Mercury Transit In Capricorn on 5 January 2021

Tue, Jan 05, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jan 05, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Mercury Transit In Capricorn on 5 January 2021

Mercury is known to affect the media, science, business, and communication sectors of life as a planet. On 5th January 2021, Mercury will transition from the Sagittarius sign to Capricorn and stay there until 25th January 2021. Now let us see what happens when planet Mercury enters Capricorn. How will it affect various signs?

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Planet Mercury planet is the lord of your 3rd and 6th house. Its position in your birth chart will grant you success. Your way of talking would impress many people, and it will reflect in your work too. Any travel related to business would turn out to be fruitful. People who would dislike you or try to cause trouble would fail in doing so. Fortunately, this transit will help you to keep your family happy. During this time planet, Saturn and Mercury are sitting together, creating a great combination and giving you favorable results. It will be good for your business, but you will have to be mindful of what you say. You might feel lethargic, tired, and exhausted during this time. So, ensure you take care of your health.

Remedy- praise Lord Ganesha.


This time planet Mercury is sitting in the 9th house, which is also known as luck house. Fortunately, this would be a lucky time for you. For students, this would be a blessed time, especially for higher studies. Those who are married and have children will enjoy a good relationship with them. This would be an excellent time for people who are in a long-distance relationship. They would get more time with each other. It would be a good time from a career perspective, but you have to be patient enough to wait for good results. You need to take care of your health, as due to the workload you might forget things. Practice meditation. This period will be profitable for those who are interested in the share- market.


This time Mercury will enter into your 8th house, which is the house of changes. The placement of Saturn and Mercury together is likely to give you some problems and struggles. Due to that, you might feel stressed and tense. You might try to take short- cuts to make money. Avoid doing so as it can affect you negatively. Take care of your mother's health. You are expected to be polite when you speak to someone as it might backfire. There are high chances of inclining towards spirituality. If you are a student working on some research, then you might achieve success. Avoid using bad words as it might affect the decorum of your home.

It would help if you chanted Mercury's mantra for relief.


This time planet Mercury will sit in the 7th house. This placement of Mercury will give you good results in terms of business. If you are in sectors like technology, public dealing, and traveling, you will likely get desirable results. There are high chances of getting a favorable outcome for people who plan to go overseas for business or any kind of work. Misunderstanding between lovers will be cleared during this period. Family relationships will strengthen, and the bond between siblings will grow stronger. A favorable period in terms of wealth. Do not forget to take care of your health.

Light up a diya filled with mustard oil at the door of your house. It will help to deal with negativity.


This time planet Mercury will sit in the 6th house. Happily, this placement would be favorable for you. Make a schedule and plan things accordingly so that it grants success. If you are working towards getting a loan from the bank, then there are high chances that you will get it. If there is blockage related to buying or selling then, it will be cleared. In this period, you will find more health conscious and will join a gym or yoga sessions. If, as a student, you are applying for competitive exams, then you might achieve success. It would be a favorable period for you.

Take blessings from transgender people and donate something to them.


Planet Mercury will be sitting in your 5th house. This period would give you average results. Unfortunately, it can disturb your personal life. It can create distance between your child and partner. All of this will make you feel insecure and tense. Such stress might make you make the wrong decisions. Take time, think, analyze every aspect, then make a decision. For students, this might not be a very favorable period. It will help if you work hard. There are high chances of facing problems like constipation and digestion. Try to be calm and relaxed.

Light incense remembering Lord Ganesha


This time planet Mercury will be sitting in your 4th house. It would be very beneficial for you. If there had been any wealth issues regarding your mother, then they will all be resolved. This will create a suitable environment for your family. Finally, there will be positivity in the family. Your positivity will attract success and wealth in your business. If you are planning to travel in context to business, then it would be successful. There are high chances of seeing a change in your lifestyle, which will be more inclined towards luxury. Remember to make wise decisions related to a love relationship.


Planet Mercury will be sitting in your 3rd house. This period will initiate planning for small travels. During this period, you will gain respect. If you are seeking increment or changes in the work environment, then you will see it happening. There will be people who will distract you, but you must not get distracted and work hard. This time you would have a good time with your siblings. Try to avoid pollution and unhealthy food to attain good health. Overall, this period will be favorable for you.

Chant Mercury mantra as much as possible.


Planet Mercury will take a placement in the 2nd house. You may face problems related to your teeth and gums. Your partner's wealth will be affected, and this might make you tense. In context to partnership in business, you will achieve success, and it will turn out to be profitable for you. If you are dealing with import and export, then this time would be favorable for you. You are in a job; then, you will get an appraisal from your seniors. This period will be significant for long- term investments.


Planet Mercury will take placement In the 1st house. This period will be very beneficial for you as you will achieve growth from everywhere. You will be getting respect at your workplace and society, and you will also be appreciated. Avoid getting into unnecessary fights as it can damage your positive energy. This period will be favorable and very good for monetary gain. Your efforts will get the right direction. Do not occupy your mind excessively at work as it might affect your mental health. Skin problems are likely to take place.

Chant Krishna mantra for good vibes.


Planet Mercury will take place in the 12th house. This position of Mercury will give you the average result. Those who desire to go abroad for further studies or jobs are likely to get a good result. You will have to work hard in context to your personal life. Due to this, there are high chances of facing depression and anxiety. So please take care of your life. Try to stay away from any kind of fights. Do not opt to lie, as it can put you in trouble. There are high chances for the expenses to increase, stop overspending. You can face problems related to your stomach. There will be problems associated with expressing your feelings towards your partner. Overall, be patient and stay calm.

Remember to meditate.


This time planet Mercury will take place In the 11th house. This placement will be very beneficial for you in all aspects, whether it is business or partnership. You might meet your old friends and feel good. Communication with colleagues will improve, and there are high chances of doing multiple businesses. For students who desire to go into creative fields, this might be a good time to benefit them. Healthwise, you will feel energetic and good.

Water the plants as it would help you feel good.

Astro Puujel.

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