Solar Eclipse 2020 in India

Tue, Dec 24, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Dec 24, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Solar Eclipse 2020 in India

The solar eclipse 2020 taking place on 21 of June 2020 is a major astrological event which is considered double in nature as during this time planet Sun is in fire sign Gemini ( Mithun Rashi). Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and malefic Ketu are already positioned in  Sagittarius, during the eclipse. Consequences of this eclipse can be experienced for the next three months. In certain parts of the world, the climate can also have some negative impact. Some interruptions can be seen in correspondence, transportation etc. This eclipse is supposed to give some disturbance on the political front also. This eclipse will prompt versatility, the dynamic and monetary benefit for certain people. It will give a new perspective on different things, such as a medical problem, monetarily or business and job-related. To know more about the impact of this solar eclipse on your horoscope, consult the famous astrologer Ruchee Mittal now!


Impact of Solar Eclipse 21st June 2020 on Various Zodiac Signs



Sun rules the fifth house for your sign. The solar eclipse is happening in the ninth house, connected with karma more than other things. Some significant leap or growth in issue related to job or business is anticipated here. There is a strong possibility of being stuck in situations if any lately. No significant medical problems. You may create a new path to build good inflow of cash now. Nothing should prevent you from working on your passion or building a strong strategy for professional goals



Sun governs the fourth house for your sign. Solar eclipse 2020 in India timings 9:16 AM is happening in the eighth house for your sign. There are good chances for you to pursue a spiritual journey and continue if you have been already pursuing it.  You need to discover your true essence. Overcome the fear of losing control and open yourself to explore your inner possibilities. This eclipse can open the way to gain from legacy for you if pending from a long time. But you have to stay cautious about general wellbeing in the following time. There are chances at workplace someone might try to take credit for your hard work. 



Sun controls the third house for your sign. Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs in the seventh house for your sign. Considering this, you will have to stay cautious about your wellbeing in the coming time. You should identify and work on any issue with your spouse or partner or colleague to make your relationship stronger. Keep correspondence alive to maintain amiability with your companion. Thoroughly check minute detail if working on any documents and records. Take due care to keep up harmony with near and dear ones in the family. Try to apply healthy limits in personal and professional relationships. Identify what your responsibility is, and what the work of others is. Work on trust, not on dependence.



Sun rules the second house which is connected with money and family mostly. Eclipse is happening in the 6th house from your sign. This can help you to put an end to toxic relationships (including the one you have with yourself). The balance will be there between the couple. You will need to review a business or legal agreements. You will be coming up as a good communicator in public and money related matters will also get better. You will be able to clear obstacles in your path if any. You should ensure to take the necessary steps to meet unforeseen expenses. No significant medical problem is probably going to trouble you shortly.



Sun owns your sign. Eclipse is happening in the fifth house for your sign. There will be a feeling of fullness or contentment. You should be focusing on your integral well-being. Practise better time management, greater productivity, and less effort for optimization of the work routine. You may have to sort a significant issue, if any, in which you are sincerely involved. You should take enough care when talking to someone who is going through a tough time and please do not say anything which can hurt anyone unreasonably. You have to take due care of your wellbeing. Do consider your options with a long term vision before deciding for any major investment or deals



Sun rules your 12th house. Eclipse is occurring in 4th sign. You must pay attention to household and family matters. Take extra care for your well being, try not to disregard even minor looking medical problem. Middle-aged or older people need to take due care about pestering old medical problem. You may need to pay more attention to the choice of words when dealing professionally. Channelize your inspiration into personal projects. Ask yourself, if you use the moments of relaxation to recharge energy or as a distraction to avoid what is important to you.



The eleventh house is ruled by the sun and eclipse is happening in the third house from your sign. Take due care during travel. Keep off from any argument or debate, in general. There are chances of gains and expenses in coming time. Please do take care of your monetary things and budget your finances in a way to keep aside a certain amount for future. You need to learn to be your own mother, loving yourself, imposing discipline when necessary, and protecting yourself from what is trying to diminish you, especially the old beliefs that sabotage your path.



The Sun is the ruler of the tenth house for you and eclipse is falling in the second house, which is connected with finances and family for your sign. Keep a check on your accounts consciously to avoid any kind of discrepancy further. While investing have a long term vision in your mind to have a profitable outcome. You must be cautious about medical problems especially if you are middle-aged or older. Get a thorough checkup done. Check if your actions and thoughts correspond with the reality you want to create, or you can become your worst enemy.



Solar eclipse in India 2020 is happening in your own sign. You need to be careful about your health in general. You will need to follow a strict healthy food routine to take care of stomach related issues. Some new important relationships can come in life shortly whereas some previous relationships may blur away. You might feel some roadblocks in general life if you will not be staying mindful about the ground reality of life. This will be a great time to follow your spiritual path if you have been looking for that from some time. Focus on releasing old values and possessions, which are not aligned with your present moment, and aspirations for the future.



The eighth house is governed by Sun for your sign. Eclipse is happening in 12th house from your sign. You might feel upset with most of the events happening around as the effect of this eclipse. Keep your concentration levels high on the work/project in hand to complete it on time. Future things will be handled as and when they will come. Be extra cautious about your health. This is the time for personal reinvention and adjustment of objectives and strategies. Pursue all your long pending spiritual desires to gain an extra benefit of this transit. Follow a proper budget to manage finances in good ways.



Seventh house lord sun will be going through eclipse in the eleventh house, connected with gain for your sign. There will be good financial gains coming in life which will be giving you a great sigh of relief. On money related front you will start feeling quite independent and more giving. But try to be cool to maintain harmony and consistency in the relationship. On the professional front, things will be great and will be getting even better in times to come. You might start feeling detachment towards people from the past, who will try to drag you into draining zone emotionally or mentally. Your intuition will be on higher self.



You might get interested in joining community projects, and connecting with people who share similar ideas and interests which will bring you to big surprises. This solar eclipse 2020 in India is taking place on 21  June 2020 at 9:11 AM. When the time comes, do not be afraid to take the lead. Those who are in a relationship will need to practice patience, harmony and balanced approach towards the partner to have warmth and integrity in the relationship. Health will be good in general but do take care if on medication for some ongoing illness. Be prompt to catch any opportunity coming your way. Take care of your words during communication.


Ruchee Mittal
Renowned Astrologer




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