Monthly Tarot Reading for August 2021: Tarot Mansi

Fri, Jul 30, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Jul 30, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Monthly Tarot Reading for August 2021: Tarot Mansi

August is a month of relationships, understanding, meetings, love, and togetherness. The feeling of oneness and the warmth of being together will usher in a new period of merriment. A good bond or partnership is predicted this month. Expect a new chapter of harmony and unity in the month of August. From an unforeseen journey to trusting your judgment while planning for the future, this month has it all. So, planning for the future? We have got you covered.

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ARIES Tarot August 2021

It is the month of stability, peace and harmony. This month brings with it growth in your relationships. You will be an emotionally well-balanced month. New opportunities will come your way and balance the past problems. This is the month for investments, gains, and collaborations. In this month, you will be more straightforward and enthusiastic, energetic.

  • On the professional front, you will have growth in position and power. Your primary focus should be on your ambitions. For all goal-oriented positions, expect to make some wise decisions. 

  • Romantically, this month will usher in some beautiful moments. Love, passion, affinity, union, sympathy, and harmony is to be expected in August. This time is also indicative of marriage or more profound commitments.

  • Students are likely to improve themselves in studies or enroll themselves in a professional technical course on the academic front. All Aries natives are expected to acquire new learning this month.

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TAURUS Tarot August 2021

The month of August will usher in wisdom, virtue, pleasure, and intelligence for all Taurus natives. This month indicates domestic happiness and strong relations. This is also the month for intuitions, spirituality, learnings, and meditation.

  • If you are looking for a new job or looking for business expansions and new collaborations, this is a good month for Taurus natives. Also, for all the big decisions, trust your gut feel. This month, be mindful of your surroundings and deceit in any form.

  • In August, all Taurus natives will find peace of mind and will be able to do away with any form of anxiety. Travel is on the cards, be it work-related travel or to make amends in a strained relationship. Your vision of life grows.


GEMINI Tarot August 2021

With some proper planning, this month will yield positive rewards for native Geminis. You will be mentally well balanced and filled with self-confidence to handle anything at work or finance-related stuff. Decisions taken during business negotiations are likely to be successful.

  • Professionally, you will be able to prioritize things and focus on your goals. Now is the time to contemplate your future prospects, so make use of this time judiciously. You may undergo some stress, so make sure you muster the strength in you to recuperate.

  • In this month, you are likely to see growth in the spiritual side of you. Commitment and strengthening of relationships are predicted in August.

  • Relationships will become stronger, the partners experience problems in putting their best towards the growth of their relation, as they feel the pressure of each other’s expectations.

  • This month is associated with you making sound business and financial decisions. It is also the month to achieve your goals through practical and precise planning.

  • In August, you are likely to see a positive change in your professional and love life. Expect the end of a long-standing hurdle or problem and the beginning of a beautiful life.


CANCER Tarot August 2021

This is the month of stability in terms of relationships, money, and emotions for Cancer natives. In August, do not expect many changes in work and professional front. It is advisable to hold on to what you have without even thinking of making any bold decisions.

  • You may have been facing difficulties in the past, but this month, expect all your anxieties to be gone. It will seem that your struggles are over, and you will be able to make progress in life.

  • Someone from your childhood might help you in a new job or employment. August will usher in a favourable time for you to move forward with fresh hope. 

  • In a business venture, success will likely touch new heights. The probability of getting a promotion on your job is high. You may be bestowed with a new project wherein you will be able to shine. This month, you will be at your energetic best, optimistic and geared up for any action.

  • Romantically, August is a beautiful month for Cancer natives. Couples will take their relationship to a new level and explore deeper meanings of life. For some, expect to hear wedding bells soon!


LEO Tarot August 2021

This is a month of commitment in work and relationships for Leo natives. On your work front, expect a colleague or a boss to be honest with you and trustworthy. This month, you will shine in your workspace, signifying your intelligence and wisdom. You will have clear thoughts while taking any work-related decisions and proceed with deep understanding.

  • RELATIONSHIP: you might have to choose between two prospects before taking the plunge. All rifts will be resolved with proper focus, leading to earning love and respect. In an existing relationship, expect a deeper level of commitment this month.

  • This is the month for joy, sharing and celebration for Leo natives. Expect all emotional conundrums to see the light of day. Family gatherings and weddings will keep an upbeat environment all around for you, ushering in happiness.

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VIRGO Tarot August 2021

In the month of August, you must focus on making some important decisions that will have a cascading impact on your life. Expect some positive things happening at your home as well as on the professional front. This month, you are likely to move to a new location and get involved in a new relationship. Also, it is indicative that you will befriend a new acquaintance while travelling.

  • For all people in the private sector, you will be able to take great strides. Now is the time for you to make wise decisions and act on them judiciously. You may undergo strong emotions of excitement. A blend of actions and emotions would bring a sense of harmony within you, leading to inner peace.

  • You can achieve harmony by being patient and using self-control as and when required.

  • Also, it’s time for acquiring new knowledge and getting a headstart.


LIBRA Tarot August 2021

The month of August signifies a period of positive changes in your life. You will have a disciplined mindset and should be able to make well-informed decisions. All you have to do is gain control and focus on identifying problems, finding solutions after having learned a lesson from them. Doing so will help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

  • This month, make use of your wisdom and tighten your grip on your emotions. Don’t let the emotions get the better of you. Now is also a good time for you to invest in partnerships. You will have to be decisive and take responsibility for yourself. You are likely to receive positive advice from a superior at your workplace.

  • You are likely to reap what you have sown this month. The future is yours to make. Expect legal decisions to be in your favour, making things easy for you. Honesty with yourself and your partner is vital.

  • A long due travel overseas is a high probability. Things are likely to move at a fast pace this month for Libra natives. You should not make any hasty decisions when it comes to your business or a personal matter.

  • You are likely to make good progress in your relationship, ushering in new hope. Now is the time for you to enjoy each other’s company without fear or obligation. Commitment and strengthening of relationships are predicted. Relationships based on solid foundations will weather any form of apprehensions of one or both partners. 

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SCORPIO Tarot August 2021

This month, the Scorpio natives will be filled with determination and focus. You will have the ability to stick with a particular task no matter how boring it may seem. When it comes to finances, you will be rewarded for all the hard work you had put in. Invest your money safely and judiciously. Your focus should be on earning and acquiring new skills. You are likely to see growth in your professional life. All you need is a passionate approach to work. 

  • You will be working really hard and planning to make your venture a success. A creative project could turn into a profitable undertaking.

  • This month you might have to take a tough decision of choosing between two partners for a successful relationship. Once you overcome the hurdle, expect a deeper level of commitment in your relationship. Your friends will be your support pillars.

  • August is the perfect time for you to invest in the future. Buying gold, investing in properties or stocks will yield you great results. Financial growth is expected this month. Overall, August will be an excellent month for you. Use your skills to the best of your ability and follow your instincts. You will work with a clear purpose towards a positive direction while being open to innovations.


SAGITTARIUS Tarot August 2021

August is the month of spiritual awakening for Sagittarius natives. You need to seek new alternatives to get things done to achieve inner fulfilment. You are likely to be innovative, but make sure you are logical about your ideas. This month signifies consolidating plans and taking firm steps towards attaining your goals.

  • August is a good month for you to start a new business or project, which will likely yield good results. You will feel that the world around to be friendly, loving, and honorable. Expect success in business and material gains this month. All these new beginnings are likely to usher in peace and harmony in your life. Your purpose is clear, so you will be able to focus on what you desire.

  • Overall, it is going to be a good month for relationships, commitment, passion and love. Love is in the air for you this month.

  • Eventually, with emotional and financial growth, you will see a period of merriment in your life.


CAPRICORN Tarot August 2021

Dear Capricorn natives, the month of August will bring you a lot of joy. This is the time for you to share this happiness and immerse yourself in celebrations. A successful reunion is indicated for you will further add sparkles to your life. This is the month for spontaneity, so make sure to trust and hope to gain the maximum out of it. It depicts a journey of self-discovery with confidence, fun and optimism.

  • Your relationship will blossom, and you are likely to make a commitment to your partner. This month is all about you and how you feel. So, make decisions based on your inner feelings rather than logic.

  • This is also the month of material stability, and a sense of security will prevail in your life, calming your nerves. During this period, expect to finish off a project you had been working on. Expect congenial family relations. With financial gains and wealth, a sense of security will prevail in your family.

  • Overall, August is a period of harmony, unity, and growth for Capricorn natives.


AQUARIUS Tarot August 2021

This is the month for practical beginnings. You will be financially stable and will be able to achieve your desired goals. Success is likely to be seen in a business venture. You are likely to work hard and succeed. With the proper planning, you will be able to make your venture a successful one. A creative project could turn into a profitable undertaking. 

  • You are required to come to terms with any emotional issue before taking a decision. All rifts would be resolved with proper focus, leading to earning love and respect. This month you might have to take a tough decision of choosing between two partners for a successful relationship.

  • For Aquarius natives, suffering from a prolonged illness will see an improvement in the front. Family gatherings and weddings will usher in a period of merriment.

  • Travel is also indicated either for work or a personal undertaking. Overall, August is a balanced month for Aquarius natives.


PISCES Tarot August 2021

Dear Pisces, this month you will see a great run when it comes to your family relations and at work. With hard work and determination, you will be able to realize one of your goals. You are also likely to acquire a new asset this month. Purchase of property is indicated for you.

  • A more profound commitment or simply a stable solid relationship is expected for you this month. The month of August will usher in a period of romance, peace, concord, and prosperity for you.

  • Listen to your intuitions and inner voice for making the right move in life. You will be able to find answers within yourself.

  • All those who are seeking new opportunities expect some good news this month. A new project is likely to come your way. This is a reward for your exemplary skills and hard work. 

  • Good fortune would go hand in hand with the disposition of you caring for others and their well being. You will receive financial rewards, and you are likely to make charitable contributions to society.

  • Your relationship will become stronger with your partner. You are likely to form new friendships, leading to emotional fulfilment. A wedding could be on the cards for you this month.

  • Overall it’s a month of growth in relationships and finances for native Pisces. 

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