to our beloved.

Apart from love and romance, February will also be the month when creativity reaches its peak, with all the artists creating their masterpieces and reaching the zenith. Writers, filmmakers, poets, social media banner designers, and all those people who think out of the box to create art or something extraordinary will thrive this month. 

To assist you with your growth and to help you make the most of this month, here are the Tarot predictions for February 2023. 

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What Does The Tarot Reading for February Have to Reveal About Your Life?

Let's see how February will treat all the 12 zodiac signs. This month in this blog, you will find some unique, special, and creative remedies in accordance with the month and its energies. These remedies will bring you good health, abundance, and divine blessings through your garden by suggesting which plant you should grow and worship in your garden. Gardening will also be de-stressing for you and help you explore new avenues. 


Dear Ariens, focus on your work and professional life as this is when you can excel and get ahead of everyone, including all the competition and show your authentic self. As per the Tarot Aries horoscope, you have the power to turn the impossible into possible; you have the potential to achieve challenging milestones. Family members look up to you for guidance, and you can see that respect in their eyes. Health might keep you on your toes, so take care of yourself proactively. Follow a good diet and a regular workout regime. Overall, this month will be good for you. 

Remedy- Plant roses in your garden. This will give you abundance, grace, and beauty in every aspect of your life. 


Dear Taureans, you will flourish this month, and your investments will give you good results. You have been working very hard for a long time, and now the results will start showing. You will also be lucky to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. The Tarot cards show a lot of bonding with your loved ones. Overall you will be happy and content with no regrets or complaints, as indicated by the Tarot Taurus horoscope. Children at home might need more of your time and attention, and so will old people with special needs. Hence, it would be best to plan your schedule in such a way that you can take out time in advance for them.  

Remedy- Plant a Sheesham tree at your house in the South West direction. This will remove any negative energies from your aura and bless you immensely.  


Dear Geminis, love and romance are coming your way, as shown on the Tarot cards. However, you must 'take it easy' and go step by step. Remember to go with the flow and let the relationship grow organically. Your workplace can get a little demanding, and your work might require immediate attention; focus on your work, or your bosses might blast you. So remember to do all the right things at the right time to avoid damage control. According to the Tarot Gemini horoscope, your social image and reputation may take a hit due to unavoidable circumstances. So, be watchful of that, and take the necessary precautions to avoid it in the first place.  

Remedy- Plant Aak, also known as Madar plant, at your house in the North East direction. This will get you the necessary blessings of Lord Shiva.  


Dear Cancerians, life is beautiful, and you are the king and queen of your field. Whatever you touch will become gold as you will have the Midas touch. According to the Tarot Cancer horoscope, your hard work, pure intent, and meaningful long-term goals will take you places. You have not left any stone unturned while burning the midnight oil and enhancing your performance. Your consistent hard work on your self-development has made you a much better and evolved person with massive changes in your life. The Cupid will soon bless you with romantic dates and the necessary wisdom to sustain your relationship. 

Remedy- A Pomegranate tree in your garden shall ensure progeny, abundance, and blessings.  


Dear Leos, according to the Tarot Leo horoscope, you must take care of your health this month and avoid eating outside too much. There might be stomach or bones related problems that might be old issues that will reappear now, requiring immediate attention. It could also be a new issue due to the long-term negligence of your own body. Our body is a temple, and it's our utmost responsibility to take care of it. Your professional life seems sorted, and if you are involved in business, this is the best time to look and explore greener pastures and new clients.  

Remedy- The Tulsi plant is a must in your garden. Both Rama and Shyama Tulsi should be planted together to obtain infinite blessings.  


Dear Virgos, your destiny will favor you now, and you will achieve success in whatever you do. But it would be best if you did the necessary checks before starting anything new. Most of the projects you start now, whether personal or professional, will benefit you in the long term, as indicated by the Tarot Virgo horoscope. Someone senior at work will be immensely supportive of you and your work. This could likely be a lady, and she might also drop in a good word for your promotion or salary hike, as she has been watching and monitoring your performance for quite a long time. So make sure that you are always in the good books of your bosses this month. 

Remedy- Plant some herbs in your garden. This will bring positivity into your life and help you in the kitchen. Doing so will also bring good health and well-being into your life. 


Dear Librans, it's time to be a voracious reader and read as many books as possible. Books are our real friends, and they teach us everything. This month is ideal for working on yourself and your growth and bringing huge self-transformation into your life. Read more and more spiritual and self-help books to discover yourself more. Introspection and reflecting upon what you read is essential as it can propel your learnings with more aggression in the right direction. Your relationship with your parents will also heal and improve as you bury the past and your differences and start afresh. 

Remedy- Basil is a must-have in your garden. It will bless you abundantly, and consuming it brings several medicinal benefits. 


Dear Scorpios, you will be on a roller coaster ride this month. There will be many ups and downs, and you will survive it all. This will make you stronger, as per the Tarot Scorpio horoscope. Always remember that the struggles and challenges are our best friends as they can offer us many learnings. After facing these challenges, you can convert them into growth opportunities and even set examples for others. The Tarot cards show that the friends will be quite supportive of you during your journey and provide you with all the necessary hand-holding and even a shoulder to cry on, if and when required. 

Remedy- The Sheesham tree is the best for you, so plant it at your house in the South West direction. This will ward off all the negativity in your house and provide you with blessings. 


Dear Sagittarians, any pilgrimage ideas on your mind? If yes, then plan and execute it immediately without any further delays. The Tarot cards show that a lot of positive Karma will get added to your Akashic records due to the pilgrimages you go on. You can plan the travels in such a way that you can take other people along with you and visit spiritual and religious places together. Everything else in life can wait. You will be able to manage work beautifully, and your bosses and management will fully support you and your plans; they will encourage you even more. So, get the ball rolling!

Remedy- Grow Ashoka trees in your house. Ashoka tree is of huge importance as Sita stayed in Ashok Vatika under the Ashoka tree when Ravana abducted her. The tree is believed to take away the sadness of all the family members in the house. 


Dear Capricorns, enrolling in some hobby classes and following your heart and passion now will be a fantastic idea. You may need to bring out the child within you to experience genuine happiness. You seem to have ignored yourself for some time to attend to your responsibilities. Now is the time to start it all over again and create your own space. Start with taking time for yourself every day; this is the time that you should give just to yourself. Family and others shall adjust to your new changes and will soon appreciate them, as indicated by the Tarot Capricorn horoscope. Please do not burden yourself with guilt for wanting to take care of yourself. 

Remedy- The Tulsi plant should be planted. Also, light a lamp near it every evening, as it will benefit you. Doing so will bring good health and positivity your way. 

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Dear Aquarians, it's time to look at your relationships and focus on them. If you take any relationship for granted, it's time to take corrective actions. This relationship could be with your partner or any other family member. You may have been neglecting your personal life for a while due to office work and work pressure. Remember that our relationships are essential and key to our happiness and well-being. Therefore, you need to learn and demonstrate balancing your professional and personal life, as both have equal significance. Harmony is required in your professional and personal life, and a gap in either will have a ripple effect on the other, as indicated by the Tarot Aquarius horoscope. 

Remedy- Aak should be planted at your house in the East direction. This plant is said to bring Lord Mahadev's blessings into our lives. It also has various other names like Sodom Apple and Rubber bush. 


Dear Pisceans, it is time for you to relax and enjoy a break. You have always gone out of your way and worked hard for not just yourself but for everyone else around you as well. And now is the time to take a much-earned break or a vacation to energize yourself. So pack your bags and go on a trip, whether it is a solo trip, with friends, or with your family. It could be to the mountains or the beaches, as the destination shouldn't matter; what matters is having fun and letting your hair down.  

Remedy- Red Hibiscus in your garden will do the magic. This flower will provide you with Goddess Kali's protection; hence no harm shall come your way. 

Note- Remember that these are only generalized predictions. For more comprehensive individual predictions and powerful personalized remedies, connect with Tarot Pooja on Astroyogi.


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