Sun Transit in Libra On 17th October 2020

Fri, Oct 16, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Oct 16, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Sun Transit in Libra On 17th October 2020

The Sun will transit to Libra on the 17th of October 2020 at 7:22 AM (IST) and remain debilitated (i.e. neech) for a whole month. This transit will end on the 16th of November 2020 at 07:10 AM (IST) when the Sun moves to Scorpio.

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Every planet becomes exalted or debilitated after a fixed period of time – it’s a cyclical phenomenon. The Sun mostly turns debilitated in Libra at this time of the year. In Vedic astrology, the Sun represents the Father and other forms of authority. It stands for boldness, decisiveness, professional superiors, the government and law enforcement agencies. The eyes, bones and head are controlled by the Sun. The Sun also represents the soul, subconscious mind and knowledge. Although the Sun represents the soul which cannot turn neech, several effects will be felt by one and all during this transit.

The likely influence of this transit, for all the zodiac signs, has been discussed below:

The Sun will transit to the 7th house and is likely to deliver negative results. There will be many episodes of discord with your partner – be it your spouse of your business partner. Control your anger; avoid wrathful speech at all costs. There is absolutely no room for entering into debates or heated arguments especially at the work place. Note that this is not a good time to change jobs. You may also find it tough to cope with your children during this period. Try to spend time with yourself; meditation will prove very beneficial.


The Sun will transit to the 6th house and is likely to deliver positive results. Diseases and ailments will fix themselves. Your ability to fight back will strengthen during this period, so make the most of it to counter people and events that have been bothering you for a long while. Your enemies will stay right out of your way. Work may be challenging but equally rewarding. Accept new responsibilities at work; this will gain you much appreciation from the management. The time is right to take competitive examinations. The time is also right to incur capital expenses. Life will be work-focussed, so pace yourself accordingly.



The Sun will transit to the 5th house and is likely to deliver mixed results. Keep close track of your overall mental and physical health. Stomach related problems may surface. You would be well-advised to counter it with a healthy lifestyle. This is the time to be action-oriented. New learning pursuits can turn rewarding in the near future. Enrol for seminars and workshops or take short courses to upgrade your skills.  Stay close to your children; there will be many opportunities to bond with them. Short distance travel which is related to work will be fruitful during this period.

The Sun will transit to the 4th house and is likely to deliver mixed results. Maintain your calm while dealing with family. Temporarily delegate decision-making to someone in the family, as you are apt to make mistakes during this period. Avoid involving yourself in matters related to real estate. Drive safely and make sure road rage doesn’t get the better of you. The pace of work may get aggressive, but it can be rewarding if you control the flow of your energy. All efforts made during this period will yield benefits for a long time to come. Your superiors will acknowledge your hard work, so make sure you showcase your talents well.

The Sun will transit to the 3rd house and is likely to deliver positive results. Your confidence will boom and you will take on life in a bold manner. You may have the tendency to turn too authoritative; keep that under check.  Your decision-making abilities, especially when it comes to prioritising things, will sharpen during this period. This is a good time to clear your desk of pending tasks. This should also be a good time for your Father. Try to take the lead in family matters. Several memorable family events are in the offing. Work-related travel will be rewarding. Your cash flow / income will improve during the transit period.


The Sun will transit to the 2nd house and is likely to deliver mixed results. Your manner of speaking will be dominating due to which some people may disassociate with you. Try to be polite while being in a position of command, and there could be some wonderful results heading your way. This may be a good time for introspection and retrospection, which will help you may gain a better direction in life. Seek professional advice before making any capital expenditure. It may be a good time to review your long-term investment portfolio. Avoid reacting to random family squabbles; play it easy and cool.


The Sun will transit to Lagna or the 1st house and is likely to deliver mixed results. You need to stay on an even keel throughout the transit period. Anger will kill any good results that could be coming your way. Stop yourself from developing an antagonistic attitude towards your spouse. Limit your social interactions during this period; you would do well to confine yourself to work only. Accept criticism with humility. There will be opportunities for self-improvement in the near future. Try non-verbal modes of communication while dealing with clients. Meditation and worship will yield solace.


The Sun will transit to the 12th house and is likely to deliver positive results. You may benefit from foreign connections at work. In fact, travelling abroad during this period will be very advantageous. This is a wonderful time to balance the material and spiritual sides of your life. Having a charitable disposition will be of great help. Going on a pilgrimage will yield much solace. Be careful while interacting with the female gender and stay professional in your dealings. Proceed with care while practising authority, and don’t bend the rules for anyone. Rapport with your professional seniors will improve during this period, therefore this may be a good time to ask for special favours. 


The Sun will transit to the 11th house and is likely to deliver positive results. Your overall luck, especially at work, will improve during the course of this transit. Your positive approach and your confidence will lead to many out-of-the-box ideas; don’t hesitate to express yourself. You can expect the support of those around you. This is a good period for you, so let the adrenalin flow and your zeal show. Your superiors will be pleased enough with your performance to grant you special favours. You will benefit from your father or vice versa. Spend quality time with his during the course of this transit. Your income will remain smooth during this period; in fact, there could even be a rise in income. All in all, this will be a rewarding time for you.


The Sun will transit to the 10th house and is likely to deliver positive results. Don’t approach things in a rush and keep a check on impulsive behaviour if you want to be rewarded during this transit. Your Sun will turn Digbali, i.e. directionally strong, and protect you from all negativities. The work situation will be stable and is likely to progress well. Filter high-risk projects and accept only what suits your risk appetite. It may be a good time to sort out family matters, especially related to property, as the law is likely to go in your favour. An attractive job opportunity may head your way, which is likely to turn very rewarding in the future. Stay alert! Your income will be stable during this period. 


The Sun will transit to the 9th house and is likely to deliver mixed results. Remember that adamant behaviour will get you nowhere. In fact, it can seriously impair a happy married life. You would be well advised to limit your people-interactions during the course of this transit. New associations may head your way at work. Be discerning and side-step those that are likely to create problems. Say ‘No’ to shortcuts to success. Undertake work-related travel as it can open up new vistas for career growth. Avoid capital expenditure. Make sure you have no conflicts with your father.


The Sun will transit to the 8th house and is likely to deliver negative results. Keep a very close track of your health; there is no room for a careless attitude when it comes to your well-being. Book yourself for a comprehensive medical check-up; your immunity is likely to be low during this period. Don’t partake in immoral activities and don’t break any laws or there will be serious repercussions. Your debt servicing ability may be temporarily hit, but there is no cause for panic. Avoid taking risks at work; just stick to your routine tasks. Your enemies may try to tarnish your image, so stay alert. You may develop a sudden interest in the occult during this period.


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya

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