Mars in Aries on 24th December 2020

Fri, Dec 18, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Dec 18, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Mars in Aries on 24th December 2020

Mars would Direct from Pisces to Aries on 24 December 2020. Aries happens to be own sign of Mars and it would be casting some notable influences on various zodiac signs. Mars signifies energy, action orientation, temperament, younger co-borns, blood and protein element in the body, weapons, passion, war, aggression etc in Astrology and it the key planet that converts thoughts into action. Keep your family safe during the 14 December 2020 solar eclipse. Consult Aacharya Aaditya now!


Let us try to understand the potential results of this transit to various zodiac Moon sign



Mars would transit to Lagna/First house and it is likely to deliver good results. There would be a complete energy rush in you and it would be a very favourable time to complete your pending as well as ongoing tasks with style. Your enemies would dare not confront you and there would be a high probability of your work hard getting acknowledged by your seniors. Property related matters can come into limelight and you need to control your temperament while dealing with people on the same. Stay soft to your spouse and there can be a enhanced bonding happening between you two. Mental and physical health would be very sound.


Mars would transit to 12th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. You would be completely action oriented during this time but make a wise choice while opting for the activities. Competitive activities and bottleneck activities are likely to deliver good results. Work related travel can be rewarding. It can be a goodtime for capital expenditure but avoid impulsive behaviour. Your overall health would be very sound so make the best use of this time. Remember that love flows only when we care about the needs and feelings of the other partner else it takes the form of greed. 


Mars would transit to 11th house and it is likely to deliver good results. A very rewarding time is waiting you. You are likely to excel in almost any activity you choose. Work would be able to perform well at work and there is a possibility of you gaining accolades and rewards for the same. Loans, if any are likely to get paid smoothly and it would not lay heavy on your current income pattern. Your children would gain attention so spend some quality time with them and make them feel special. Your enemies would not be able to harm you. It would be a goodtime to go for a complete physical health checkup.


Mars would transit to 10th house and it is likely to deliver good results. Work would gain centre stage and it would be equally rewarding in nature. Your confidence would boost up and there would be a tremendous ability in you to accept responsibilities. Keep your risk appetite under check and there would be a host of good results flowing your way. Make wise choice while selecting situations where you need to exhibit temperament and where not. Some skill enhancing seminar/course can come your way and you should opt for it as it would pave growth path ahead. Your children would be a source of happiness for you as they would also be performing well in their respective areas.


Mars would transit to 9th house and it is likely to deliver good results. Seek elders advise before incurring any hefty expenditure especially if it relates to land or property. Your energy level would be very high and likewise ability to gain desired results out of your actions would also be very high. Short distance as well as long distance travel would be equally rewarding. You should spend some time and resources for the good of your family and its members and it is likely to go a long way for you. There would be support form/to your younger coborns. Some long distance pilgrimage can come your way.


Mars would transit to 8th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Some favourable opportunities to earn would approach you and it would be a good addition to your overall income pattern. Keep your speech under check and do not try to be too authoritative to others. Travel would be favourable be it personal, work based or pilgrimage. Do not maintain enemical relations with anyone and also it would be wise not to have revengeful attitude against anyone. It would be wise to review your personal investment portfolio and also review investments like insurance plans, provident fund and bonds.


Mars would transit to 7th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Try not to force anyone for anything and take the other individual’s view before deciding anything. Work would be rewarding but you need to keep your aggression under check. Some new clientele may get added to your current set of clients. Spend some time with your immediate family i.e. yourself, your spouse and your children. There can be some valuable additions to your personal investment portfolio. Aggression in actions would be more rewarding than in speech. Make a wise selection of words while dealing with authority.


Mars would transit to 6th house and it is likely to deliver good results. Your competency level would turn to the highest efficiency and it would be very goodtime to undertake challenging activities. Your overall mental and physical health would be very sound and no one would dare to confront you. Odd situations are likely to bring the best out of you so stay alert. Opting for a well thought of business/personal loan can be very helpful. You would be very thoughtful and optimistic towards life events and such a thought process can guarantee some choiced results.


Mars would transit to 5th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. It can be a goodtime for progeny and child bearing. Some new learning and fresh skill set acquisition can come your way so accept it heart fully. Your overall income is likely to improve and there can be emergence of secondary source of income also. Keep your health under a check and avoid food or eating habits that can lead to food poisoning, inflammation etc. Spiritual activities especially meditation and literature reading can yiled a lot of solace.


Mars would transit to 4th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Domestic environment would be condusive and your relatives and well-wishers can visit your home. It can be a goodtime to solve ongoing family disputes. Work would be rewarding in nature and you would be able to strike a balance between work and personal life. Your income pattern is likely to get influenced positively so try to be very receptive to the outer environment. There can be chances for discord with your spouse so better exercise patience better than anything to control odd situations.


Mars would transit to 3rd house and it is likely to deliver positive results. Your efforts would yield very desirable results. Your skills and versatility would be at its best. You would act very bold in your actions and it would suit your work and skill set. Your younger coborns would be source of happiness for you so plan to spend some quality time with them. Road based journeys are likely to be rewarding in nature. Your work performance is likely to enable you to ask for choiced favours from your seniors so don’t miss on the opportunity.


Mars would transit to 2nd house and it is likely to deliver good results. Your speech would hold the key to your success not only at work but also in private affairs. Your overall luck factor would be in your favour and you would be able to deliver expected level of performance at work. Stay away from activities that yield windfall gains. There can be some fair additions to your overall investment pattern. This time is likely to be good for your Father also so try to spend some goodtime with him. Sparing time to learn new things can be a good option to have a break from routine life.


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya

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