Transit of Mercury in Libra

Mon, Sep 21, 2020
Astro Deepa
  By Astro Deepa
Mon, Sep 21, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Astro Deepa
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Transit of Mercury in Libra

The planet of intellect Mercury is going to transit into Libra on the 22nd September 2020 from his sign Virgo to the airy and friendly sign Libra. Planet Mercury is the karaka for communication, intellect, calculations, and the business. While Libra is the sign of balance, partnerships, and justice, etc. In Virgo, Mercury's analyzing pattern was critical but in Libra, Mercury will be submissive this time. Mercury's diplomatic communication will help to resolve long-held issues. 

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The planet of communication Mercury will retrograde on 14th October and will remain in the same sign in retrograde motion for 21 days. It will be direct on 28 November 2020 and change the sign finally on 28 November 2020. A retrograde planet creates a kind of turbulence. Planets in retrograde motion are stronger and give fast results. All kinds of planet movement have different effects on people. Let us analyze how every ascendant will be affected by this transit. 



The Mercury transit will take place through the 7th house, the house of partnership, marriage, and the business. People tend to weigh the pros and cons of every issue during this period and will take care of others' needs as well as their own. You will emphasize communicating with the partner and friend and it will help you to maintain a strong relationship. Mercury transit will be aspected by Saturn and Mars, so it will create problems in married life. Couples could face unnecessary arguments and clashes due to past issues. To maintain a good relationship, you need to have transparency in your communication and avoid telling lies. For the journalists, it is a good time as the pen of the natives wields more power than the sword. People who are in partnership business must be more careful about transactions and there is a possibility of deception from your partner. The student will waste their time in unnecessary activities, so they need to be mindful and punctual to get success. The management abilities of businessmen will help them to achieve new heights. 


In the retrogradation face of Mercury, there will be a situation of turbulence in the relationship. People should avoid engagement or partnership in this period otherwise there is a high chance of breakup.



The Mercury transit will take place in your 6th house, the house of enemies, debt, disease, and daily chores. Mercury is the natural ruler of the 6th house, so in this transit, you are inclined to make a “To Do” list, pay bills, and sort out clutters. Also, you are likely to do all the detailed work on the job. You will take very good care of your health and will try to take nourishing food as well as follow regular exercise regimes and checkups. You may show a keen interest in improving your basic skills to get a better career opportunity. There is likely to be more activity, movement, and communication with your co-worker which will help to improve the relationship with your subordinates. Your competitiveness will increase in this period, so students preparing for any competitive exams will have a great chance to get success. Your diplomatic conversation will help you deal with your enemies and you will be able to create a peaceful situation. People searching for new job opportunities have a good chance of getting one. Others will have a good relationship with their higher authorities and could get preference in promotions. For a love relationship, this transit is not favourable due to lack of communication. You may have to face a breakup. 


Retrograde Mercury will make the situation worse. Past arguments will come to light and will become a reason for fights. There is also a possibility of diseases, which were cured in the past, will resurface again so please take good care of yourself.



The Mercury transit will take place in your 5th house, the house of education intellect, and childbirth. This transit will strengthen your mind power. You will be able to express your creative idea smoothly in front of others. Students preparing for the competitive exam will have good chances of success. For the love life, this transit is very positive. You will enjoy the company of your close intellectual friend, you will get appreciation from their side. Be mindful while spending money, you might take a loan for the pleasures which will create problems in the long run so avoid doing it. You may enjoy the games that involve competing with others on a mental level or researching speculative ventures but be careful while spending money. Pregnant ladies need to be more careful in this period. 


In the retrogradation stage, you may not get clarity of thought and you may feel that your ideas are very good, but others may not find it worthful. Things may get delayed. You are unable to express your actual feeling which may annoy your love partner. Your calculation for the speculation purpose may go wrong and you may have to face financial losses.



Mercury is the lord of the 12th and 3rd house of the Cancer natives. It will be positioned in the 4th house, which is the house of comfort, mother, early education, property, etc. Your concentration power will increase, your sharp memory will help you to adopt new skills. You will feel more connected with your loved ones. You will particularly enjoy discussion about your early life or the past of family matters during this period. Your mind often wanders to domestic concerns of family and personal past. Working professionals and children working out of town will come back home to enjoy the company of loved ones. 

When Mercury will retrograde, you may feel some inner conflict regarding family matters. It is better to clarify all the issues. In the career front, you may face some difficulties, but your calculating nature will guide you properly. If you are taking any risk on the financial matter it is better to re-evaluate the risk and reward ratio before making the final decision.



The Mercury transit will take place through the 3rd house, the house of communication, courage short journey, younger siblings, etc. You will be busy communicating with neighbours, classmates, and siblings and it will strengthen your bond. The articulated language will create good chances for financial gains. It is a very good time for the writers and the salespersons. They can easily convince people through their diplomatic nature. Your efforts will provide good career growth. You are to be careful while dealing with others. Your high ego and dominance can create a problem for you. A career trip will help to achieve financial success. People will be more active on social media which will waste their time. You will be overloaded with knowledge which will create a nervous problem and you might forget things in this time frame. 


Retrograde Mercury will provide courage, to do efforts, and to get good opportunities. You will try to take a risk in this period. You would like to be involved in adventurous games. During this period, you are to communicate properly with your subordinates and group members. There is a chance of misunderstanding which will lead you in troublesome situations. You are to be careful while transferring information to others. A journey may be troublesome in this period so try to postpone them if possible.



Mercury will transit in the 2nd house, House of speech, wealth, and immediate family. Relationships with the family will improve and you will spend quality time with your family members. Some people may get a chance to have paternal property and finance. This is a strong period for analyzing your cash flow, income, and earning power, you will be more practical and rational in your approach to finance. During this period, you will be focused on money and possessions as well as personal values. This can be a strong period for gathering new money-making ideas. Communication will be more practical rather than frivolous, which will help you in the financial front as well. People who want to start their careers can get a new break, but you have to struggle in the period to attain the position. You are to work hard to get success. A short Journey may be troublesome, so better avoid it. For a love relationship, this is an average time. 


In Mercury’s retrogradation period, you may have financial crunches. When resources come up short, don't hesitate to relocate them to provide yourself with a firm foundation and a springboard to the future. Do not take any loans in this period as it could give you more financial trouble later down the road. Unfortunately, a bad relationship with your family will create trouble for you in this period.



Mercury will transit in your Lagan house, which is the house of personality, health, and general prosperity. Your intellectual ability will be at the top level. You will be inclined to speak up about matters that you previously were only mulling over. You will like to initiate discussions and will evaluate your appearance and the impact you have on those around you. At this time, you will directly discuss your needs and interests. You may be more inclined to talk about yourself and your past. You will feel restless and face difficulty to turn off the thinking process. It would be better for you to take proper rest. Analytical ability will help you to judge the situation minutely and make a wise plan. With the support of your luck, the creative side will help you to get more gains in this period. You may face health issues. Specifically, be careful about skin and nerves related disease, expenses are possible to maintain good health in this period. Married couples will be able to maintain good relationships through their diplomatic communication. 

In the retrogradation period of Mercury, you will try to attain perfection in every work you do, so it will become difficult to complete the task on time. It is advised to prepare a plan of action before starting any new project. Critical analysis of your personality will encourage you to spend money on beauty products. Overthinking and confusion will create a problem for yourself, so better take the advice of your mentors.



Mercury will transit to your 12th house, house of expenses, meditation, and quarantine. It is a good time for research, quiet contemplation, and meditation. Your mind will be focused on private matters and past issues during this transit. Examining the past to improve your future is certainly worthwhile if you do not waste your energy on guilt. You may face a lot of challenges and your judgments may get wrong and lead you to instability. It will be better to make a plan according to experience and analyze the pros and cons properly before acting on any situation. Creative endeavours could prosper now, particularly those that draw upon the emotions that require creative visualization skills such as poetry, acting, etc. This time you may behave a little bit secretively and will not like to disclose everything with others. Students preparing for competitive exams may get a good chance to clear the exams if they revise their past mistakes and are able to rectify without repeating. You will get a good chance to earn money through foreign sources or in the form of commission and be able to save them for long term goals. 

When Mercury will retrograde, you are to face sudden expenses. Some competitors will try to take advantage of you or they may inflict problems for you. So be careful in this period. Negative thinking can create a problem for you, so inclined towards mediation that will help you.



Mercury is transiting to your 11th house, the house of the elder sibling, gain, and fulfilment of desire, etc. Your mind is bright, alert, and active during this cycle and you have the ability to come up with unusual and inventive ideas, sharing your thoughts with others will be your prime interest, this way you will be able to strengthen your social relationship. Through your intuitive nature, you will be able to understand what others want to speak which will help you to make effective conversations. You will get fair chances to get name, fame, power, authority, and promotion, and your social status will increase during this period. Your friends will help you in your career building. Intuitive ideas will help you to fulfil your desires. Students will be more focused for their higher studies. Romantic life can face some sort of problem, so it is better to avoid arguments. 

In the retrogradation stage, you will have sudden gains. You will get a big opportunity, which was on hold for a long period. The relationship with your spouse will be very good and you will have financial gains with the help of her. This retrogradation period is fruitful for you.



Mercury is transiting to your 10th house, the house of profession. At present, you are thinking a lot about your career and business matters. Your career requires more communication than usual during this period. You will speak with authority and will be more accountable for your communication in public view. You will try to use the power of words to influence authority figures. This is an excellent period for developing career and professional plans or strategies. You will be less inclined towards chatting about frivolous matters. You will be involved in multitasking activity in this period. This time will be very fruitful for your professional life which will provide you with fame and status. Your prudent nature can analyze the situation very well. For businessmen, there is a chance for your business to expand. Your love life will be very romantic. you will be more possessive for your partner. Relationships with spouses will improve and you will come out with a strong personality. 


Retrogradation of Mercury will be very beneficial. you will be very competitive in this period and able to face all the challenges strategically. You may be in Limelight and try to polish your status through communication as well as through calculative management ability. Take very good care of your parents. It is not a favourable time for their health.



Mercury is transiting to your 9th house, The house of luck, father, dharma, long journey, and righteousness. 8th lord Mercury is in the 9th house so it will create a lot of hurdles during this period. So you are to work hard to get the desired results. Your innovative ideas will be liked by a higher authority and in return, you get favours from them. The financial condition will be strong. You may open to expanding your knowledge base during this cycle. Interest in mystic science will increase. It is a very good time for the students to pursue higher knowledge. Your approach will be more theoretic rather than realistic. You will try to find out the logic behind any religious rituals. You will get special gifts from your relatives. For my love life, it is a very good time. You will be able to express your feelings boldly.

In the period of retrogradation of Mercury, you will try to look at the world with a broader view. You might miss the small details, which may cause a problem for you during or after this period. On the career front, make sure that you are leading your subordinates properly, as the ones who hold grudges against you, may try to get revenge.



Mercury is transiting to your 8th house, the house of mystics, research, unearned money, and obstacles. You will be more intuitive than usual. You will be seen picking up all the hidden cues from people around you and will try to read between the lines. This is an excellent period for some financial planning and strategizing research. It is also easier for you to approach and communicate on sensitive, intimate, and personal matters with logic. People who have an interest in mystic science like astrology, palmistry, Vaastu, etc., it is a good time to learn. Students who are under-going research work will come up with better findings. Students who are pursuing graduation or post-graduation needs to be more focused as there is a possibility of obstacles in their study. You will be in constant fear of unnecessary things during this time. To overcome this fear, chant Hanuman Chalisa. People may involve in unethical sexual activity which can lead them to defame so be careful. For married couples, a high ego can create problems in married life.

In the period of retrogradation of Mercury, it may be necessary to check blocked money which is not generating anything. You will try to reallocate your financial resources. Plan your expenditure so that you may not face any issue later in your life.


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