6 Numerology Numbers Who’ll Have Amazing Luck in January 2024!

Tue, Dec 26, 2023
Astro Bhanu
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Tue, Dec 26, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Astro Bhanu
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6 Numerology Numbers Who’ll Have Amazing Luck in January 2024!

January has arrived, and as the first month of the new year 2024, the question of how the days ahead will unfold for everyone may prevail. So, in this numerology prediction for January 2024 for all birth numbers, let's find out.

What Does Numerology Prediction for January 2024 Reveal?

Welcome to 2024, the universal year number 8, and the Chinese horoscope's "Year of the Wood Dragon." There is a distinct energy and influence to the year. This year is about the struggle for everything in the world and about justice, power, abundance, low living, power, determination, and dedication. According to numerology predictions, the year 2024 is associated with Number 8, and it’s the year of Saturn, Karma, and destiny. 

The year will open up many new opportunities and bring long-overdue tasks in both personal and professional life to completion. There will be an increase in certain oil and energy-related businesses. There will be a boom in the steel, iron, gold, and brass industries for some metals. Construction of civil engineering works will increase. Businesses will have improved prospects. There will be obstacles to overcome and obligations to fulfill.

Let's take a look at what the first month of the new year, January 2024, will be like for everyone based on numerology predictions for January 2024.

Number 1: Numerology Predictions for January 2024

  • People born on the dates of 01, 10, 19, and 28 of any month.
  • Quality: Leadership

Dear number 1 natives, January will be filled with events as a result of your birth number, which is accompanied by an opposite combination of number 8. The Sun and Saturn, which have a father-son relationship, the boss and subordinates, will work together to make progress. 

This month, the number 1 individuals will be admired for their leadership, daring, and hard work qualities. According to the monthly numerology prediction, new assignments, projects, and endeavors, some of which will be visionary projects, will go a long way. 

People in jobs and services will have a good month, but most will have some conflict with their bosses. A job change or a change of boss is likely.

This will be a busy month for students and scholars. There will be good guidance coming their way. In addition, number 1 natives will rule the show regarding family and relationships. Read more about Numerology Number 1 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Dates - 01, 10, 19, and 28. 
  • Favorable Day - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. 
  • Favorable Color - Orange.
  • Remedy - Offer water to the Sun God on Sundays.

Number 2: Numerology Predictions for January 2024

  • Those born on the dates 02, 11, and 20 of any month.
  • Quality: Mediator

Dear birth number 2 natives, your numerology horoscope for January reveals that the month will be full of activities involving movement, going around, short trips, and business entrepreneurship. There will be frequent business travels, with profits coming easily.  

Professionals and those with jobs will notice movement and increased cash flow throughout the month. Additional income and bonuses will be present that will help increase intangible assets and bonuses. There will be business communications that result in profitable outcomes. 

During this time, scholars and students will enjoy themselves and have a good time. You'll be doing a lot of good deeds and gaining positive energy from the universe in return. 

Family, social, and romantic life will be in full swing, and there will be a strong bond in the family, particularly with the mother. Life with your partner will be romantic, love life will be on a high note this month, and things will be pretty good. Read more about Numerology Number 2 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Dates - 2, 11, and 20.
  • Favorable Days - Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. 
  • Favorable Color - Milky white.
  • Remedy - Pray to Lord Shiva. 

Number 3: Numerology Prediction for January 2024

  • Born on the dates 03, 12, 21, and 30 of any month.
  • Quality: Diplomat

Dear number 3 natives, January 2024 will be one of your best months. You are in the best form of your business, and there will be good growth. With your knowledge and wisdom, you will face and justify all challenges. Throughout the month, you will find success in all of your business endeavors. You may receive some favors from the government.

Those in jobs and professions will do well this month, with the possibility of a promotion and success. There will be new job opportunities, and you may decide to change careers. According to the monthly numerology number prediction, there will be excellent opportunities for advancement in existing profiles. 

Family and relationships will be positive, and you will take charge and guide the family in the right direction with your wisdom. A happy event is likely to occur during the month. Read more about Numerology Number 3 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Dates - 3, 12, 21, and 30.
  • Favorable Days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. 
  • Favorable Color - Yellow 
  • Remedy - Pray to Lord Vishnu.

Number 4: Numerology Prediction for January 2024

  • People born on dates 04, 13, and 22 of any month.
  • Quality: Karma

Dear number 4 natives, your current business and independent work may encounter some hurdles. Take necessary precautions to reduce these obstacles. Some very large new ventures will also be launched, and they will be successful.

You will be laying the groundwork for every area of your life now. Lose your small worries and concentrate on your long-term goals instead of letting them hold you back from success. 

Those in jobs and professions may go for long-distance travel, possibly foreign and out of outside borders. They will initiate new assignments and big works. It is possible for existing organizations to grow in size.

There will be less communication within the family and relationships. A stressful atmosphere may prevail for some time. Read more about Numerology Number 4 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Days - Friday and Saturday. 
  • Favorable Dates - 4, 13, and 22. 
  • Favorable Color - Blue 
  • Remedy - Pray to Lord Kaal Bhairav on Sunday during the Rahu Kaal.

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Number 5: Numerology Prediction January 2024 

  • Born on the dates 05, 15, or 24 of any month.
  • Quality: All-rounder

Dear number 5 natives, your January numerology prediction indicates that this month will be favorable for professional and business endeavors, as well as multitasking. There will be a good degree of achievement. There are financial aspects of assets and money that must be addressed.

Individuals who are employed and have jobs will prosper and make good progress throughout the month.

Relationships could be a source of concern. You might be mistreated in certain relationships. The family atmosphere will be quiet and will require your assistance. 

Unexpected events could occur this month. The month will have numerous direction changes, akin to a roller coaster. You will need to make sure that you fulfill any future obligations. It’ll be a good month for socializing with friends and family and enjoying events. Read more about Numerology Number 5 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Dates - 5, 14, and 23.
  • Favorable Days - Wednesday, Sunday, and Friday.
  • Color - Green 
  • Remedy - Pray to Lord Ganesha.

Number 6: Numerology Prediction for January 2024

  • Born on the 05, 15, and 24 of any month.
  • Quality: All-rounder

Dear number 6 natives, January will bring good money and progress in business. Businesses in the fields of arts, media, beauty, design, and cosmetics will grow well.

Those who have a job and report to someone at work may have difficulties with women. Reducing your involvement with the female folks is advised.

You will be required to keep certain promises. Positive changes can be beneficial to romantic, professional, and familial relationships. In relationships, nurture and care will be essential. Your duty to family and the obligation to serve humankind are your duties. You must fulfill any call to fulfill the responsibility. Read more about Numerology Number 6 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Dates - 6, 15, and 24. 
  • Favorable Days - Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday. 
  • Favorable Color - White
  • Remedy - Pray to Goddess Lakshmi. 

Number 7: Numerology Prediction for January 2024 

  • Born on 07, 16, and 25 of any month.
  • Quality: Faith

Dear number 7 natives, You will be appreciated for your work and receive rewards and gains. The government will extend favors, and long-overdue projects will finally see completion.

People with jobs and independent careers will be highly valued and promoted.  This month, people in academics and students will excel and lead the way in all events.

The numerology horoscope for January advises all number 7 natives to adopt spirituality in their daily routines and lives. In times of difficulty, you have to practice meditation and prayers. Reading spiritual books will give you spiritual fulfillment. Have the companionship of holy people and saints for wisdom and knowledge. Read more about Numerology Number 7 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Days - Wednesday 
  • Favorable Dates - 7, 16, and 25.
  • Favorable Colors: Yellow and Multicolor.
  • Remedy - Pray to Lord Ganesha.

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Number 8: Numerology Prediction for January 2024 

  • Born on the 08, 17, and 26 of any month.
  • Quality: Accomplishment

Dear number 8 natives, January will be one of the best periods for business people and entrepreneurs. Moreover, all of the long-pending tasks will be completed and accomplished. Your hard work will bear fruits this month, and you will achieve success. There are possibilities of issues with workers and employees, so be good with them. 

Working natives and professionals will see positive outcomes from their efforts and struggles. The January numerology prediction indicates that a job promotion and a job change are both very likely.

You will manage your family and relationships well, and you must maintain cordiality among relations in order for your relationships to be harmonious.  There might be an event in the family. Read more about Numerology Number 8 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Dates - 8, 17, and 26.
  • Favorable Days - Saturday 
  • Favorable Color - Black 
  • Remedy - Pray to Lord Shani on Saturdays.  

Number 9: Numerology Prediction for January 2024 

  • Anyone born on the 09, 18, and 27 of any month.
  • Quality: Humanity

Dear number 9 people, the month of January will be extremely beneficial to you. At work, there will be good aggression and command. People in business and entrepreneurs will be successful and reach their goals. They will excel in their fields and communication, and their new ventures will be a success. Those working in agriculture and harvest-related jobs will prosper and reap rewards.

Those in jobs and professions will be successful in their fields, making achievements and receiving accolades. The natives will achieve job changes and new jobs. At work, your superiors and bosses will also change. Your monthly numerology number prediction advises keeping the level of aggression under control, or else things will go wrong.

When it comes to your personal life, you’ll have a good time in family and relationships; you might have the upper hand among your family members this month. They will protect as well as save in times of need. They will also have control over their family affairs and relationships. Read more about Numerology Number 8 Prediction for 2024

  • Favorable Dates - 9, 17, and 27. 
  • Favorable Days - Tuesday 
  • Favorable Color - Brown
  • Remedy - Pray to Lord Hanuman.

*Note: These numerology predictions are based on general readings, and the results may differ for each individual based on their unique numerology charts. For more detailed predictions, analysis, and personalized remedies, please consult Astro Bhanu on Astroyogi!

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