Numerology for January 2023: Is Your Number Lucky This Month?

Fri, Dec 30, 2022
Astro Puujel
  By Astro Puujel
Fri, Dec 30, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Astro Puujel
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Numerology for January 2023: Is Your Number Lucky This Month?

Ready to welcome 2023? Everyone expects a year that gets off to a great start. January indicates great opportunities for people with numerology numbers between 1 and 9. Here are some January numerology predictions and expert advice to help you reflect on your life goals!

January is associated with the root number (or birth number in numerology) 1. And the number 1 is governed by the Sun. Those born in January have attractive personalities and are good-looking. These people are mostly extroverts. They enjoy being the center of attention and are quick learners. These individuals enjoy learning about various subjects and frequently perform multiple tasks. They are also very practical and always make practical decisions in their lives. People are usually unable to argue with number 1 natives because they are always prepared to answer those questions. 

Furthermore, those born in January are frequently seen in high-level positions in government, business, and management. These people are good in business because they enjoy being in charge. They have great ambition and always value their dignity. However, they also have some negative traits and can be too dominant with others sometimes. They must work on improving this aspect of their personality, or people will begin to dislike them.

Numerology is one such wonderful aspect of predictive science that can help you tap into your life and prepare for what is to come, whether good or bad. So, why not look at the January 2023 numerology prediction, which will assist you in gaining more precise insights into various areas of your life?

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January 2023 Predictions For Numbers 1 to 9

See what the January numerology forecasts can tell you about this month's outcomes by reading on. The numerology forecast for January 2023 is provided below, along with suggested remedial solutions.

Birth Number 1 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

The monthly numerology prediction indicates January will be a good month for people born with the number 1. During this month, you must work extremely hard and exert tremendous effort in order to achieve anything. During this time, you may feel very low and lonely. You must prioritize your health at this time. This month will be an average one for you.

Remedy- Do Shiv Abhishek on Monday.

Birth Number 2 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

For people with number 2, January will be a stressful month. You'll feel insecure in all areas. You should start meditating during this period. The good thing is that even if the month can get a little tough, you will have excellent support from your life partner. Those with jobs or businesses that are international in nature will succeed well. Your career will benefit greatly from the month of January. Overall, you'll have a neutral month in January.

Remedy- Chant Krishna Mantra.

Birth Number 3 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

Number 3 born natives will have an amazing start to the year in January. You will reap the benefits of your labor this month. You'll be able to establish beneficial new connections that will benefit you in the long run. This month will also include business trips for you. You have a great chance of beginning a successful new relationship this month. You and your partner will get to spend some quality time together. Overall, the numerology horoscope for January indicates a pleasant time for you this month.

Remedy- Donate books to underprivileged children.

Birth Number 4 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

If your birth number is 4, January will be a good month for you. Your efforts will yield positive results. This is an excellent time for those who work in management. Those in the business world will be very successful during this time. People in the job field must be extremely aware of everything and patient when handling it. Overall, this is an excellent time in your career.

Remedy- Donate woolen clothing to the elderly.

Birth Number 5 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

Those with birth number 5 might experience some difficulties in January. However, those involved in religious activities will benefit from this time. During this time, your personal life may become disturbed. There may be some misunderstandings and disagreements between you and your partner. Spending time together and having fruitful conversations is advised. You will be able to make a lot of money, but there will be no personal fulfillment. This month will also boost your intuition and assist you in making sound decisions. Overall, the numerology prediction for January 2023 indicates that this month is ideal for analyzing everything.

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Remedy- Light a Deepak or Diya (earthen lamp) in front of a Peepal tree on Saturday.

Birth Number 6 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

January 2023 will be a fantastic month for those with number 6. This period will be successful for those involved in creative work of any kind. Those who want to start a new job or business this month should go for it. You'll be able to make a good amount of money this month, but keep an eye out for unnecessary spending. There's a good chance you'll run into some old friends this month. Overall, you'll have a great time this month.

Remedy- Visit a Hanuman temple on Tuesday.

Birth Number 7 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

Individuals with birth number 7 will experience some ups and downs in January, as per the monthly numerology number prediction. You will develop well at your job with new plans and new ideas. Anyone starting a new job or business this month will have full support. People who want to study abroad should try their hardest this month because it will help them a lot. This period will bring positive changes, but it will also be stressful for you in all aspects because things could get challenging at times.

Remedy- Feed the street dogs on Saturday.

Birth Number 8 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

January will be excellent for natives born with the number 8. This period is ideal for making wise investments that will benefit you greatly in the long run. Your smart decisions will open up amazing opportunities for you at work, but your wrong decisions will cause significant harm. Your seniors will be a great source of support for you this month. You will make a lot of money during this time, but you will also spend a lot. Using this month wisely will take you toward great success, and all your right decisions will help you grow a lot. Overall, you will have a fantastic time this month.

Remedy- Donate rose-scented incense to the temple of Goddess Laxmi.

Birth Number 9 - Numerology Prediction for January 2023

If your birth number is 9, January will be a pleasant month for you. This month will provide you with numerous opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and skills in front of others, as well as recognition for being extremely active. You will feel completely energized and positive, which will motivate you to work harder. This month will be a boon to anyone involved in a creative endeavor. It is also a very fruitful month for lovers. For those who want to get married, it's an excellent month for you as you'll have your friends' and family's support. The January numerology prediction suggests that you'll have a wonderful month overall.

Remedy- Keep a silver coin in your pocket.


If you want to learn more about what your January 2023 numerology horoscope can reveal about your life, connect with Astro Puujel on Astroyogi to get a personalized prediction.


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