Auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat for Your Baby in 2024!

Sun, Dec 10, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Sun, Dec 10, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat for Your Baby in 2024!

Annaprashan, when your child thaves his or her first ever bite of non-milk food, one of the seventh of the 16 sacraments of Hindu tradition, is one of the most important events in a child's life, which holds deep meaning for their parents. According to Hindu or Vedic tradition, a child's first step, first word spoken, naming ceremony, and other significant life events are all considered milestones. Similarly, one of the Hindu customs that are very important to the child and their family is eating the first food the child eats, also called the Annaprashan ceremony. 

Hinduism observes several traditions. First and foremost, sixteen Hindu sacraments are extremely important to people; one such sacrament Hindus observe religiously is Annaprashan. The ceremonial occasion known as the Annaprashan ritual should only be observed after determining a suitable Annaprashan Muhurat based on the baby's zodiac sign and birth star (Nakshatra), among other considerations. 

Let's dive in for more insights, shall we? 

Here is the detailed list of Annaprashan Muhurats in 2024 that you should use if you want to plan an Annaprashan ceremony for your child!

What’s The Importance of Annaprashan Tradition?

Annaprashan, also known as Annaprashana Vidhi or Anna-prasanam, is a special Hindu tradition celebrating a baby's first taste of solid food beyond milk. The Sanskrit term 'Annaprashan' in English translates to 'grain initiation' or 'food feeding.' This ceremony holds importance as it marks the transition from exclusive reliance on mother's or formula milk to the introduction of solid or semi-solid food. 

In the first six months after their birth, infants solely depend on milk, making this milestone significant. Annaprashan is essentially about introducing the little one to the world of grains and solid sustenance, symbolizing a crucial step in their growth journey. It's a heartwarming moment for parents as their child takes the first delightful bites, embracing a new chapter in their nourishment.

In Hindu tradition, babies traditionally aren't fed rice or other solid food until the Annaprashan ceremony. After this event is conducted, they are eligible to consume various foods beyond mother's milk. This ritual marks the introduction of regular food into a child's diet, enhancing their nutrition. It's crucial for kids to embrace nutritious meals early on. Annaprashan emphasizes promoting the health and well-being of infants through a balanced diet.

The occasion of Annaprashana, celebrating a baby's transition from milk to solid food, is a joyous moment for the parents and their families. However, it's recommended to choose an auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat for this significant day. This simple ceremony has cultural significance, as it aligns with the belief that a healthy start lays the groundwork for a child's overall well-being.

Find the Annaprashan Muhurat for 2024 Here!

If you would like to schedule an Annaprashan ceremony, the Hindu Panchang or Calendar offers a number of Annaprashan Muhurats for 2024. The 2024 Annaprashana dates and times are all listed according to the India Standard Time (IST). 

The following is a list of Annaprashan Muhurats for 2024.

January: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

According to the Hindu calendar, auspicious dates in January 2024 to perform Annaprashan include 3, 12, 15, 17, 25, and 31. If you want to know the details of Annaprashan Shubh Muhurat 2024, follow the information below.

  • 3rd January 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:45 AM to 10:17 AM, 11:45 AM to 04:41 PM, and 06:55 PM to 09:16 PM
  • 12th January 2024 (Friday), Timing- 08:20 PM to 10:57 PM
  • 15th January 2024 (Monday), Timing- 07:46 AM to 09:30 AM
  • 17th January 2024 (Wednesday),  Timing- 07:46 AM to 12:15 PM and 1:50 PM to 09:21 PM
  • 25th January 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 01:19 AM to 07:49 AM
  • 31st January 2024  (Wednesday), Timing- 07:41 AM to 08:27 AM and 09:55 AM to 12:51 PM

February: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar indicates that the dates 2, 8, 12, 14, 19, 21, 22, 26, and 29 February 2024 are auspicious for performing Annaprashan. See the timetable below if you want to know the auspicious Muhurat.

  • 2nd February 2024 (Friday), Timing- 07:40 AM to 09:47 AM and 11:12 AM to 04:57 PM
  • 8th February 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 07:56 AM to 12:24 PM
  • 12th February 2024 (Monday), Timing- 04:18 PM to 06:38 PM 
  • 14th February 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:32 AM to 10:25 AM
  • 19th February 2024 (Monday), Timing- 07:28 AM to 08:40 AM
  • 21st February 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 01:58 PM to 06:03 PM
  • 22nd February 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 07:25 AM to 09:53 AM and 11:28 AM to 03:39 PM 
  • 26th February 2024 (Monday), Timing- 07:21 AM to 01:38 PM and 03:23 PM and 10:17 PM
  • 29th February 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 07:18 AM to 08:01 AM, 09:26 AM to 03:11 PM, and 05:31 PM and 10:05 PM

March: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

As per the Hindu calendar, the dates 8, 11, and 27 March 2024 will be the best Muhurat for the Annaprashan ceremony. If you want to know the exact auspicious time, check the auspicious time and date below.

  • 8th March 2024 (Friday), Timing- 07:29 AM to 12:25 PM and 02:40 PM to 09:34 PM
  • 11th March 2024 (Monday), Timing- 12:13 PM and 04:48 PM and 07:06 PM to 11:32 PM
  • 27th March 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:42 PM to 01:25 PM and 03:45 PM to 10:38 PM

April: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar predicts that March 12, 15, and 26 of 2024 will be favorable days for Annaprashana. Use the time and date provided below to find the detailed Muhurat hours.

  • 12th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- 01:42 PM to 07:16 PM and 09:36 PM to 11:54 PM
  • 15th April 2024 (Monday), Timing- 06:26 AM to 12:10 PM 
  • 26th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- 07:17 PM to 01:47 PM, 04:05 PM to 08:40 PM 

May: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

According to the Hindu calendar, the dates 3, 6, 9, 10, 20, 23, 27, and 30 of May 2024 will be auspicious to perform the Annaprashan. Check the Annaprashan Shubh Muhurat 2024 date and time below for precise information.

  • 3rd May 2024 (Friday),  Timing- 06:49 AM to 11:00 AM
  • 6th May 2024 ( (Monday), Timing- 06:38 AM to 01:08 PM
  • 9th May 2024  (Thursday), Timing- 12:46 PM to 04:30 PM 
  • 10th May 2024 (Friday), Timing- 06:22 AM to 08:17 AM, 10:32 AM to 05:26 PM and 07:45 to 10:04 PM
  • 20th May 2024 (Monday), Timing- 09:25 AM to 11:29 AM
  • 23rd May 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 02:19 PM to 09:13 PM
  • 27th May 2024 (Monday), Timing- 06:39 PM to 11:01 PM
  • 30th May 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 06:59 AM to 09:13 AM and 11:34 to 01:51 PM

June: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

The dates 10, 19, 20, 24, 26, and 28 of June 2024 will be auspicious to carry out the Annaprashan ritual for the child. Check the date and time below for detailed information. 

  • 10th June 2024 (Monday), Timing- 05:44 PM to 10:02 PM and 04:44 PM to 05:25 PM
  • 19th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 09:31 PM to 11:13 PM
  • 20th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 05:55 AM to 10:11 AM
  • 24th June 2024  (Monday), Timing- 07:35 AM to 02:29 PM
  • 26th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 09:48 AM to 04:41 PM and 06:59 PM to 10:45 PM
  • 28th June 2024 (Friday), Timing- 11: 57 AM to 06: 51 PM

July: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar reveals that dates like 3, 12, 15, 22, and 25 July 2024 will be auspicious for performing Annaprashan. Check the date and time below to get detailed information about the Shubh Muhurat for Annaprashan in July 2024.

  • 3rd July 2024 (Wednesday), Timing: 07:40 AM to 01:54 PM and 04:13 to 10:18 PM
  • 12th July 2024 (Friday), Timing- 03:38 PM to 09:43 PM
  • 15th July 2024 (Monday), Timing- 09:31 PM to 10:58 PM
  • 22nd July 2024 (Monday), Timing: 02:58 PM to 09:03 PM 
  • 25th July 2024 (Thursday) Timing- 07:09 PM to 10:19 PM

August: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

In August 2024, the dates, including 2, 7, 09, 12, 14, 19, 23, and 28, will be auspicious for performing the Annaprashana ceremony. The precise details of the Muhurat is given below.

  • 2nd August 2024 (Friday), Timing- 11:56 AM to 02:15 PM
  • 7th August 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 09:28 PM to 10:36 PM
  • 9th August 2024 (Friday), Timing- 06:55 AM to 11:28 AM and 01:48 PM to 07:52 PM and 09:20 PM to 07:45 PM
  • 12th August 2024 (Monday), Timing- 06:43 AM to 09:00 AM
  • 14th August 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 11:09 AM to 01:28 PM
  • 19th August 2024 (Monday), Timing- 03:27 PM to 07:13 PM
  • 23rd August 2024 (Friday), Timing- 02:41 PM to 04:45 PM, 04:45 PM to 06:27 PM and 06:27 PM to 06:52 PM
  • 28th August 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:28 AM to 12:33 PM

September: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar predicts that the dates 4, 5, 6, and 16 September 2024 will be auspicious for performing Annaprashan. If you want to know the exact auspicious time, check the schedule below.

  • 4th September 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 12:05 PM to 06:10 PM and 07:38 PM to 10:38 PM
  • 5th September 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 07:26 AM to 09:42 AM, 12:02 PM to 06:06 PM and 07:34 PM to 10:34 PM
  • 6th September 2024  (Friday), Timing- 07:22 AM to 09:38 AM and 11:58 AM to 04:20 PM
  • 16th September 2024 (Monday), Timing- 06:42 AM to 11:18 AM and 01:37 PM to 03:41 PM

October: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

In October, the dates 4, 7, 17, 21, 23, and 30 will be auspicious for carrying out the Annaprashan ceremony. See the details below if you want to know the exact auspicious Muhurat.

  • 4th October 2024 (Friday), Timing- 06:47 AM to 10:08 AM, 12:26 PM to 05:40
    PM, and 07:05 PM to 10:35 PM
  • 7th October 2024  (Monday), Timing- 02:18 PM to 06:53 PM and 08:28 PM to 10:24 PM
  • 17th October 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 07:18 AM to 11:35 AM and 01:39 to 06:14 PM
  • 21st October 2024 (Monday), Timing- 09:01 AM to 03:05 PM and 04:33 PM to 11:43 PM
  • 23rd October 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 01:48 PM to 04:25 PM and 05:50 PM to 11:35 PM
  • 30th October 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 08:25 AM to 02:30 PM

November: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar has dates like 4, 8, 11, 13, 14, 20, 25, 28, and 29 in November 2024 that will be auspicious for performing Annaprashan. If you want to get the precise details of the auspicious time, see the list below.

  • 4th November 2024 (Monday), Timing- 07:07 AM to 10:34 AM
  • 8th November 2024 (Friday), Timing- 07:50 AM to 01:55 PM and 03:22 PM to 08:18 PM
  • 11th November 2024 (Monday), Timing- 09:57 AM to 12:00 PM
  • 13th November 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 01:35 to 04:27 PM and 06:03 PM to 10:13 PM
  • 14th November (Thursday), Timing- 07:26 AM to 11:49 AM
  • 20th November (Wednesday), Timing- 11:25 AM to 04:00 PM
  • 25th November  (Monday), Timing- 07:23 AM to 12:48 PM
  • 28th November (Thursday), Timing- 08:50 AM to 02:04 PM and 03:28 PM to 09:14 PM
  • 29th November (Friday), Timing- 08:46 AM to 10:50 PM

December: Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

The most auspicious dates available in Hindu Panchang for Annaprashan in December 2024 are 5, 6, and 25. Find the precise Muhurat details that are mentioned below.

  • 5th December 2024 (Thursday), Timing: 01:36 PM to 06:32 PM
  • 6th December 2024 (Friday), Timing: 07:32 AM to 12:05 PM
  • 25th December 2024 (Wednesday), Timing: 07:43 AM to 10:50 AM

Are you looking for more specific information about Annaprashan Shubh Muhurat 2024? Connect with Astroyogi astrologers right away! 

The Annaprashan ceremony is known by different names in different parts of India, such as, 

  • Mukhe Bhaat in West Bengal 
  • Choroonu in Kerala
  • Bhaat Khulai in Garhwal Hills
  • It is also observed in Nepal, where it is observed as Pasni. 

Why is Annaprashan Crucial for Your Child?

Celebrating Annaprashan, like many other religious and spiritual practices, is extremely important in Hindu tradition. This is why family members celebrate Annaprashan with such zeal. This ritual is performed when your baby is ready to transition from a liquid diet to solid food. 

The purpose of this ceremony is to provide the baby with wholesome, pure food and to nullify or eliminate the presence of any bad, impure, or contaminated food that they may have consumed while still in their mother's womb. The baby completely depends on the mother's milk for nourishment for the first six months of life, but after this ceremony, solid food is introduced into their diet to guarantee the child's strength, health, and immunity. 

This ritual portrays the importance of the purity and piousness of food. Food is more than taste; it plays a key role in the health, growth, and development of the body and the mind. Eating solid and pure food will make the child's body, mind, and heart healthy and strong. 

Given how important the Annaprashan tradition is, parents and family members of the child make sure to carry out this ceremony only on the most auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat. The selection of the best Muhurat is critical to the success of the ritual, emphasizing the importance of following cultural practices. The careful selection of this specific date and time enhances the ceremonial experience, adding a new layer of significance to the beginning of a child's journey to consuming solid food. 

So, What is Muhurat? 

The Muhurat, in astrology, is the auspicious or ideal moment for a specific activity. It is believed that the likelihood of a task succeeding rises when it is carried out during a Shubh Muhurat. People think it is beneficial to carry out auspicious tasks only during auspicious Muhurats, especially in Hinduism. Any new endeavor or promising project undertaken at a suitable and auspicious time will bear successful results.

Thus, before beginning any significant activity, like Annaprashan, it is crucial to take the Muhurat into account. For this reason, the child's parents carefully select the appropriate Annaprashan Muhurat. This timeless practice has been an integral part of the culture for centuries. 

According to Vedic Astrology, Shubh Muhurat is that specific moment when the planets and Nakshatras are in an auspicious position to carry out a particular task. You must consider the Nakshatra in which your child is born when determining the correct Annaprashan Muhurat. This is because your baby's birth Nakshatra and Annaprashan Muhurat should never coincide. Therefore, Astroyogi's previously mentioned Annaprashan Muhurats in 2024 can be of assistance if you're looking for an auspicious date and time for Annaprashan. 

Also, feel free to contact our knowledgeable astrologers if you want to get in-depth information about the Annaprashan ceremony in 2024. 

How Is the Annaprashan Ceremony Performed? 

  • The Annaprashan ceremony is usually performed anytime after the baby completes six months after they are born and just before their first birthday. 
  • The ceremony is typically held in the even months—the sixth, eighth, or tenth month for boys—while it is held in the odd months—the fifth, seventh, or ninth month for girls—since birth. 
  • Astrologers suggest Ashwini, Punarvasu, Rohini, Mrigashira, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Bhadrapada, Shravan, Uttarashada, Hasta, Chitra, Swathi, Anuradha, Ardra, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Revathi, etc. are among the Nakshatras in which this ritual should be performed. However, no unfavorable planets should influence these Nakshatras. In addition, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Wednesday are lucky days for the Annaprashan ceremony. 

There can be regional variations in the customs or rituals observed on this particular occasion. Still, this ceremony is based on the same principle. 

The following are the rituals associated with Annaprashan. 

  • The ceremony is usually performed in a temple or home.  However, now, parents even celebrate this ritual by renting a banquet hall. The event is celebrated during the Shubh Annaprashan Muhurat. 
  • The celebration begins with a Puja or a Havan for the child's health and happiness. After that, the child is fed solid food to symbolize their transitional milestone. 
  • On this occasion, the child is dressed in traditional attire and sits on the lap of their maternal uncle. Giving the baby its first taste of solid food is the job of the maternal uncle. The baby's plate is filled with various foods, including Payesh or Kheer. After that, other family members take turns to feed the child and bless them. The baby is also showered with gifts.
  • Traditionally, during Annaprashan, the baby is fed a variety of foods, including sour, spicy, bitter, and salty ones. Parents should avoid introducing large quantities of the new food, though. 
  • After the Puja ritual of Annaprashan, an important ritual is performed, and on this occasion, many objects are kept in front of the baby. The child picks up or touches one of the many objects placed in front of them. It is believed that the objects a baby chooses or picks indicate their interests, preferences, and future prospects. During Annaprashan, it is considered necessary to keep the following items on a silver plate (if you do not have a silver plate, you can use a regular plate).
  • Books: Learning and Knowledge
  • Jewelry: Money
  • Pen: Intelligence/ Wisdom
  • Soil: Luck with property

The parents, family, and friends enjoy themselves greatly as they watch their little ones make their own decisions. Everyone offers blessings to the child and prays for the child's success, prosperity, happiness, longevity, and well-being on this special day. The Annaprashana tradition signifies the start of a child's new journey to solid food consumption. As a result, the family and parents of the child should choose an auspicious Annaprashan Muhurat 2024.

Speak with the Astroyogi astrologers if you plan to perform the Annaprashana ceremony and would like to get personalized information about Annaprashan Muhurat 2024.

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