Is planet Venus responsible to affect our Wealth, Married Life & Relationships?

Tue, Jun 02, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jun 02, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Is planet Venus responsible to affect our Wealth, Married Life & Relationships?

How many times have you been curious to read your horoscope related to love, marriage or even wealth? I guess most of the time! Otherwise, you would not have come here to read this.


By now we all know about the planets in astrology and their importance. But how many of you know about the planets in detail? The major planets like Saturn, Jupiter have always been in the headlines due to their dynamic movement and immense impact. But amidst this, we tend to forget that other planets also have great impact in carving our lives.


One of them is planet Venus!


So, without beating around the bush let me talk about this beautiful planet in detail and also how it affects us.


Astrology planet –Venus

Venus is also known as the planet of love and also the morning star which can be seen in the northern direction early in the morning. When it comes to talking about the matters of the heart, love compatibility, marriage etc astrologers look for planet Venus. It is considered to be a beneficial planet naturally. It represents your values, material possessions, pleasures and what exactly one wants. It also rules the creative side on the professional front of the person.

The planet governs two signs Taurus & Libra.


What does Venus as a benefic planet mean?

All planets in astrology have both benefic and malefic sides, which means they can turn out to be favourable and unfavourable anytime. But it purely depends on its current position in the zodiac and the movement.

When a planet is in the benefic state, it tends to multiply its blessings upon the person and promises pleasures and bliss in both relationship and married life. It also lets you enjoy all kinds of possessions, luxuries happiness in a magnified way. It teaches one to value others, respect and also spread happiness.


Even though it affects all the 12 houses differently, it is known to influence the marriage or relationship house the most. A benefic Venus will help you find your true love and also enjoy a content life with a partner. It would also give you a good time in love and also bless you with goodness without much effort or struggle.

Placement of planet Venus in the birth chart predicts the real side of this planet in your life.


What does Venus as a malefic planet mean?

If by any chance planet Venus is in a malefic state then it is likely to make you struggle and suffer in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, it will turn out to be unfavourable and emotionally drain you.


To get complete personalised prediction and know about the effect of planet Venus in your birth chart, call the experts now.


The position of malefic Venus in combination with the other planets also changes the frequency of its effect. If it sits with a benefic planet in your birth chart in the same house, then its negative effect is likely to be reduced but if it is sitting with another malefic planet then there are high chances of your love life to suffer. You might not get to be with the one you love, there can be a sudden break-up, absence of long-term relationships, marital life can be a mess or it can also lead to divorce or separation. For some, it can also restrict getting married or finding the right match along with wealth depletion and unhappiness.

In the worst cases, it has brought business failure, loss of a loved one and also cheating.


How to pacify Planet Venus when in the malefic state?

When planet Venus is in the malefic state it can cause severe depression, mental stress, hopelessness and other kinds of negative emotions to coil you. It is at this time one needs to understand the right way to deal with it and how to pacify it.

Our life is 50% karma and 50% destiny. So, the former 50% is completely in your hand but the latter 50% can be taken care of with the help of expert astrologers.


As a layman, you might have a fair idea about the planets and their behaviour but to study these planets in detail and get a personalised chart to understand its effect on an individual can only be done by an astrologer.

He/she will first prepare your chart and accordingly read the placement of each planet. Then they will predict their effects and accordingly suggest remedies and ways to pacify it, to avoid its major effects.


Expert astrologers will help you be a little alert and prepared towards any happening or event in the future and also take care of your life and decisions in the coming time.

In a way, planet Venus is responsible for wealth and relationship in the lives of humans.


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