Tarot Reading for April 2021 By Tarot Mansi

Wed, Mar 31, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Mar 31, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Tarot Reading for April 2021 By Tarot Mansi

APRIL is the month of new beginnings, opportunities, and new hopes in life. This month can assist one in decision-making. Deciding on an issue or a path to take in life requires deep insight. This is the month for positive healings, meditation, peace, materialistic gains, and emotional upliftment. Collaborations within work or new business is indicated.  Consult the Best Tarot Card Reader, "Tarot Mansi" now on Astroyogi.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for ARIES

It is the month for new collaborations, partnerships, or heading towards new relationships. All students or those who are learning will receive prompt education and receive good news. Completion of long-awaited projects.

The suit of SWORDS depicts action, ambition, and strength. All Aries people will become professional.

 Ace OF SWORDS is a card portraying a new beginning.

April is the month of travel. Travel, especially for work and actions based on practicability, is foreseen. All who are into legal issues are to get resolved this month.

Relationships and bonding will increase in love as well as family relationships. There is enough enthusiasm in the present situation to bring about change and growth; simultaneously, patience would bring its own rewards.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for TAURUS

April is the month of growth, happiness, and contentment. SUN card PENTACLES denotes success, money, acquiring new projects, and building new properties. It also represents materialistic gains and power.

Relationships will become strong, and affirmation of love, respect, and peace will be foreseen. All those who expect results of job interviews or exams will surely hear good news. Taurus, you will feel most elevated this month. In all areas, like emotionally and financially. Beautiful start-ups of new ventures or relationships, marriages, and property.

Health is likely to improve, making you feel energetic. The clarity of thoughts and decisions will be balanced.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for GEMINI

All Gemini are playful and intellectually curious; they are social butterflies. The quick-witted twins can talk to anyone about anything.

New beginnings which shall bring good results is foreseen. Your energy and enthusiasm to put your plans into action will be visible. Travel may be related to those who are in long-distance relationships. 

All Gemini in this month will become strong. Everyone will be loved, admired, and honored by family and friends for all achievements and success.

The suit of CUPS for this month represents emotional imbalance. So be careful in relationship status. There is a general feeling of anxiety and stress which might cloud your mind.

Materialistic gains will happen: Inflow of money, happiness, contentment, and a satisfying feeling of being on top of the world.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for CANCER

CUPS cards represent brimming with emotions that are positive and harmonious. Home and family time. There is a feeling of permanent security. Teamwork in regards to friendship, happiness, contentment of heart, and love.

All youngsters within thirty years of age are likely to be ambitious and tend to plan towards their goals methodically.

A FOOL card represents spontaneity. One should focus on trust and hope. For all concerns, it's essential to listen to your inner voice. You will find answers to the questions in your mind if you pay heed to your intuition.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for LEO

SUIT OF WANDS is a good month for a new phase of life or new projects.  You might be inspired by your colleagues, friends, or boss for being faithful and stable. 

All LEOS will have good support and luck from your lady this month. It would be a time for being friendly, loving, and successful in business and enjoy materialistic gains. Anything related to property or security is well-favored.

A MAGICIAN card represents the infinite energies of the universe. You will feel more powered and skilled. Self-confidence and focus on action to attain the desired goal.

Expect the unexpected good news. Also, travel is on the cards. You are likely to be offered new opportunities leading to new heights. Self-discovery with confidence, fun, and optimism is what you need to do.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for VIRGO

This April month brings a new change in your life. The old gives way to the new. You will be able to progress and let go of the past.

WORLD cards suggest success and fulfillment. You always have the support of people around you. Overseas projects are foreseen. Some confusions or arguments may occur in love and relationships. Inner conflicts will result from too many demands.

Emotionally in this month, it's a feeling of fulfillment and concord. Success, victory and accomplishment. Your inner needs will be fulfilled.

You will become more spontaneous. This month brings to light the uncertainties of life. You are likely to be fulfilled if you undertake this unforeseen journey. Vision is clear and focused.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for LIBRA

A new chapter will bring good results. Also this month, you will be enthusiastic and energetic.

New beginnings of creation, invention, enterprise, and birth. Travel is on the cards. Relationships will become strong.

For male Librans, you might get a chance to choose, but some compromises would make you think deeply. It suggests a deeper level of commitment in an existing relationship.

This would be a weaker month emotionally. You might face stress and anxiety. Powerful dreams are trying to convey a message to you. Hear it. There may be health issues; one needs to be cautious as there are chances of surgery.

10 OF CUPS- The entire family is committed to deeply rooted values, leading to inner contentment. Professionally you are in a work environment where teamwork is very important for achieving common goals.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for SCORPIO

SUIT OF PENTACLES- For all scorpions, April is the month for material prosperity. Also, significant business transactions and large-scale trading.

Ace of pentacles in this month represents that you can hold on to money. New projects will have significant gains. The personal relationship will also become very strong.

Good chances of promotion. Success, money, travel, contentment, and acceptance.

Saving money in property, stocks, equity, and bonds. Some confirmed materialistic gains. Expenditure in family and workplace for sure but still you will enjoy wonderful achievements in April.

All working people will be very passionate about their skilled jobs and business. 

You are seen building foundations for future success.

Emotionally feeling of fulfillment,  prosperity, and abundance will be experienced. Success, victory, and money in abundance will be enjoyed.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for SAGITTARIUS

April is the month for new ventures and new beginnings. One will have clarity of thoughts for making decisions. It may be a relationship where mental compatibility is required.

It is a good month for people who are passionate about their work, job, and business. There is a special focus on the development of potential for advancement. Creative talent could turn into a profitable project.

In this month, you are likely to be innovative, but you need to be logical about your ideas simultaneously.

Also, this is the month for the end of some situation, which could be concerning a relationship or business.  You are likely to come out more positive and capable this time. 

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The focus is on courage and moving on with conviction. You need determination and grit to succeed. It will help if you have faith and confidence in your abilities. Communication with your colleagues and society will help in the growth of the relationship.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for CAPRICORN

This month for all  Capricorns, it's a good news month. Indications of assistance from a young person or a faithful friend. It's a month of completion of projects.

Travelling is indicated. Also, with travel collaborations or putting plans into action. Worries are likely to be lessened. You will be more enthusiastic about change and growth; at the same time, patience would bring its own rewards.

Financially delays one might experience this month. You are required to be more careful while handling money. So it is advisable to please spend carefully. You need to maintain balance in you emotionally too. In relationships, you need to make strong decisions.

THE MOON CARD- This month conveys a message to you through your dreams and subconscious mind.  You need to listen to your inner voice and pay heed to it.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for AQUARIUS

For all Aquarians, April is the month that focuses on sudden and complete change. Certain unexpected events, but changes for your growth and positive approach. It would help if you accepted that old forms collapse and give way to new forms for the better.

You might prefer to be alone, as there are high chances of you taking things to heart. Emotionally might be drained. So you have to be objective, as only then can progress be possible.

THE HERMIT CARD- The importance of wisdom and self-understanding.This is the time for meditation, understanding, acceptance, and time for reflection. You can meet someone who can serve as a physical or a spiritual guide. Success through awakening your inner self.

THE FOOL CARD-For this month indicates new opportunities leading to new heights. Also, it is the month of self-discovery,

 with confidence, fun, and optimism.

Travel on cards for growth and relationships. Romantically involved will come in commitment.


April 2021 Monthly Tarot Reading for PISCES

April is the month for favorable results for the examination you have appeared in. Also, for students and employees, it's a month for research and study.

This is the month that signifies movement towards positive changes with a disciplined mind. You will indeed find all solutions to problems. It would be best if you also control your emotions, simultaneously putting in all your efforts to make your dreams come true.

STAR CARD – It indicates the end of difficulties. You are likely to feel a sense of calmness and relief. There will be enough freedom and space within a relationship to make it successful.

There is a focus on the development of potential for advancement. You are seen building foundations for future success.

STRENGTH CARD, The focus is on courage and moving with conviction. You will surely have inner resources to come out from a situation as a winner if you put your heart and mind into it.

Tarot Mansi

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