Are planets really behind our mood swings & decision making?

Thu, May 07, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, May 07, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Are planets really behind our mood swings & decision making?

I suddenly feel very happy and in seconds I start to feel depressed, sad and deprived! I even lose my temper and this vicious circle goes on! Is there something wrong with me?


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Mood swings & emotions can really make or ruin a day!

But is it in our hands to control them? At times it’s the situation which triggers and other times it is simply unknown. Can the planets be behind all this confusion? Is it really possible or it’s just a myth? Or I have lost my mind?


It has been a much-talked affair that planets play an integral part in our lives and universe. Are these the same planets we have studied in science as a subject? But what exactly are these planets in context to astrology, why are they given so much importance and what significance they have on our lives especially regarding mood swings and emotions?


Astrology and planets decoded 

In astrology, it is all about planets, their movement, and behaviour. When you approach an astrologer for prediction, the first thing he prepares is a birth chart. The birth chart is the blueprint of your past, present and future life. It shows the position of planets both in the benefic and malefic state in various houses, the favourable and unfavourable period along with future events that are likely to take place in your life.  


There are nine planets in astrology- Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and other two shadowy planets Rahu & Ketu. Each planet has a particular behaviour and also has a story behind it. The 12 signs in astrology are governed by these planets and to some extent carry the similar traits of their lords.

If we elaborate on the astrological study, the emotions that we all experienced are divided in the form of 12 houses. The nine planets travel in these 12 houses and also the 12 zodiac signs simultaneously. The movement and its compatibility with each sign create the prediction.


To put it in a nutshell, astrology studies the movement and behaviour of planets and their effect on humans with the help of calculations and observations.


The concoction of astrology, mood swings & decision making

You must have read a lot about how astrology works. But you might be surprised to read that astrology can influence your mood swings and decision making.


Planets can become both favourable and unfavourable depending on their equation with the sign and also the movement. You must have noticed that at times things go out of control even if you have been really careful. It is because planets are in the malefic state. Sudden mood swings, sometimes taking wrong decisions, failures, brain not working in the wrong direction. These are some of the results of planets when they are not in the favourable state in your birth chart.

Similarly, in the benefic state, the planet grants good mood, sensible decision making, lucky showering over you, success, happiness etc.


So, when we sulk and say why it happened, I was careful, why me etc then know that the fault is in the stars, not you! So stop blaming yourself all the time! 


People close to you might at times not be able to absorb this change or sudden emotional mood swings which are the result of the planetary imbalance in life.

For example, if a planet is in the malefic state in your house of love, then you are likely to face problems in your love life, maybe a breakup, distance, and misunderstanding, in some worst cases divorce too.


These planets are also responsible to rock your decision-making ability and decisions. If by chance a planet is in the malefic state in the house of property and you are about to decide on buying a property then you might end up making the wrong choice. It can be due to the unfavourable period brought upon by the planets pushing you to not make the right decision or even pushing you towards failures.


As a layman, you might find it difficult to understand how this works or which planet is likely to affect you negatively in what way or how to pacify them to reduce their ill-effect. It is at this time such expert astrologers come to your rescue.


Can astrologers & astrology improve a bad state of life?

First, you need to trust the one you seek help from. A half-hearted approach leads to nowhere. So, when you approach an astrologer you need to trust them and share all that is bothering you. Since they are already acquainted with people going through a lot, do not think they won’t take your case seriously.


Go ahead and share your details. When you talk to an astrologer he/she will first explain to you the role of planets in your birth chart, with their position and effect. Make sure you choose the right astrologer, who is reliable and authentic. At Astroyogi you can surely find one as they have been serving for two decades and have helped hundreds of people across the globe.


Follow what the astrologer suggests and bring the necessary changes in life. Once you talk you will be able to understand the power of astrology and how it can really make life better.


It is time you know how the planets affect your life instead of just assuming or playing the blame game with self and others!


Secure the harmony at home by working on yourself! It is never too late to do things which can make life better.


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