10 Most Popular Temples In Bangalore To Visit For A Spiritual Retreat!

Thu, Jun 16, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Jun 16, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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10 Most Popular Temples In Bangalore To Visit For A Spiritual Retreat!

Bangalore is often regarded as India's IT capital. The city, however, is also said to feature numerous temples and places of worship. They were built over the centuries by several reigning dynasties, dating back to the Cholas in the 10th century. While some have significant historical significance, others are more modern. Want to know more? Read on to learn about the famous temples to visit in Bangalore.

Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka. It is India's third-largest city and fifth-largest highly developed city. The rich cultural past of this place is reflected in the diversity of religions. Despite its reputation as a commercial hub, Bangalore has several historical temples built in the classic Dravidian architectural style, with only a few having a modern front. Intrigued yet? The city has a lot to offer but Bangalore will present you with the best religious getaway you've ever imagined.

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Here is a list of Hindu temples in Bangalore that are breathtakingly beautiful and will give you an unforgettable and insightful experience of India's diverse religions and cultures. Check it out!

The Chokkanathaswamy Temple

It is one of the most important temples in Bangalore, located in Domlur. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, also known as Chokkanathaswamy or Chokka Perumal locally. The temple is known for its massive pillars and intricately carved figures. Its spectacular architecture and exquisite embellishments attract thousands of visitors every year.

The Nandi Temple

This temple is also known as 'Dodda Basavana Gudi' or 'The Bull Temple,' located at the bull temple road, Basavanagudi. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva's Vahana, the sacred bull known as Nandi. A gorgeous statue of Lord Ganesh is also located inside the temple grounds, in addition to the majestic bull statue at the entrance. It is the perfect place to take a selfie while also enjoying the relishing embrace of spirituality.

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The Shivoham Shiva Temple

It is a popular spiritual attraction in Bengaluru, located on the old airport road.  The temple complex features a magnificent figure of Lord Shiva, complete with the Holy Ganga flowing from his matted locks. It really is a sight to behold! This temple is famous for its 65-foot-tall Shiva idol and stays open 24 hours. So, you can calm your mind any time of the day and seek solace here.

The Hulimavu Cave Temple

Another fascinating Bangalore temple may be found in Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Road. It is also known as the 'Hulimavu Shiva Cave Temple' or the 'Cave Temple.' Sri Ramanand Swamiji, a saint, is said to have done tapas in the cave for many years, and his samadhi is also located inside. Three primary deities are consecrated inside the temple compound. A Shiva Lingam stands in the center, with a Devi idol and a Ganesha idol consecrated on each side. Therefore, it's an excellent spot for your next spiritual getaway to find some solace!

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The Someshwara Temple

Someshwara Temple is located alongside Ulsoor Lake and is thought to be centuries older than the city! Kempe Gowda also renovated the temple extensively in the 16th century. The temple's 48 beautifully carved pillars date from the Vijayanagara period. A highlight of the temple is the carvings on the walls, some of which portray Shiva's marriage to Parvati. So, it really is a chronicle of history and an ideal place for your next spiritual retreat!

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The Nageshwara Temple Complex

The Nageshwara temple complex, located near Hosur Road in the southern suburbs of Bangalore, is worth visiting. It is one of the best temples in Bangalore, dating back to the Ganga and Chola dynasties. The architecture is different from that of Someshwara Temple. However, an essential historic inscription from the late 9th century that refers to a Bengaluru (Bangalore) war is of particular significance. It suggests that Bangalore existed before Kempe Gowda founded the city in the 16th century. There’s a lot more to find out and you can, only if you visit this place soon!

The Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple

Kempe Gowda also renovated the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple in Gavipuram, not far from Basavanagudi. This Shiva temple in Bangalore is notable for its rock-cut construction and astronomical importance. Sun's rays pass through the horns of Shiva's bull about an hour before sunset on Makar Sankranti and bathe the temple's main deity in light. This famous spectacle is known as Surya Majjana or Sun Bath. Don’t miss out on this spectacular sight and visit this temple soon.

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The Sri Radha Krishna ISKCON temple in Bangalore is one of the world's largest ISKCON temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple was constructed in 1997 and is located in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore, on a seven-acre hill known as Hare Krishna Hill. It was built as a massive cultural complex to promote Vedic culture and spiritual learning. The complex is beautifully illuminated at night and will soothe your soul.

The Banashankari Temple

The Banashankari Temple, located on Kanakapura Road in South Bangalore, is famous for its beliefs rather than its architecture or history. It is a beautiful Bangalore temple built in 1915 by a devout follower of Goddess Banashankari. What makes it unique is that the deity is honored at an inauspicious hour (rahu kaal) of the day. Furthermore, followers light oil lamps constructed from hollowed-out lemons to offer prayers and seek blessings.

The Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple, located on Sarjapur Road in Agara, Bangalore, is one of the famous temples in Bangalore. It honors the Hindu god Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra and his sister Subhadra. Every year, over fifteen thousand worshippers visit to experience the magnificence of this temple and you can too if you wish to have a relaxing spiritual escapade.

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