Is Your Heart Broken? Do this!

Tue, Feb 14, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Feb 14, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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 Is Your Heart Broken? Do this!

Are you going through a breakup or trying to mend your broken heart? Breakups in love can be hard to get over but not impossible. Therefore we have brought you some of these powerful and positive tips to help you overcome your heartbreak pain and find happiness again. So read it right away!

When dealing with a broken heart in love, Valentine's Day can easily put you in a less-than-jovial mood, as it’s a day that's supposed to celebrate love. Even if you and your partner have decided to part ways, breaking up never feels right on any given day. Because every relationship is unique, everyone is affected by breakups in a different way. However, it's safe to say that most of us experience some level of sadness following a breakup.

But it's especially painful if you find yourself alone during Valentine’s Day, a celebration of being in love or a committed relationship. However, guess what? You need not feel emotionally drained. Instead, here's what you can do!

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6 Tips To Get Over A Breakup in A Positive Way

You might feel like locking yourself in a room, listening to sad music, and crying. We completely understand because the feeling of heartbreak is extremely taxing on your mental and emotional health. Therefore, it's crucial to develop healthy coping mechanisms for your emotions. Don't worry; we're here to help. We have some excellent solutions to help you deal with this situation. So, are you willing to find out?

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Despite how difficult it may be, do not repress your emotions. Allow yourself the freedom to express your emotions fully. Don't hold back your tears if you want to cry aloud. It's normal for you to feel terrible about having to deal with heartbreak in love, but reassure yourself that everything will be okay. You can never have love again until you let the negative feelings out.

2. Focus On Self-care and Nurture Your Relationship With Yourself

Remember, the relationship you have with yourself must be strong, even when you are with someone else. The most significant relationship you will ever have is with yourself. So give yourself some space, notice how you're feeling, and try to transform negative feelings into positive ones gradually. If you're feeling lonely, try to socialize with your friends. If you are feeling down, remember to be grateful for what you have. It will make you feel a lot better!

3. Get Moving

It's difficult to get motivated to work out when you're feeling down. However, this secret pill will help you let go of all the resentment and negative emotions and uplift your mood the most. You could schedule a fun kickboxing session, an intense gym workout, or even a rejuvenating yoga session. It will not only relieve all of your negative emotions but also boost your mood.

4. Make Plans With A Friend

If you haven't kept in touch with your friends much while you were dating, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to do so. Plan a fun date or outing with your friend if they are single or just got over someone. You can watch a goofy comedy movie together. Commit to using the occasion to honor the value of lasting friendships. 

5. Send Love and Good Vibes To People Who Love You

Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't show your love for others. Try to send loving thoughts to everyone you greet. You never know who might benefit from a bit of good vibes. Get in touch with loved ones and friends to express your gratitude and love for them. No matter the timing, the people you love will support you through a breakup. A close friend or family member will be a great shoulder to cry on, and they'll be just the person you need to help you forget about your pain.

6. Say Positive Affirmations

When you're going through a breakup, it's natural to become frustrated with yourself. If you start to feel self-conscious, try repeating positive affirmations to yourself or out loud. Even if you initially don't believe it, repeating a positive affirmation can help you change your perspective. Positive affirmations can help you overcome a breakup by refocusing your thoughts. Naturally, thoughts and emotions of rage, hatred, resentment, melancholy, regret, and self-blame will surface. Therefore, by making wise and deliberate thought choices, you are taking control of your life, mastering your emotions, and gradually reframing this experience.

To help you heal your broken heart and emerge strong, try some of the affirmations listed below.

  • I will get through this. This did not end me.

  • I did not fail. There are no losers or winners in love.

  • This pain is only temporary.

  • Even though it seems never-ending right now, my pain will eventually end, and I'll be kinder, happier, and better.

  • It's perfectly fine to be single. I cared for myself long before this relationship began, and I can still do so now.

  • I am worthy of love. This failed relationship does not mean I will never find love again.

  • I have many friends and family members who love and care for me. I have a strong bond with so many people around me, and they are willing to support me right now.

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Closing Thoughts

It's difficult to deal with heartache at any time of the year, but on Valentine's Day, it can be especially difficult. The world may seem to be falling apart if you are going through a breakup, but you can, and you must pick yourself up. Of course, you are resilient and intelligent and will overcome whatever is going on in your romantic life. There is a lot of love all around you, so resist the urge to let your heartbreak consume you by following the tips above to move on and find peace and happiness. 

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