Lunar Eclipse on 30th November 2020 And Its Impact On Your Fate

Fri, Nov 27, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Nov 27, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Lunar Eclipse on 30th November 2020 And Its Impact On Your Fate

The fourth and the last lunar eclipse of the year 2020 will occur on 30th November. It is a penumbral lunar eclipse in which the earth partially blocks the light of the sun that reaches directly to the moon, and the moon will turn darker for a few hours. The outer shadow caused by the earth is called penumbra; that is why it is called the Penumbral Lunar eclipse.

A Glimpse into Lunar Eclipse 

Lunar eclipses fall on a full moon day, that is the time of ending, closure, manifestation, and transition. Lunar eclipse rituals are usually organised to usher in enormous breakthroughs, pushing past limits, letting go of painful situations for good, healing, or releasing. For the betterment of life, this is necessary. 

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This eclipse will be visible in North America, South America, Australia, and some parts of Asia. The total duration of the Chandra Grahan will be 4 hours and 21 minutes. In India, this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will begin around 1:02 PM, and its peak will be at 3:12 PM. This celestial event will end at 5:22 PM.

Eclipse is a very common celestial phenomenon, and this time, it is happening in the Taurus sign at 14ᵒ 5' at Rohini Nakshatra, in which the moon is exalted. It is the second house of Kaal Purusha Kundli, which governs food, family, and finance. People will have intemperance for finance and food.  

Moon means Manah, and Sun is Atma, and Manah and Atma are with the karmic planet Rahu and Ketu, which can create lots of mental turmoil and negativity. According to Hindu mythology, the chanting of mantras significantly reduces the ill-effects expected during an eclipse. Making donations after the eclipse will greatly help people reduce the ill effects that could have originated due to the eclipse. The effect of this eclipse could be for 2 to 15 days. This eclipse will not only affect a part of the globe, but people worldwide will be affected. Be patient as the eclipse will only affect your life for at most 15 days, and everything will go back to being normal after that. Hence, do not make any harsh decisions in a hurry.

This Lunar eclipse coincides with the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima, so it has great significance to take a bath in holy rivers. The killing of the demons and destruction of their cities with a single arrow by Lord Shiva caused joy among the gods and goddesses, who then declared the day as a 'festival of illuminations'. That is why this day is also called 'Dev-Diwali'- the Diwali of the gods. 'Deep Daan' has a great significance on this day. On this day, you should light a Diya in front of the Tulsi plant and Shiva temple to pray for your dreams to come true.

Impact of the Chandra Grahan on the Signs

  • Aries 

This eclipse will not have much effect on Aries natives because their moon sign is not involved in this eclipse. But they need to be careful about finance and family matters. There is a possibility of misunderstandings among family members. Meditation will be helpful for your spiritual development.

  • Taurus 

Taurus people need to be very careful during this eclipse as it will happen in their moon sign. You should avoid making any important decisions in this period. Do not over pressurise yourself, and try to stay cool and calm. To reduce the ill-effects of the eclipse, you can chant Mahāmrityunjaya Mantra. You can also donate curd or rice among people to reduce the ill-effects caused by this period.

  • Gemini 

The period of the eclipse may create negative energy for Gemini people as the ascendant Lord Mercury is involved in this celestial event. Eclipse is affecting your house of expenses, so you need to control your unnecessary expenses. Your communication skills will be affected during this period. This is a good time for spiritual practices. To reduce ill-effects, worship Lord Shiva or you can donate Mung beans and leafy vegetables among people.

  • Cancer 

This eclipse will bring gains and profits for you, but you need to be alert on social and professional matters. You may feel restlessness during the period. Postpone making any significant decision during this period. Meditation will help you keep your cool and calm. Donation of milk and milk products will be helpful for you during this time.

  • Leo 

This eclipse may create some ups and downs on the career front. You might face an unexpected change in your life. You may have some unusual business ideas, but it will be better to avoid making any major decisions related to professional life during this period. Form a good relationship with your father and take his blessings to start a good day. Donating wheat is good for you during this time.

  • Virgo

This eclipse may create misunderstandings with higher authorities like mentors or fathers. You could take the advice from your mentors but do not follow them blindly. You should even avoid making any major decisions as your Lagna Lord Mercury is also involved in this eclipse, which may lead to a bad decision. Worshipping Lord Shiva by chanting the Om Namah Shivaay mantra will help you stay cool and calm during this period. Donating green leafy vegetables and Mung beans could reduce the ill-effects caused during this period.

  • Libra

This period of the eclipse might pose many challenges for you in life. You need to take care of ancestral property matters as you could face an argument due to this. You may face some unexpected transformations in your life. There is a possibility of a dispute with in-laws. This eclipse's negative impact can be reduced by spiritual practices like the chanting of Goddess Durga Mantra. Donation of curd and milk products among people will also help reduce the ill-effects caused during this period.

  • Scorpio

This period of the eclipse may bring disturbances in your partnerships and relationships. You may face a problem in business, and things or work will be delayed. Keep yourself cool and calm during this period by meditating and taking short breaks. Worshipping Lord Shiva and donating kheer to the poor people will help reduce ill-effects caused by the eclipse. 

  • Sagittarius 

This eclipse will give some positive results to the Sagittarians. Your relationship with your subordinates and workers will strengthen. You will be able to complete your work ahead of your schedule, which will give you more room to breathe. Your rivals will go easy on you, and you will not face a lot of criticism during this time. You should make sure you have read all the terms and conditions before making any important decisions. Worshipping Lord Shiva will be helpful for you during this time. 

  • Capricorn 

This eclipse might affect your love life. Chances of confusion and disagreements with your partner are high. For students, it will be difficult for them to focus on their studies. Avoid making any decisions. You may feel dissatisfaction on the professional front but avoid any major changes at the present moment. Worshipping Lord Shiva and donating black urad and mustard oil to the needy and disabled people can reduce the eclipse's ill effects. 

  • Aquarius 

This eclipse may affect your mother, so you need to be careful about her health. You may face some unnecessary expenses on the maintenance of the house. You will need to work hard to get the desired success. Worshipping of Lord Shiva and reciting the Shani stotra during this time will be helpful for you. Donating slippers and blankets to the needy will also help reduce the ill effects of the eclipse.

  • Pisces 

This eclipse may give average results to the Pisces people. Your relationship with your siblings will improve. You may have to take on some additional responsibilities on the professional front, which will help boost your image in front of your boss. Your innovative thoughts will be highly valued and will impress higher authorities. To reduce mental stress, do meditation, and try to stay calm while dealing with difficult situations. Donations of sweets like laddus made of besan to the needy people and blessings of the Guru will help during this time.


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