Find Your Reason to Stay When You Plan to Give Up on Life!

Tue, Jun 23, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jun 23, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Find Your Reason to Stay When You Plan to Give Up on Life!

'You have no clue of what I am going through! It is killing me inside! I seriously give up! Why me?'


This is what most of us feel when life gives us a tough time. When things do not go as we had expected them to go. Some find it hard to move forward to accept failures and also the reality, which might make them feel helpless & deprived.


A lot of you might see that some days you are on the verge of giving up but the human spirit in you holds you back. It gives you a ray of hope that gives life another chance.


Do you actually listen to that voice and wait or just keep ignoring it?


Unfortunately, as humans, we fail to understand that change is the natural course of life which quotes- 'this too shall pass!'


In the end, all these ifs, buts, doubts, low-confidence etc become a reason to give up on life or end it, instead of finding a reason to stay, fight, get up and move on.


We all want someone to care for us, to love us, want us and also someone to tell that it is ok to feel low at times, I am there for you. You want someone to tell you, I love all the imperfections in you.


Might sound simple but you cannot just go out stand at the traffic light and seek for all this! This is not something you can buy from the store next to you. Obviously!


Looking for a friend to listen to you & ease life tensions? Astroyogi expert astrologers are just a call away! Give us a change to help! Do not give up! Call Now!


So how do you think you might hold yourself from giving up?

Believe it or not, we all need a reason to live. A reason to smile, look forward to the next day or even to be sad! Which means directly or indirectly we are all dependent on something or someone. Some have friends to boost positivity in them while there are some who lack true friends and are on the lookout for someone more reliable and non-judgemental.


At such a time, panels like Astroyogi can be of great help. This is not only an astrology website instead it is a powerhouse of expert life guides and coaches.


Whether you are alone at night or with someone, you can just chat with the astrologer, or even make a call and pour your heart out. Love problems, career, finance, family or any other personal concern are just a call away.


Now you might wonder what has astrology got to do with life and giving up? Here let me solve this mystery!


Astrology & emotions

According to astrology, your emotions, mind and behaviour are governed by the planets. Have you noticed that at times suddenly you are very chirpy and in a few seconds you become sad! At times you understand the lamest of things on the other you might not understand at all.


All such involuntary changes which are uncountable are the result of planets and their movements. Primarily the moon. It governs your emotional side.


When an astrologer sees your birth chart, he will study the placement of planets in various houses or aspects of life. This will give you a fair idea about why you are feeling so low or lack confidence in life due to which planet and its equation.


The malefic state of planets is one of the biggest reasons to affect you negatively which you might not be able to understand normally.


If dealt in the right manner by the expert astrologers then you might see a drastic change. It is like a medicine to cure the problem from the root.


A one on one talk with the astrologer will give you purpose and meaning to life and help you overcome the thoughts of giving up. It will help you wave-off such negative thoughts and value life even with scars.


Once you know the power of astrology, you will start to love yourself! You will become stronger and face all hurdles which life throws at you.


Ignore the tight place you are at present and give life another chance! 


Surely, the tide will turn its course! Be patient! Think twice! The universe feels you!


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