Are emotions directly related to the chakras?

Wed, May 27, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, May 27, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Are emotions directly related to the chakras?

Have you ever felt super emotional while watching a sentimental movie? Did you ever feel sad at the demise of a stray dog in your locality? Why do you think it happens? Because of the emotions that are stirred in our hearts when we feel touched by a particular scene or incident.


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We do not always show our emotions and think that we are very strong-hearted but this is not always the case. The feelings that are embedded in the deep corner of our heart often emerge at the surface level when we least expect them and make us realize that we are emotional beings after all.


At the surface level we can pretend to be very strong-hearted and expressionless people who do not care what happens around them. But deep down we are all emotional beings who have feelings and sensations just like everyone else.


So you may like to hide your emotions and never reveal your inner feelings to others. But you cannot claim that you do not have any such feelings. Because the Almighty made you this way and you do not hold the power to change it. 


You must be wondering that it is a very common phenomenon and there is no need to make a fuss about it. Completely agreed. But what if these emotions are directly associated with the chakras of your body? Will it be a big deal then? 


What do you mean by the chakra system? 

Chakras is a Sanskrit word that literally means “wheels” particularly ‘energy wheels’ that are made of different colors and light and spin to rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit. It fuses into our being tremendously powerful energies that help us deal with our life in a better manner.


As per the yogic traditions, the chakra system defines the presence of 7 chakras in our body that release huge amounts of energy into our body. It is believed that they energize the body by drawing up energy from the outside world and help in the functioning of the various organs of the body. 


So the question is how can our emotions impact these chakras? Our feelings and thoughts make us what we are. These are greatly influenced by our environment in which we live and the challenges that we face in life. If our attitude towards these hindrances are negative, then this negativity can block the chakras completely and obstruct the flow of energy. 


For instance, if you face failures in your love life, then you will develop certain negative emotions that will stop you from indulging in romantic relationships. You will flinch at the very mention of the word ‘love’ and this would encourage you to remain alone and you will never even dare to love again. 


Such a circumstance will directly impact your heart chakra and block away all the energy flow right there. These lack of energy may lead to severe physical health problems such as heart diseases, blood circulation issues, etc. and also create problems for your mental well-being by developing the feelings of depression and insecurity in your mind. Thus, we can say that chakras are deeply associated with our feelings and emotions.


What is chakras astrology and how can it help?

Chakras astrology is a unique discipline that brings astrology and chakras on the same plane. It explains that each and every chakra of the body is ruled by a certain planet that must be in a favourable position in your birth chart so that it enhances the flow of energy through that chakra. 


It is said that the chakras are governed by the attributes of the planets that rule over them and therefore, the feelings associated with that particular deeply impact the functioning of that particular chakra. 


Let us discuss about the planets that govern the chakras of our body:


Mooladhara - The first chakra that is situated below the spinal cord is ruled by planet Mars (ruler of Aries and Scorpio). It stands for wisdom and innocence and the intense energy of Mars helps us take right decisions and fills us with enthusiasm.

Swadisthan - The second chakra is near the abdomen area and is ruled by planet Mercury (ruler of Virgo and Gemini). It enhances our creative skills and Mercury sharpens our mind and increases our analytical abilities.

Nabhi - The third chakra located in the stomach and ruled by Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces). It denotes balance and satisfaction and Jupiter develops our moralistic principles and honesty.

Anahata - Also known as the heart chakra, it is situated near the heart and represents love and beauty. Ruled by Venus (ruler of Taurus and Libra), it makes you compassionate and loveable.

Vishuddhi - The fifth chakra is situated in our throat and is governed by Saturn (ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn). It stands for righteousness and justice and Saturn makes us disciplined and stable in life.

Agnya - The sixth chakra is located near the forehead and governed by Sun (ruler of Leo). It represents our “self” and the Sun helps us establish an identity that is unique and powerful.


Sahasrara - The seventh chakra is located on the top of our head and is governed by the Moon (the ruler of Cancer). It represents the connection that we have with the cosmic powers of the universe and the Moon helps us develop our emotional instincts and spiritual consciousness.


This is how the chakras affect our emotions, thoughts and attitude and help us reach the ultimate state of divine consciousness. By combining the science of chakras with that of astrology, we can align the planets in such a way that they make us a better individual by empowering the chakras and energizing our body, mind and spirit. 


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