Narendra Modi Birthday: 5 Top Achievements of PM Modi Led Government

Sat, Sep 17, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Sat, Sep 17, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Narendra Modi Birthday: 5 Top Achievements of PM Modi Led Government

Shri Narendra Modi can be considered one of the best Prime Ministers India has ever had. Yes, people can say that Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was one, and so was Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. But, though no one can deny their achievements in making India feel proud on the world stage, no Prime Minister other than Shri Narendra Modi has succeeded in captivating Indian minds across the globe. The fact that the top leaders in the world love to be on the same stage as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a shining certificate of his governance that is poised to make India a global superpower soon.

Narendra Modi – The Humblest of Backgrounds

Narendra Modi was born in a low-income family on 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar, Mehsana District of Gujarat. However, his life story is so well documented that it does not need to be repeated anywhere. Therefore, we can proudly say that he has made it to the top post through rank and file, his efforts, self-learning, and most importantly, without the help of a popular surname or caste.

Shri Narendra Modi has served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for four consecutive terms. That, by itself, should rank as a tremendous achievement. Shri Narendra Modi will turn 73 on 17 September 2023. Let us join the entire nation in wishing him a happy birthday and pray that he continues to lead India to glory in the coming years. The top five achievements of the Narendra Modi-led Indian Government since 2014 should make every patriotic Indian feel proud.

Narendra Modi was raised from the ashes to as massive as the Prime Minister of India. It happened due to the cumulative efforts of his Karma and Destiny. While you may also have spikes and falls in your life, grabbing the top can be easy with a bit of guidance from an expert. Astroyogi has over a thousand astrologers you can consult now and plan your career wiser.

Make in India – Atmanirbhar Bharat

India became independent on 15 August 1947. But is India independent, in the true sense of the word? Surprisingly, the answer is NO because India depends on various countries to meet its requirements. Of course, we can understand that if we do not have the resources. But it is not so. India has abundant natural resources that can satisfy global requirements. All it needed was a shot in the arm.

Shri Narendra Modi has given this movement an impetus by introducing the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, which translates into Self-Dependent India Campaign. In addition, the Narendra Modi government has encouraged small and micro enterprises to produce more in India instead of depending on imports from countries like China.

The Make in India campaign has proved its worth because it has spurred talented Indians to recognize their inborn capabilities.

The COVID-19 vaccine – India, the world saviour

Shri Narendra Modi faced the ultimate challenge in the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease was spreading like wildfire globally. Initially, everyone in the world felt that COVID-19 was tailor-made to finish India because we are among the densely populated nations in the world. However, India not only survived COVID with proportionately the least damage but also helped the world survive with its indigenously-produced COVID-19 vaccine.

Any government's easiest route would be importing the vaccine from abroad. But Narendra Modi had different ideas. Instead, he chose to tap India's vast human resources and intellectual capacity to develop an indigenous vaccine, another shining example of the Make in India campaign. It can be easy to criticize the government for its various failures during COVID but imagine India's plight if it had to import the vaccine from other countries. The COVID-19 toll would have been monumental.

Demonetization – Controversial but essential

Demonetization might rank as one of the most controversial decisions of the Narendra Modi government. Still, it has ushered in a massive financial revolution that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in a country like India. Today, roadside vendors like tea stalls and flower sellers accept digital payments. We can proudly say that Indians today lead the world in digital payments. Yes, we are ahead of countries like the US, the UK, and other developed economies.

Cynics can always point to the deficiencies of the government in implementing the demonetization program. In hindsight, it is easy to criticize that one should have done things differently. But the question is whether the cynics or the detractors have an alternate solution. The answer is an emphatic NO.

Goods and Services Tax – A milestone achievement

The GST is another significant achievement of the Narendra Modi-led government. People can argue that the foundation for a uniform GST was laid during the previous regimes. But the credit for fructifying the GST should go to Narendra Modi. It might have its shortcomings because India is a vast and diverse economy.

GST will always have its detractors because you cannot please everyone. However, this step of introducing GST benefits the country mainly by eliminating the unregulated service tax, VAT, and state-wise octroi. GST has brought the majority of goods and services in the Indian industry under a common umbrella. The tax structure is a bit complicated. However, it will improve, especially with the consensus of the GST council comprising of the finance ministers of all Indian states.

So, introducing GST is a milestone achievement of the Narendra Modi-led government. But, the critical point is that the Indian people have accepted demonetization and GST. Otherwise, do you think they would have voted Narendra Modi to power for the second time?

Revocation of Article 370 – The Real Bharat Jodo

Shri Narendra Modi always believed that India was never united as long as Article 370 was in force. While it might have given special rights to Jammu and Kashmir, it had permanently excluded them from mainstream India. So, the revocation of Article 370 is a watershed moment in India’s history because it has bestowed Kashmiris with the same rights and privileges that the rest of the Indians enjoy. So, it should qualify as the Real Bharat Jodo rather than the theatrics enacted today by the Indian National Congress in this connection.  

A lot has been achieved, and more is to be done.

We have listed five significant achievements of the Shri Narendra Modi government. There are many more, like the resolution of the Ram Janmabhoomi litigation, the One-Rank-One-Pension scheme, the abolishment of the Triple Talaq, the Balakot Attack, the surgical strikes, etc. There are many more expected in the future, like the full implementation of the CAA and NPR, the formulation of the Uniform Civil Code, and many more.

Wrap it up

Shri Narendra Modi can be considered a true leader of the masses because he always says that the credit for his government’s achievements belongs to the Indian people, whereas the failures are his alone. It is this quality that separates the great from the good.

The greatness of any leader lies in inspiring others to perform. Shri Narendra Modi is a shining example because he often says, “If I can rise from an underprivileged family to the post of the Prime Minister of India, every Indian can tap into their hidden talents and make India proud in one way or the other.”

Such confidence and determination come with extraordinary planning and execution. While everyone wants to be successful, it’s always good to consult an expert for all your future planning. Visit our exclusive page, where you can meet and consult your favorite astrologer.

So, let us all come together and wish our popular Prime Minister a very happy birthday and pray that he continues to lead India to glory.

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