Dahi Handi 2023: What Does This Beloved Festival Have In Store For You?

Sun, Jul 02, 2023
Tarot Kriti
  By Tarot Kriti
Sun, Jul 02, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Kriti
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Dahi Handi 2023: What Does This Beloved Festival Have In Store For You?

The fun and festive Dahi Handi 2023 is quickly approaching. If you've ever wondered why this festival is celebrated with such zeal across India, read on to learn more about this much-loved festival dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Dahi Handi is a very important Hindu festival or competition associated with the Janmashtami festival, also known as the Gopalkala festival. Dahi Handi festival symbolizes Lord Krishna's way of living life happily and enthusiastically. The Dahi Handi is celebrated a day after the much-revered Krishna Janmashtami festival. The Krishna Dahi Handi is especially famous in Mathura (where Lord Krishna was born) and Maharashtra in India.

If you have any further questions about the Dahi Handi festival, how to celebrate it, or how to benefit from it, contact Astroyogi.

The life of Lord Krishna is chronicled in the renowned epic Mahabharata. He accomplished great things to uplift and encourage people to live lives guided by their ideals and principles. The God who propagated the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita was once a young child who enjoyed dairy products.

Let's learn more about the Dahi Handi festival and Lord Krishna.

When Is Dahi Handi 2023?

The Dahi Handi celebrations take place on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha based on the Hindu lunar calendar. And according to the English calendar, the festival falls in August or September.

The Dahi Handi 2023 will fall on the dates mentioned below.

  • Dahi Handi - September 07, 2023 on Thursday

  • Ashtami Tithi Begins - September 06, 2023, at 03:37 PM on Wednesday 03:37 PM

  • Ashtami Tithi Ends - September 07, 2023, at 04:14 PM on Thursday

Significance of Dahi Handi

‘Dahi’ is the Hindi word for curd, and ‘Handi’ (also known as Matki) is the word for the earthen pot used to prepare and store milk products. This exciting and action-packed festival is inspired by the childhood legend of Lord Krishna, the adorable, albeit mischievous, who is considered Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar. Krishna Dahi Handi is celebrated to commemorate the way of living of Lord Krishan when he was a child.

Many people revere the young Lord Krishna or Kanhaiya as the perfect example of an innocent child. As a child, Makhan (Butter) and Dahi (curd) were two food items that Lord Krishna loved a lot. As Krishna grew older, his fondness for curd and butter grew, and he became notorious for stealing them. The Gopis (the women folk of the neighborhood) noticed when Krishna and his friends began eyeing nearby homes to quench their thirst for milk products and hung it up at a safe height just so the little hands wouldn't be able to access it easily.

But little Krishna came up with the brilliant idea of forming a human pyramid with his troops to reach the butter-filled Handi. It has since become a part of Indian folklore. Every year on Janmashtami, young men and boys perform the Krishna Dahi Handi scene from Lord Krishna's life. "Makhan chor," or butter thief, as Lord Krishna was affectionately known, celebrates his playful spirit.

According to legend, Shri Krishna used to give his poor friends the stolen butter and curd. His message is that if you have more than you need, you should give some of it to charity first. This festival also represents unity and success through teamwork. The ritual behind this festival is to develop brotherhood, strength, and coordination among the young minds so that they stand by each other. Krishna stole butter which represents purity, peace, and tenderness. Only when we keep our hearts free from greed, ego, and hatred will we be able to feel the presence of God.

How Do People Celebrate Krishna Dahi Handi?

The elements of Dahi Handi vary from region to region in India. People use all the things that Lord Krishna adores. Dahi Handi is filled with dairy ingredients like butter, milk, ghee, and dahi. Honey, sugar, and jaggery are used and mixed with Dahi and Poha (flattened rice) in many places. With time, people now also use chocolates, fruit, and cream to fill the Handi.

People decorate the Matki from the outside on this day. Colors, flowers, and other crafts are used to decorate the Dahi Handi. The Govindas compete to win the prize by being the first to reach the Dahi Handi. The coordinators of the Dahi Handi celebration attach a Potli, a bag of silver coins, or any other valuable object to the Matki.

The Astrological Significance of Dahi Handi

Lord Krishna is the Purna avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and worshiping him during the Dahi Handi festival by performing Vishnu Puja brings good fortune. Devotees recite mantras and hymns and read holy books on this day to appease Lord Krishna and obtain a happy life and get rid of negativities. Breaking the Dahi Handi is equivalent to worshiping Lord Krishna. It is also a means of receiving God's Prasad and blessings without regard for caste, creed, race, or community.

Let us now see how different zodiac signs can bring more harmony and strength in their lives, this Janmashtami and this Dahi Handi, and how Lord Shri Krishna will shower his grace on you.

Here is some useful astrological advice for the 12 zodiac signs during Dahi Handi 2023. 

Aries - Take a step back and assess your life. Let go of your ego. Concentrate on being calm rather than being correct.

Taurus - Focus on grooming your personal relationships. Respect the women in your life, and prosperity will follow.

Gemini - Focus on having honest communication. Be firm and direct in your approach. Remove all negative people from your life.

Cancer - Focus on working as a team. Don't hold yourself back from showcasing your talents and skills. Learn to respect yourself.

Leo - Work on trusting others more. Be firm. Know that you are more adventurous than you imagined. Just do not give up.

Virgo - Let go of your past. Focus on what you still have compared to what you have lost. Be optimistic. Don't keep any regrets.

Libra - Be more patient with yourself. Take a step back and see the value of your efforts. Work smart instead of doing hard work.

Scorpio - It's time to take action instead of being in a state of indecision. Follow your instincts. Discover new possibilities and opportunities in life.

Sagittarius - Learn to go with the flow. Adopt new changes in life. You will reap what you sow. Have faith in life. The best is yet to come.

Capricorn - Persistence and fear prevent positive change. Be more responsible and reliable. Maintain coordination and harmony with the people around you.

Aquarius - Set a life goal and continue to work toward it. Put your skills to good use. Do not flaunt yourself. Remain calm. Do something you've never done before.

Pisces - Be more adaptable and flexible in your approach. Choose your battles wisely. Don't be your worst enemy. Give up trying to control things you can't.

Lord Krishna's birthday is one of the most important Hindu festivals, and the Dahi Handi festival tradition is a way of worshiping Lord Krishna.

If you have any further questions about the Dahi Handi festival, how to celebrate it, or how to benefit from it, contact Astroyogi.

May everyone celebrating the Krishna Dahi Handi festival experience joy and happiness. Astroyogi wishes you a Happy Dahi Handi!

By - Tarot Kriti

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