Ketu Transit in Scorpio 2020 and Its Impact on You

Fri, Sep 25, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Sep 25, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Ketu Transit in Scorpio 2020 and Its Impact on You

Ketu would transit to Scorpio under Jyestha nakshatra on 23rd September 2020. Rahu and Ketu transit once in eighteen months and maintain an ever retrograde movement. Uniquely, these planets transit to the previous house in the zodiac chart due to their ever retrograde movement. Ketu is currently placed in Sagittarius and on 24th Sept it would not transit to Capricorn (the subsequent sign) and rather it would transit to the preceding sign i.e. Scorpio.

Transit of cruel planets like Rahu and Ketu in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house from the Moon sign is known to deliver favourable results. So this transit is not likely to be favourable for all the zodiac signs. Get expert guidance on various aspects of life by the best Astrologer Aacharya Aaditya.

Ketu signifies maternal grandparents, religious bend, salvation, occult sciences, unknown or hidden part in something, untraceable/undiagnosable/chronic diseases, back stabbing etc in Astrology. Rahu and Ketu have a unique tendency that they tend to acquire the characteristics of the zodiac sign where they get placed. Like Ketu in Scorpio would acquire characteristics of Mars as it is making a transit to Scorpio which is owned by Mars.

Let us try to understand the likely results of this transit for different Moon zodiac signs.



Ketu would transit to the 8th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Ketu in 8th house directs the mental faculty towards occult sciences and such activities can be positive and negative in nature so precaution and complete understanding is required before making any move. Ketu can deliver chronic diseases like prostate and genital organ related diseases. It is very important that a native should eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintain a soft interaction pattern while dealing with your spouse otherwise things can go haywire. At work also it would be wise to focus on your current set of activities/clients rather than venturing out for new aspects. Having a religious bend would be very helpful to ward off potential problems coming your way.



Ketu would transit to the 7th house and it is likely to deliver negative results. Your relationship with your spouse/love interest would be on the rocks. You need to practice utmost patience while dealing with him/her otherwise things can go awkward. Avoid unnecessary debates and heated arguments to maintain some degree of harmony at home. At work you need to part away with anger and stay ultra soft towards superiors and clients otherwise it can tarnish your reputation and hard work. You will turn bold in your actions but you need to mind the areas where to turn bold. It would be wise to maintain a low profile and limited public interactions to bypass odd events.



Ketu would transit to the 6th house and it is likely to deliver favourable results. You would maintain a disease/ailment free physique. Your actions would act in tune with desired results. Your enemies would dare not face you and you would be completely valorous while taking them. Here Ketu causes a deceiving act when it comes to responsibility at work. You need to be very alert while dealing with documentation and you should sign only after going through the matter properly. Also it would be wise to watch your back against any potential backstabbing. Income levels would be steady and your hard work would definitely yield growth in your professional life.   



Ketu would transit to the 5th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Stomach/gut related problems can disturb your health so it is wise to maintain a completely healthy diet and lifestyle. You are very likely to turn religious and your mind would rest on the Almighty. Hawan/pooja and meditation would help you to get rid of your problems. Your children may gain a centre of attraction as there can be some disturbances in their lives. Keep a close track of your Mother’ overall health. Maintain clam in property related matters. Work may have some cyclical disturbances but you can tackle it with patience and common sense. Avoid any shortcuts to success especially the ones that deliver quick income. 



Ketu would transit to the 4th house and it is likely to deliver negative results. You need to be very alert while on the road. Drive under controlled speed and avoid road rage. At work and home avoid sharp edges and all other edges of equipment/furniture as there are chances for injury. Domestic environment may not be very favourable and conversations among family members may assume the form of discord so it would be better to choose proper words before speaking. At work your efforts may not be acknowledged properly and it may hurt your productivity. Stay polite while dealing with authority and there may be solace thereafter. Stay close to your Mother as she may demand your complete attention.

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Ketu would transit to the 3rd house and it is likely to deliver favourable results. You would turn completely action oriented and there would be very desirable results coming your way. Your versatility would improve drastically and there would be ample opportunities to exhibit your talents in front of your seniors. Income patterns would be smooth. Work related travel would be fruitful. Your younger co-borns would be acting in your favour and in turn you should also help them. Just mind your language especially when you are losing your temper. Try to maintain an even flow of words in written and spoken language. Worship and meditation would deliver the power to get over all sorts of problems. You will undertake some long distance pilgrimage.



Ketu would transit to the 2nd house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Your speech can cause a lot of potential damage so better control it. You’ll lack patience to deal with odd situations but you need to hang in otherwise there can be potential losses. Mouth/teeth related infections/troubles can cause disturbance so stay alert about your health. There can be unnecessary delays in accomplishment of events in your favour. Any situation that causes a dilemma should be attended diligently and it would be wise to seek your elder’ opinion to avoid pain/loss. Your personal savings portfolio may take a hit in terms of profitability so deal with it patiently. Work may not be very favourable and fresh projects involving higher degree of risk should be avoided. Stick to a routine job and life may be much easier.



Ketu would transit to Lagna/First house and it would likely deliver negative results. Your mind would turn completely sceptic and you may experience hurdles in taking final decisions in important events of life. Relationship aspect in life is likely to turn dicy. You need to be very logical and patient while dealing with your spouse/love interest and the same way your portfolio of clients may cause troubles. It would be sensible to seek help wherever necessary. You may turn fickle minded and initiate multiple activities at the same point of time yet succeeding in none of them. Your talent/skills might appear to be failing at work but it would actually not be the case. Drive safely and under speed control. Avoid impulsive buying. Productivity and contentment may be an issue at work. 



Ketu would transit to the 12th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. You will turn very spiritual in your approach to life and there would appear Almighty’ role in every activity in and around you. Worship and pilgrimage would be a complete blessing and you would eventually be able to counter all your problems. Remember that excess of anything is bad so it is important to maintain productivity at work. You need to strike a balance between materialism and spiritualism so that there is harmony in your life. Do not demean either of them and weigh equal importance. There may be instances of expenditure on charity. Helping others would be very helpful for your overall growth.



Ketu would transit to the 11th house and it is likely to deliver favourable results. Work would be smooth and so will be the income pattern. Stay disciplined in your approach to work and then you are likely to be very productive. You would be acting bold and some skill/versatility display in front of your superiors can do the trick for you. Accept fresh responsibilities at work and you’ll get suitably rewarded in the near future. Avoid activities that deliver a fast buck like intraday trading, speculation, gambling etc otherwise the results would start flowing off track. Staying spiritual would be very helpful and you’ll be turning to God Almighty for help in times of need. You will experience providence in every single odd situation and no harm would be coming your way. Family atmosphere would be favourable so try to spend some quality time with the family.



Ketu would transit to the 10th house and it is likely to deliver favourable results. You would be completely action oriented and likewise there would be suitable results flowing from different directions. You may find it a bit difficult to strike a balance between personal life and professional life and probably in the end it would be the professional life that’ll gain the edge. It would be wise to invest yourself completely into work as some wonderful opportunities for growth would be heading towards you. Keep a track of your overall health and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Long distance pilgrimage appears to be on the cards. Health of your near dear ones might bother you from time to time.



Ketu would transit to the 9th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Religion/Charitable activities/ donation would occupy centre stage in your life. You would be courageous in your actions and likewise there can be some desired results flowing your way. It is strongly advisable that you should not get carried away in your spiritual life and suffer in the professional life. Apply faith in religion/worship and logic in work life. There may be a lot of introspection and retrospection happening with you and it may help you to become a better individual in life. Just remember to keep a check on your emotional flow from time to time so that excesses are not met.

Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya

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