Monthly Tarot Forecast For October 2017 by astroYogi

Tue, Oct 03, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Oct 03, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Monthly Tarot Forecast For October 2017 by astroYogi

Celebrity Tarot Reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot Readings for the month of October 2017. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Enjoy your reading.


Your focus is razor sharp and so is your brain. Nothing escapes your scrutiny and your keen observation powers will be an asset in the weeks ahead. Whether it’s spotting errors or devising strategies, you’re at your sharpest and your wittiest. Just don’t allow yourself to get so lost in details you forget to see the bigger picture. Don’t obsess too much over money, what is owed to you will come your way. Exercise patience when it comes to your family members. Your parents are getting old and could do without your irritable outbursts. A long lost friend may contact you out of the blue. Use your power wisely.


Take a stand and speak out for what you believe is to be true. Unexpected enemies may pop out from nowhere and challenge your position and now is the time to defend it. If there are obstacles on your path, look at them as tests in perseverance. You will get what you want dear Taurean, but do be patient and for heaven's sake, don’t give up now. In personal relationships, you may need to be a little more diplomatic with the people who are doing nothing but wasting your time. Avoid gossip, as it could lead to a misunderstanding. Financially a good month and if you’ve made a bucket list, you could very well start ticking off things on it! 

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After a recent spate of activity, things may slow down a little. Money may take its time in coming and you may need to dip into your savings for a few necessary expenses. Try not to worry, everything is a phase and this too shall pass. Keep an eye on your health and don’t ignore recurring symptoms. A family member may tell you a shocking secret. Children will need extra love and attention and if you were planning on a holiday, expect postponements. A good month to declutter your life. Get rid of the broken, the unused and the unwanted. Remember, to allow fresh, positive energies to enter, we have to let go of the stale, old energies. You may face a slowdown at the workplace, but that’s only the Universe teaching you to watch and wait for what comes next.


At times it may seem like everything and everyone is against you. Or that obstacles appear from out of the blue. Don’t give in, don’t give up. Keep your goals clear and keep moving. Victory is yours but only after a bit of a struggle. Relationships may go through a rough patch. Someone may be doing all the taking but not giving anything in return. Set boundaries and express your expectations. Even at the workplace, you may find yourself surrounded by people who talk more and do less. Remember actions tell you everything you need to know and don’t believe promises without proof. Healthwise a good month and financially a month of stability and inner security. Just remember, when the going gets tough, the tough will get going! 


A positive situation is about to begin. The old will be replaced with the new, and you will start to see results. Business people can expect a sudden surge in activity and those employed can look forward to an increment or a promotion in the coming months. Overall things begin to get better in all spheres. People will pick up on your enthusiasm and if you’ve been ailing, expect recovery and good news. On the personal front, a lot of gift giving may take place, and you may have to take a decision about a particular relationship that is bothering you. Keeping quiet will only prolong the tension, speak things out and clear the air. A lovely period for students and job seekers you will gain recognition and rewards for your efforts. Just remember not to overdo things, balance is the key to success.


Slow down, pause, take a breath. In your race to get to the top or complete your project, you may be neglecting a few things of value, namely your health.  Consider taking out time for yourself each day to meditate and introspect. Not everything you do requires your detailed attention. Perhaps a little delegating will help. In matters of the heart, you may take a break from family engagements or a special someone, just so, that you get time to yourself.  Professionally, you may get recognised for a recent job done well, or discover that your sphere of influence and power is spreading. At times you may feel like you’re being tested, learn to rise above whatever happens and take an objective view. A mystery may only get partially solved, something will still remain missing.  Point is, how much of your energy will you spend on it? Conserve your energy wisely.


Self-assured, confident and secure in yourself, people will sense the new energy within you and begin to look up to you for advice or support. A good time for making all kinds of decisions especially financially ones, your mind is sharp and your business skills are sharper. Property matters bring good news. On the personal front, singles may look forward to a period where they come closer to finding the right partner. Relationships thrive in this phase and you enjoy the blessings bestowed upon you by your elders. Watch out for paperwork, you may have ignored some important documentation, or worse, misplaced something. Keep your papers in check and make sure everything is in place. An important chapter in your life has ended, a new one will begin. How wonderful do you want it to be? Set your goals and work towards them.


Be brutally honest with yourself.  Keeping secrets from others is one thing, but conning yourself is unacceptable. A month for introspection and figuring out where exactly you see yourself, professionally and personally.  Your intuition is sharp and it would be wise to trust your hunches about someone new. Things are not quite as they appear and it would be wise to read between the lines.  Misunderstandings may crop up between you and a key person, so make sure lines of communication are always clear and honest. It could save you a lot of explanations later. Professionally you may find yourself in the limelight or be making key presentations which get you noticed. Make sure your facts are at your fingertips. A younger man may annoy you and you could find yourself showing your hidden aggressive side. A good time for meeting old friends, you could plan a holiday together. Just remember, living in the past never helps, it's in the present moment, where all the magic lies.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step as the saying goes, and nows the time to take that step. Just make sure you’re on firm ground. Great things are ahead of you and if you’re clear about what exactly you want, you are going to get. A month for writing, negotiating, and being crystal clear in your communications, the weeks ahead will see you planning, dreaming and envisioning a future, that only you can make happen.  Don’t rely on anyone in this period, you will meet smooth talkers and those will promise, but not deliver. Important changes may take place in your life and you could soon be seeing yourself changing careers,  getting married or divorced, relocating and leaving the past behind. One word of advice, just make sure you’re comfortable being your authentic self, no more self-doubts please, the more you begin to appreciate and accept your uniqueness, the better your future.


The universe wants you to face up to your duties and responsibilities to your home, your family, your workplace and your nation. Whatever you do to avoid it, will bring you back to face it.  It's no longer about blaming others, it's about accepting ownership for your life and where you stand in the scheme of things. How can you be a better professional? How can you be a better parent? These are the questions you should be answering with your actions. Financially expect gains, and professionally you could find the favour of those above you. Self-employed Capricornians will attract business opportunities through networking. So make sure you are visible. If you’ve always found yourself drawn to a cause, this is the period where you could find yourself volunteering your skills and time for a larger cause. Don’t dream about it, just do it. It will bless and enlighten you in more ways than one.


Joy, vitality, good energies and happy times. Who could ask for anything better? And you, whether you know it or not, deserve the happiness ahead of you.  A month of celebrations after a phase of hard work, make sure you let your hair down because this phase won't last forever. Reach out and help someone who’s sad, and if you are in a position to help someone financially, do so. A month of karmic rewards, your good deeds from the past will not go unnoticed. An important trip to a new location may be planned, and in the family front, children will be a source of tremendous happiness and pride. Those planning on having children may have some good news ahead as well. However, even if things are good on the money front, control the urge to splurge, do keep aside some for a rainy day. Enjoy the weeks ahead, you’re not only your most radiant and healthy but also your most confident.


You can’t keep trying to fix something that’s broken again and again. You just have to walk away. This month you will discover the importance of peace of mind over everything in your life and will work to finding your inner peace even if it means saying goodbye to someone, and admitting defeat over something. Fear not, all is not lost, there is a valuable lesson in there somewhere and in hindsight, you will be glad you did what you did. A month for understanding relationships better, both professionally and personally,  the cards urge you to remain impartial and not get swayed by emotions. Attachments and expectations lead only to pain. A wise advisor may give you the direction you seek, or you may find spending time alone with yourself gives you the clarity during confused moments. Watch out for signs of overwork, remember too much work and too little play can make you ill.

Traditionally Yours,


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