Is Your Academic Performance Making You Anxious? These 7 Best Vastu Tips Have Got Your Back!

Tue, Apr 11, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Apr 11, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Is Your Academic Performance Making You Anxious? These 7 Best Vastu Tips Have Got Your Back!

It's a competitive world, and everyone's racing to become Number 1! No wonder performing well academically has taken priority for all students and parents alike. But did you know that Vastu can help students do well in their studies? IT'S TRUE! Scroll down for some effective Vastu tips for students that can play a big role in their education and shaping their future.

Acing your academic performance is paramount in a competitive world as it determines your future and living a good life. Therefore, it's no surprise that every student (and parents!) is concerned about their education and how to excel academically.

But sometimes, even after putting in all the effort and hard work, you might see that you, and if you are a parent, your children are not getting the desired results. One of the prominent reasons why a student is not performing well and lagging in studies is the Vastu defects, especially in their study room. Vastu Shastra experts maintain that the home's energy balance and defects significantly impact an individual's academic performance. A suitable atmosphere in the study room can enhance a student's concentration level and learning capacity and overall help their academic growth. 

Here are a few Vastu tips for students to help them do well in their studies.

7 Vastu Tips for Students That One Must Not Miss! 

The way a student performs in academics is intertwined with how the study room is designed, the type and placement of the furniture, the direction in which they face while studying, the colors in the room, the ambiance in the room, and more such crucial Vastu factors. The room in which the student studies must be conducive so that they excel in their academic performance. Simply put, the Vastu of their living space is instrumental in shaping their future. 

Unlock the power of Vastu Shastra and discover the path to academic excellence with these 7 excellent Vastu tips for students!

  • Tip 1- A student's study room should be ideally located in the East, North, or Northeast of the house. Wondering why? It's because these directions are considered the most auspicious for learning. They are said to foster positive energy and can help students concentrate better on their studies. The Northeast direction denotes scholarly accomplishments and can aid in churning out excellent academic results. Any other direction should be avoided as they create negative vibes in the room and induce restlessness and laziness in the students.
  • Tip 2- One of the best Vastu tips for students' rooms that you must know is that the students should always ensure they face either the East or North direction while studying. This is why the study table or desk placement becomes essential, as they should be placed in such a way that the student faces either of the two directions while studying. It is believed to aid in memorizing things quicker and enhances grasping power. Also, avoid the South direction at any cost.
  • Tip 3- You might think facing an empty wall will help you focus on your studies, but Vastu Shastra guidelines suggest otherwise. Students shouldn't face a blank wall while studying. Instead, they can hang motivational posters on the wall to keep their spirits high. Using photos of desirable and inspiring personalities who are related to their field of study can also be a good choice. However, refrain from using pictures unrelated to your career or development. Also, avoid putting images of personalities whose qualities should not be acquired by you.
  • Tip 4- Always ensure that the study table has an open area in front and is not placed against a solid wall. It's best to keep the front of the table empty. However, if it's impossible, and the table has to be along the wall, leave a tiny gap between it and the adjoining wall so that the energies can circulate. The open space in front of the student also promotes fresh ideas and new concepts.  

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  • Tip 5- Students should go for a study table that is rectangular or square only. Avoid circular or any other irregular shapes. Also, always make sure the table is made from good quality sturdy wood. Keeping a clear quartz on the study table is a good move as it can enhance concentration.
  • Tip 6- Avoid placing a mirror where the student sits to study. No mirror should be visible from the study table as it causes distractions.
  • Tip 7- Hands down, one of the best study room Vastu tips is selecting the right colors. Vastu experts believe that colors have their own energy and can significantly affect the student's mood. Using pastel, neutral, subtle, and light colors are the best picks. White, off-white, or cream are excellent choices, denoting calmness and peace. Pastel green is the most suitable if the study room is in the North. Green is associated with intelligence and prosperity. Light yellow and off-white is the right choice for a study room in the East. And light violet is appropriate for a Northeast room. These colors are not flashy; they are subtle and can help enhance concentration, boost energy levels, and improve memory and concentration. You should absolutely steer clear of black or darker tones of colors as they are known to be inauspicious.

Pro Tip- Clutter is a big no-no. The study room and the study table should be organized and clutter-free at all times. The study table shouldn't be littered with books and stationery items; the books should be on the bookshelves. Scattered books on the study table can cause unnecessary and heavy pressure on students. All the stationery items should be in ready-to-use condition. Unsharpened pencils, unusable pens, torn books, pencil shavings, etc., create a negative vibe and can be a hindrance, so they must be removed. A sufficient amount of light and air is needed in the room. There should also be a table lamp on the study table to ensure enough lighting to make it easy on the student's eyes. 

Are you looking to consult with an excellent Vastu consultant? Astroyogi should be your pick! 

The Role of Vastu Shastra 

Students often may face a challenging time figuring out how to improve their academic performance. In such a situation, following the Vastu tips for student's room can improve their academic performance in leaps and bounds.

So, what is Vastu Shastra? It is an ancient science of architecture from India that brings harmony and balance into a living space. It balances the five elements of nature and ensures harmony with nature and our bodies. Adhering to Vastu guidelines can help bring positive cosmic energy into your dwelling and have a positive effect on your day-to-day life so that you can experience high-quality and blissful living. 

When it comes to education and academic performance, adhering to Vastu principles can help you set a conducive atmosphere in the study room that aids in improving concentration and uplifting the students' academic performance. Vastu factors directly affect the productivity levels and mental well-being of the students. Adhering to the guidelines can aid average students who don't shy away from hard work to become high achievers in academics. A good atmosphere can improve a student's concentration level, grasping powers, memory faculties, and learning capacity, ultimately helping them perform well. 

Most people overlook Vastu details like colors, direction, design, furniture placement, etc. However, these minute details can make a lot of difference in a person's concentration while studying. Hence, just like any other room, Vastu guidelines should be followed for the room where you sit and study. 

Summing Up

We live in a competitive world where the highest priority is coming out on top. For the students to achieve their full potential, tap into their hidden abilities, and overall perform well academically, following Vastu guidelines is a must. However, study room Vastu tips or guidelines are not a substitute for hard work. They can only help you eliminate negative energy, offer you positive energy, and help build an atmosphere that helps improve your academic performance. You will still have to work exceptionally hard!

The above-mentioned Vastu tips for students help make a room conducive to efficient studying. But remember that these were just some general effective tips to help students turn their lives around. If you are looking for specific Vastu tips or personalized solutions, Astroyogi's Vastu experts can help you. 

So, connect with Astroyogi’s Vastu experts over a call or chat, and get more Vastu tips for students’ rooms.

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