What Does Your Soul Urge Number Reveal About You?

Wed, Jan 17, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jan 17, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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What Does Your Soul Urge Number Reveal About You?

The Universe speaks to us in many cryptic languages, and numbers are one of them. But what enables us to communicate with the cosmos in this strange lingo? You guessed it right - Numerology!

This concept revolves around demystifying every crucial dimension of our life, be it our destiny, purpose, or personality.

So, in this blog, let’s deep dive into one such important numerological expression - the Soul Urge Number - and understand everything about its meaning, significance, and more. Let’s begin!

Meaning of Soul Urge Number

What do we get when we break down the term “soul urge?” Heart’s desire, right? Well, that’s what this numerological number expresses.

Calculated with the help of your name, in numerology, the Soul Urge Number gives a glimpse into your soul - denoting your passion, personality, and everything in between. Just like its alias, this number gives insights into what your heart “desires” the most. 

Understanding Soul Urge in Numerical Terms

Now that you know the Soul Urge Number’s meaning in numerology, let us show you how to calculate it. 

Step 1: Write down your full name (including your middle name, if any).

Step 2: Separate the vowels present in your name.

Step 3: Replace them with the numbers assigned to them in numerology.

Step 4: Add them up to arrive at a single digit.

Refer below to find out a letter’s numerological value, as per the Chaldean Numerology system.

  • A, I, J, Q, Y = 1
  • B, K, R = 2
  • C, G, L, S = 3
  • D, M, T = 4
  • E, H, N, X = 5
  • U, V, W = 6
  • O, Z = 7
  • F, P = 8

Now, here’s a quick example.

Let’s take a name, say, Sanjana Gupta.

In this name, there are five vowels - SANJANA GUPT

As mentioned in the above chart,

A = 1

U = 6

Hence, the Soul Urge Number for this name is;

A + A + A + U + A 

= 1 + 1 + 1 + 6 + 1 

= 10

= 1 + 0 

= 1

So, the Soul Urge Number is 1.

Characteristics of Different Soul Urge Numbers

Every Soul Urge Number is unique. So, if you’re wondering what’s the meaning of yours, here’s the answer.

Soul Urge Number 1: These individuals are ambitious and independent with typical leadership qualities.

Soul Urge Number 2: People with this Soul Urge Number are emotional and sensitive. For them, love is an utmost necessity. 

Soul Urge Number 3: Positive, creative, and lively - these words aptly capture the characteristics of a person with Soul Urge Number 3. 

Soul Urge Number 4: These individuals are practical and diligent. They value stability and discipline more than anything in life.

Soul Urge Number 5: Charming, curious, and joyous, people with Soul Urge Number 5 are adventurous with a knack for exploration. 

Soul Urge Number 6: Individuals with this Soul Urge Number are highly nurturing. They are very caring and love peace. 

Soul Urge Number 7: These individuals possess a certain inclination towards acquiring knowledge and are analytical. They are also quite independent and highly spiritual. 

Soul Urge Number 8: People with Soul Urge Number 8 value possessions. They prioritize wealth and power the most.

Soul Urge Number 9: Generous and kind, these individuals are humanitarian by nature. They seek perfection and are highly driven. 

Want to explore more about your Soul Urge Number? Get in touch with an Astroyogi expert today!

Importance of Soul Urge Number in Your Life

In numerology, the Soul Urge Number holds immense significance as it directly affects many important aspects of life. For instance:

  • This number helps you understand your true personality.
  • This number reveals your deepest passion and talent.
  • Your Soul Urge Number is closely associated with your decision-making capability
  • This number also unveils how you view the world and whether you’re a pessimist or an optimist.
  • Numerological insights into one’s Soul Urge Number may sometimes also reveal why they feel connected to certain things. 

Summing Up

The Soul Urge Number is an important numerological data that concisely unfolds many truths about a person’s personality, passion, and desire that even they may not be aware of. Thus, it’s advisable to know this number, especially if you’re entering into a relationship. 

Today, we delved into the meaning and significance of the Soul Urge Number. Additionally, we also explored the nature of each number. For more details and guidance, connect with the numerologists at Astroyogi.

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