Discover The Best Dates with The March Shubh Muhurat Guide

Mon, Mar 06, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Mar 06, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Discover The Best Dates with The March Shubh Muhurat Guide

The secret to ensuring success in every venture is always adhering to the Shubh Muhurats! Keep scrolling down to check out the detailed chronicle of the best March Shubh Muhurats you shouldn’t miss out on! 

The ‘Shubh Muhurat’ is the opportune time for doing any important task, as during this time, the celestial bodies’ alignment blesses any endeavor you undertake. When one adheres to an auspicious Muhurat for starting a momentous task or performing auspicious events like marriage, Griha Pravesh, or even purchasing property and vehicles, it leads to strong possibilities for the successful completion of work, promising results and bringing prosperity and happiness in their lives. 

Hence, take full advantage of the monthly Shubh Muhurats to capitalize on everything March offers.

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Shubh Muhurat: March 2023

Here is an in-depth list of the March Shubh Muhurats, as per the Indian Standard Time (IST), that you must keep an eye on. 

Favorable Name Ceremony Muhurat in March 2023

For every household, the arrival of a newborn in the family is a joyous occasion. As soon as the baby is born, picking the right name is crucial for the baby’s parents and family members. After all, our name offers us our identity. Undoubtedly, it is an integral part of who we are. Your name is believed to possess vital energy that helps the baby to have comprehensive growth and shapes the baby’s destiny and character. Hence, a baby’s name should be decided not in haste but with proper thought.  

An important sacrament amongst the sixteen sacraments, the Namkaran ceremony, is believed to give lifelong results to the newborn child when conducted with complete faith by the baby’s loved ones at an auspicious Naming Muhurat. When the newborn baby’s name is decided, and the ceremony is conducted at an auspicious Name ceremony Muhurat under the guidance of astrologers, the child will enjoy success and fortune in all manners in life. So, always adhere to an auspicious Naming Muhurat.

Given below is the detailed chronicle of Namkaran or name ceremony Muhurats. 

  • 1st March 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 06:50 AM to 09:52 AM 

  • 3rd March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 03:43 PM to 06:47 AM, 4th March 2023 (Saturday)

  • 9th March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 04:20 AM to 05:57 AM, 10th March 2023 (Friday)

  • 13th March 2023 (Monday), Muhurat- 08:21 AM to 06:36 AM, 14th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  • 17th March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 04:47 AM to 06:31 AM, 18th March 2023 (Saturday)

  • 19th March 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- 06:30 AM to 10:04 PM

  • 22nd March 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 06:27 AM to 01:22 PM, 24th March 2023 (Friday)

  • 26th March 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- 02:01 PM to 06:20 AM, 28th March 2023 (Tuesday)

Best Time to Start A New Business in March 2023

Many people want to try their hands at businesses to earn money. However, starting a business requires a lot of funds, hard work, and time. One thing that you should remember while starting a business is that the right start can ensure that your business will thrive and be successful. 

Who wants to be successful in their new business venture? Everyone does! When you follow the monthly Shubh Muhurat to start a new business, the stars, and the planetary configurations ensure good luck, better fortune, and considerable financial gains. Whether you are setting up a start-up, starting a new business, or opening a shop, doing so in accordance with the Shubh Muhurat will ensure growth, success, and more profits. So, if you want your business to thrive every step of the way, Astroyogi astrologers advise you to follow the monthly Shubh Muhurats diligently.

Consider the below-mentioned Shubh Muhurat or auspicious time to start a new business venture. Remember, the right start can make or break your business’s chance of success!

  • 13th March 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- 08:50 AM to 12:00 PM

Favorable Marriage Muhurat in March 2023

Marriage is the holiest of the unions that not only brings two individuals together, but it also is the coming together of two families. Apart from being a life-altering event, marriage is a lifelong commitment wherein you and your partner face life's highs and lows together. Every person getting married wishes for their marital life to be filled with good times. To ensure this, choosing an auspicious marriage Muhurta becomes a necessity!

The wedding day marks the beginning of the lifelong journey of two individuals. For such an important day, people want the celestial bodies to be in favor, so choosing an auspicious marriage Muhurta for the nuptials becomes crucial. If you don’t want to begin your marital life on a bad note, select an auspicious date and time for your wedding. An auspicious marriage Muhurta can make sure that you enjoy a stable, blissful, and harmonious married life. On the other hand, if you use an inauspicious Muhurta for your nuptials, there might be troubles in your marital life.

Here are the marriage Muhurtas for March 2023. Check them out! 

  • 1st March 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 06:47 AM to 09:52 AM

  • 5th March 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- 04:09 AM to 06:41 AM, 6th March 2023

  • 6th March 2023 (Monday), Muhurat- 06:41 AM to 04:17 PM

  • 9th March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 09:08 PM to 05:57 AM, 10th March 2023

  • 11th March 2023 (Saturday), Muhurat- 07:11 AM to 07:52 PM

  • 13th March 2023 (Monday), Muhurat- 08:21 AM to 05:11 PM

Auspicious Time for Purchasing Property in March 2023

Properties are a good investment because they offer good returns and many other benefits. Apart from making life more comfortable, investing in property can bring you monetary benefits if you decide to resell after its value has been appreciated or rent it. However, you must be aware that buying a property is a major expense as it often involves the buyer’s life savings. This is why everyone wants to make a financially feasible decision that will be of value in the long run. As it's a significant financial decision, every important aspect of the purchase should be thoroughly considered before making the final decision. Picking a suitable date and time is one such aspect that should be given priority.

Astroyogi astrologers always recommend purchasing the land and getting the Puja done in accordance with a Shubh Muhurat. Referring to the Hindu Panchang to select the correct date and time can ensure some good benefits, ultimately making your life more comfortable. Not buying a property at an inauspicious time can cause you trouble. Hence, to make it a quality purchase, adhere to the March Shubh Muhurats. 

Here are the auspicious timings for purchasing a property. 

  • 2nd March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 12:43 PM to 06:45 AM, 3rd March 2023

  • 3rd March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 06:45 AM to 03:43 PM

  • 16th March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 06:30 AM to 04:47 AM, 17th March 2023 

  • 23rd March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 06:22 AM to 02:08 PM

  • 30th March 2023 (Thursday, Muhurat- 06:14 AM to 10:59 PM

  • 31st March 022 (Friday), Muhurat- 01:57 AM to 06:12 AM, 1st April 2023

Favorable Griha Pravesh Muhurat in March 2023 

Your home is where you and your family can be secure. It is where you find respite from the outside world and where you can share your happiness and sadness with your near and dear ones. It is a place to build memories and future wealth. Therefore, when purchasing a house, people must check every element of their new abode so that it can bring them prosperity, positivity, luck, and fortune. One of the things you must focus on to ensure that you can have a life filled with contentment in your new living space is the Griha Pravesh Muhurta for the housewarming ceremony. The housewarming or Griha Pravesh ceremony is a Puja performed by folks before entering a new residence. 

The right date and timing are an absolute necessity if you wish to perform a Griha Pravesh ceremony. When the ceremony is done at an auspicious time according to the Hindu calendar, it ensures positive energy in the living space. Adhering to a Griha Pravesh Muhurta can help to eliminate Doshas and negativities so that you can obtain the positive influence of the celestial bodies and seek divine blessings. Therefore, you must always perform this pious ritual before moving into or occupying anything in your new dwelling.  

Below are the Griha Pravesh Muhurtas in March 2023, so glance at these. 

  • 1st March 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 06:47 AM to 09:52 AM

  • 8th March 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 06:39 AM to 04:20 AM, 9th March 2023

  • 9th March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 05:57 AM to 06:37 AM, 10th March 2023

  • 10th March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 06:37 AM to 09:42 PM

  • 13th March 2023 (Monday), Muhurat- 09:27 PM to 06:33 AM, 14th March 2023

  • 16th March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 04:47 AM to 06:29 AM, 17th March 2023

  • 17th March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 06:29 AM to 02:46 AM, 18th March 2023

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Auspicious Time to Buy Vehicles in March 2023

It’s no surprise that owning a vehicle is a huge deal; for some, it is even the purchase of a lifetime. Everyone who decides to purchase a car or any other vehicle wishes to make a quality purchase that makes commuting and life convenient and adds value to their life. So, are you planning to purchase a car? If yes, one of the most important things that should be given importance is finding out the best day to purchase a vehicle. 

Complete knowledge of the monthly Shubh Muhurats is a must for purchasing any vehicle. When a vehicle is purchased at an opportune and appropriate Muhurat, it can bring good fortune. It is also believed to bring the vehicle owner prosperity, luck, and success. On the other hand, if you purchase a vehicle at an inauspicious time, there are chances of mishaps or accidents. 

So, remember to check the auspicious timings when purchasing a vehicle. Here is the auspicious time to buy vehicles in March 2023.

  • 1st March 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 06:47 AM to 09:52 AM

  • 2nd March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 12:43 PM to 06:45 AM, 3rd March 2023

  • 3rd March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 06:45 AM to 09:11 AM

  • 9th March 2023 (Thursday), Muhurat- 08:54 PM to 06:37 AM, 10th March 2023

  • 10th March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 06:37 AM to 09:42 PM

  • 12th March 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- 06:35 AM to 08:00 AM 

  • 13th March 2023 (Monday), Muhurat- 08:21 AM to 09:27 PM

  • 19th March 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- 08:07 AM to 04:55 AM, 20th March 2023

  • 26th March 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- 02:01 PM to 06:17 AM, 27th March 2023

  • 27th March 2023 (Monday), Muhurat- 06:17 AM to 05:27 PM

  • 29th March 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 08:07 PM to 09:07 PM

  • 31st March 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- 06:13 AM to 01:57 AM,1st April 2023

Important Festivals of The Month of March 2023 That You Should Know

Below are the major festivals of the month of March 2023 that you should keep an eye on. 

  1. Amalaki Ekadashi- 3rd March 2023 (Friday)

  2. Masi Magam- 6th March 2023 (Monday)

  3. Holika Dahan- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  4. Chhoti Holi- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  5. Vasant Purnima- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  6. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  7. Lakshmi Jayanti- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  8. Dol Purnima- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  9. Attukal Pongala- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  10. Phalguna Purnima- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  11. Holi- 8th March 2023 (Wednesday)

  12. International Women's Day- 8th March 2023 (Wednesday)

  13. Holi Bhai Dooj- 9th March 2023 (Thursday)

  14. Shivaji Jayanti- 10th March 2023 (Friday)

  15. Bhalachandra Sankashti Chaturthi- 11th March 2023 (Saturday)

  16. Ranga Panchami- 12th March 2023 (Sunday)

  17. Sheetala Saptami- 14th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  18. Sheetala Ashtami- 15th March 2023 (Wednesday)

  19. Meena Sankranti- 15th March 2023 (Wednesday)

  20. Karadaiyan Nombu- 15th March 2023 (Wednesday)

  21. Papmochani Ekadashi- 18th March 2023 (Saturday)

  22. Vernal Equinox- 21st March 2023 (Tuesday)

  23. Ugadi- 22nd March 2023 (Wednesday)

  24. Gudi Padwa- 22nd March 2023 (Wednesday)

  25. Chaitra Ghatasthapana- 22nd March 2023 (Wednesday)

  26. Cheti Chanda- 22nd March 2023 (Wednesday

  27. Shaheed Diwas- 23rd March 2023 (Thursday)

  28. Matsya Jayanti- 24th March 2023 (Friday)

  29. Gangaur Puja- 24th March 2023 (Friday)

  30. Lakshmi Panchami- 25th March 2023 (Saturday)

  31. Yamuna Chhath- 27th March 2023 (Monday)

  32. Rama Navami- 30th March 2023 (Thursday)

Full Moon And New Moon Days in March 2023

Below are the dates that you must know.

  • Full Moon Day- 7th March 2023 (Tuesday)

  • New Moon Day- 21st March 2023 (Tuesday)

Planetary Transits in March 2023

Here are the major planetary transits of the month of March. 

  • Venus transit in Aries- 12th March 2023 (Sunday), 08:37 AM

  • Mars transit in Gemini- 13th March 2023 (Monday), 05:33 AM

  • Sun transit in Pisces- 15th March 2023 (Wednesday), 06:47 AM

  • Mercury transit in Pisces- 16th March 2023 (Thursday), 10:54 AM

  • Mercury transit in Aries- 31st March 2023 (Friday), 03:01 PM

What Makes Shubh Muhurat Important?

A Shubh Muhurat is a must whether you wish to tie the knot, plan to do a Namkaran ceremony for your bundle of joy, or start a new business. This is because the success of any venture depends on the auspicious time and date. Thus, checking the monthly Shubh Muhurat for all auspicious work is imperative. The ‘Shubh Muhurat’ is the auspicious time when important tasks can be done. It is a selected good period for any special task. 

Since ancient times, calculating the auspicious timings before any important work or religious event has been an ongoing tradition. Hindus have always believed certain dates to be more auspicious than others; hence, the auspiciousness of a certain date is a vital factor that should be assessed. 

Following the monthly Shubh Muhurats assures that the results will bring you bliss, success, and riches. Sometimes despite all the hard work and efforts, some tasks deliver unexpected bad results or cause failure. This is because of the unfavorable timings. When people do not consider an auspicious time for doing any activity, there is a high likelihood that they will encounter problems or fail to get the expected results. 

Therefore it is best recommended to choose the best window of time, so look into the Shubh Muhurats 2023 before doing any important work. 

Do you have any further questions about the March Shubh Muhurats? If so, reach out to the Astroyogi astrologers for detailed information.

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