Jupiter Transit in Aquarius on 20 November 2021 - Time To Enjoy Great Changes!

Tue, Nov 16, 2021
Astro D Rana
  By Astro D Rana
Tue, Nov 16, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Astro D Rana
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Jupiter Transit in Aquarius on 20 November 2021 - Time To Enjoy Great Changes!

On 20 November 2021, Jupiter is going to shift its stay and transit in the Aquarius sign. Jupiter, during its transit, can immediately affect some signs (Rashi) in positive, negative, or neutral ways.

Aquarius is a sign of socialising, out of culture, breaking the rules types. On the other hand, Jupiter is the planet of expansion. So, in general, we will see some changes and freedom in public around the world. Jupiter will transit in the Aquarius sign till 13 April 2022.

When Jupiter was in Capricorn sign, work, practicality, and dedication was seen. Now when it will transit to the Aquarius sign, a sign of freedom, breaking the rules and doing things out of cultural aspects will greatly contrast your nature after 20 NOV 2021. 

Aquarius, Gemini and Libra will have a positive impact. While Aries, Sagittarius will have supported impact. Signs like Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces might face a stressful time while Taurus, Leo and Scorpio will have T-square aspects. This means they will have struggles, but it will be related to expansions.


Read to know how Jupiter transit will impact other signs.

ARIES- Jupiter will transit in your 11th house. A good time due to the below-mentioned changes.        

  • Your social network will expand.
  • A new idea for any business will be executed.
  • Friendship can be converted into love and relationship. 

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TAURUS- Jupiter will transit in your 10th house. Challenges are foreseen due to the below-mentioned changes.

  • More projects will create a hectic schedule for you.
  • Personal life can be imbalanced because of professional life.
  • New expenses can occur for expanding business.


GEMINI- Jupiter will transit in your 9th house. It will be a supporting period in the following ways.

  • High chances of getting admission to foreign universities.
  • Health will be supported.
  • Relationships will be better with a family member. 


CANCER- Jupiter will transit in your 8th house. Things will be sacrificed when it comes to emotions and some hurdles for some period.

  • Unexpected losses in the share market.
  • Digestion problems may happen.
  • External influence or misunderstanding can disturb married life.
  • The feeling of insecurities is foreseen in professional life.


LEO- Jupiter will transit in your 7th house. Things will be opposed in matters of relationship. 

  • Clashes with a business partner can happen and chances of ending the partnership.
  • Need to balance marriage life.
  • You will meet new business opportunities but may face great competition.

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VIRGO- Jupiter will transit in your 6th house. Professionally and moneywise, you have to face a lot of adjustments, like

  • You may face politics in the office.
  • High chances that the money you have lent to a friend will not be returned.
  • You may face health issues for some period.


LIBRA- Jupiter will transit in your fifth house. After a long time, some easiness will be attained in the relationship. 

  • A new relationship will knock on the door of your heart. 
  • Long vacations can be planned after a long period.
  • A new member can come into your family (kid).

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Scorpio- Jupiter will transit in your fourth house. You will feel more connected to home, but it won’t be as easy as it seems, due to the following reasons.

  • Unexpected expenses may imbalance your monthly budget.
  • Legal penalties can be faced.
  • You may take a step for buying a new property or may separate from a joint family.

 SAGITTARIUS- Jupiter will transit in your third house. It will make you more confident in the following manner.

  • You will find that your communication skills will improve.
  • You will get good and potential work which increases your worth in your office.
  • You may go for technical learning, which will be good for your work.


CAPRICORN- Jupiter will transit in the 2nd house. It may create financial imbalances in the following way.

  • You would have to help your brother financially out of your savings.
  • A big amount of money may be spent on children for their higher studies.
  • Anxiety and stress issues may arise during this period.

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AQUARIUS- Jupiter will transit in your Lagan. It means 1st house. A great level of confidence will be felt.

  • Personality-wise, you will be confident and will take a bold step in your professional life.
  • Clashes can occur in your married life.
  • You might see that people are being rude to you. So try to be polite and have balanced communication.


PISCES- Jupiter will transit in your 12th house. It will hit your subconsciousness, either positively or negatively, in the following way.

  • You may feel disturbed and also have sleepless nights. 
  • You will enjoy doing charity and helping poor people.
  • You may adopt bad habits in this period. So avoid bad people and bad company. .

 ✍️ By-  Astro D Rana




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