Monthly Tarot Forecast for May 2017 by astroYogi

Mon, May 01, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, May 01, 2017
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Monthly Tarot Forecast for May 2017 by astroYogi

Celebrity Tarot Card Reader - Mita Bhan brings you tarot predictions for the month of May ,2017. Read what your sign has in store for you this month. Enjoy your reading.


The more you trust your own inner voice over what others are saying the more peace you will find. There may be temporary turbulence at the workplace. A crisis brings out the true colours of those around you. And you may find yourself with your back up against the wall, or defending your position. Just when you think it can’t get worse, things will be relieved. Cultivate greater patience with those around you. Stepping into another person’s shoes will bring greater interpersonal harmony. Sudden expenses may leave you flustered but don’t worry, you will make up for the losses in the coming months. Remember, people will tell you everything you need to know by their actions and not their words.


If you've been procrastinating over something, you will realize you don't have unlimited time any longer. Time to be swift and decisive. Things you put on the back burner will resurface. Examine everything. Question everything. And believe nothing. Answers to a perplexing situation will only be revealed to you after a couple of months. Health matters remain stable and you may choose to make a lifestyle change. A new diet or exercise plan will be highly beneficial. Watch out for too much exposure to the sun. Stay hydrated.


It's all about renewal this month. New ideas, new people, new business. Your creativity flows abundantly and you may start thinking about a new form of expression or a source of income. This month favours start-ups, small businesses, design shops and anything that's innovative and different. Break out of the box, think afresh. A holiday will help open your mind and provide the fresh energies you need. An old friend may decide to get married or you may hear of a marriage/birth in your circle. One piece of advice, in your hurry to get things done, you may overlook the important details. Double check everything.


Your home may feel empty this month, or something in your heart may feel vacant. There could be a sadness you can't shake off. Or a feeling of being misunderstood by the majority. Take time out to meditate or introspect and make peace with yourself all over again. The better your relationship with your own inner self, the better your relations with others. At work, you may feel your expectations are not being met and may make plans to change your job, your team or location. Just don't get carried away thinking that the stress you feel will last forever. Remember, everything is temporary.

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Time to be in the spotlight once again dear Leo. And how you love the attention and the praise. Your work isn't going unnoticed and you may feel like your energy is attracting people from everywhere. At your magnetic best, make sure your actions match your words. You've got something others don't. A good month for all kinds of activities that have to do with socializing and promotions. A friendship may deepen or you discover you have feelings for someone. All in all, a good month to revel, just don't splurge too much on impulse shopping.


This month favours negotiations, legal agreements, discussions and debates. Things work out smoothly and why shouldn't they? You're clear headed, you communicate well and you know your stuff. Interpersonally, harmony returns in a relationship that was getting tense lately. You may talk the problem out or resolve to be friends despite your different opinions. Life offers you a lot of learning in the weeks ahead as far as people are concerned. Your experiences have made you wiser and people will turn to you for your advice. Health matters may need a second opinion especially if symptoms continue.


Time to bring back the balance. If you've been working too hard, partying too late, or simply indulging beyond control, it's time to moderate. Even in relationships you may learn that sometimes a little space between people is just as necessary as intimacy. You may go overboard in your expenditure so don't say I didn't warn you. Jealousy among friends may cause temporary tension. Do not allow yourself to be influenced too much by others. Do the right thing and stick to your path. Success will follow with conviction.


Expect sudden delays in the weeks ahead and a sudden change of plans. Make sure Plan B is ready as things may take a different turn altogether. Someone you counted on may let you down or a project doesn't take off the way you expected it to. Charity work will bring blessings your way. Someone from the past may reach out to you for some help. Financially things are looking good in the long run even if they don't seem that way right now.Do not look back with regret, rather, look ahead to the new and the unfamiliar with a sense of adventure.


It's time to take stock of your life till now, see what needs to change and start implementing your plans. Someone may act immaturely and refuse to take responsibility for their actions or even blame you for something you haven't done. Don't drop down to their petty levels. Maintain your cool and continue doing the right thing, regardless. Travel trips may get altered or delayed in the weeks ahead. Looking back you will realise the hidden blessings in the obstacles you have to face. A pleasant surprise may bring sudden happiness.


Don't run away with your imagination. Things are not quite as they seem. What appears to be disastrous may be a hidden blessing. Things will work out in your favour eventually. Your sensitivity may be heightened so pay attention to your hunches and your dreams. The Universe is trying to tell you something needs to change. Are you paying attention to the signals? Your skin may be ultra-sensitive this month so make sure your sunscreen is in place. A good month for creativity, ideas and anything that's away from the tried and the tested.


Someone may be acting in a way that's too dominating and rigid and there's nothing anyone can do about it. It could be a boss or an elder male in the house and for a while, it may seem like everyone's stuck. Speaking out and rebelling won't help so just focus on getting the work done. A month for tying loose ends, you will find yourself wrapping up old projects, completing chores and winding up a job that's been pending for a long time. On the personal front, your father comes to the forefront in your life. If married, you may soon be experiencing parenthood.


The more you focus on the task at hand and relax with what's expected the better you will do. Your talent and skill have the potential of great recognition but first, you need to believe it in yourself. Express your creative side and if you find yourself with time to spare learn a new hobby. Success is ahead of you and brighter days are coming. Financially a month of gains. And if you were wondering if you were going to ever hear from someone special, you will.

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